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Another year, another pointless junket?

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm as guilty as anyone for getting all hot and bothered about things being revealed at E3 or TGS as the next guy but it's all starting to wear a little thin from where ?I'm stood these days.

Firstly, there's the practical pains in the posterior like the month beforehand being filled with supposition, rumour and a billion supposed and actual leaks(which even when they're true kind of spoil EVERYTHING!)and this bores me silly to the point I'm jaded when the real thing comes round. It's overkill.

Secondly, we have a month of articles and arguments over who "won" something that cannot ever be "won" unless decided in the most absurdly subjective manner. It's childish and, again, it's overkill.

Now, the main issues I have with the whole thing centre around the conspicuous waste it represents. It exists merely to allow the industry to oil the wheels(and throats() of the media. To wow and curry favour with whatever they can squeeze into their allotted time slot on stage. Am I alone in thinking this is a shit way to show off your wares? There are a million different ways of showing us what's coming but this is the only one which needs to drag half the industry half way round the world to get it done. This costs time and no little money. Time and money which would be better spent, IDK, making bloody games?

It's a recession but MS are, again, spending tasteless amounts jazzing up their showings with things totally removed from gaming and I wonder whether it's just in bad taste when everyone else is tightening their belts. Also winds ,me up that all the companies nickel and dime us but seem content to spend copious amounts on E3 when it's not a great way of spreading the message to start with. An hour is seldom nearly enough to fit much in and as a result we get precious little detail and I'm left wondering if the money spent was worth it.

Yeah, I'm as bad a sucker for the GEC and "Bam!" moments as everyone else but, seriously, Cirque Du Soleil turning up this year might actually be the most fitting guests yet to have nothing to do with gaming as, as far as I can tell, it's more of a circus than anything else.

Maybe I'm just getting old(and I'm a hypocrite as I'll be watching intently after all this)and see through the over excitement too easily but when it goes on for two months, never actually shows us a great deal of the games revealed and then we have to watch as the fanboys and less wise sites decide who "won" I just feel the over expenditure is less jusified than ever. It leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth that the companies involved spend so much and actually show so little.

The hype has gotten hold and is now firmly in charge of proceedings to the point a short conference lives on the nets for two whole months. I'm jaded and not left thinking it;'s worth it in any real sense to anyone. Except those writers getting a free lunch or three!

Strange_Evil4881d ago

E3 used to be fun actually before this whole frenzy of rumors and speculations on the internet began. We used to be 'Blown away', but now most of the major announcements are known even before the show starts by some even list or someone leaking stuff out (still looking at TLG.... It got ruined a day before E3).

I also agree with the E3 winning topic... Utterly pointless and all the sites just to gather hits keep on reposting their opinion and N4G goes bonkers. It's a good thing I am going abroad when this stupidity commences, cause First we will have M$'s conference and people will talk more about the Circus act than gaming (and all sites will hail it as a MAJOR E3 winning event like the Beatles last time lol.) and then a day of doom and gloom for Sony.... Then Sony will have it's conference and again the fanboys will go at each other like rabid dogs.

All I really want from this E3 is no leaked announcement. I can deal with the fanboys, but leaked announcements really kill the buzz. Again a reference to TLG... It got leaked and it was hyped to death by the media and when Sony showed it to them all were like OK, we've seen this next.... Just imagine the hype it would have got if it actually was showcased then....


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