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Call Of Duty: World at War is better than Call Of Duty 4, So Why The Lower Scores?

This is what baffles me

currently on Metacritic Call of Duty 4, made by Developers Inifinity Ward has a 94% on both 360 and PS3

Yet Call of Duty: World at War, made by Developers Treyarch sits with an 86% on both 360 and PS3, quite a drop.

So what is the cause of this? i honestly dont know, COD WaW offers so much more than COD4 ever did.

Now before i go on, i loved call of duty 4, i thought it was a bench mark for the FPS Genre and blew me away by its incredible online.

there are quite a few things COD WaW offers which COD4 Didnt -

 - A better constructed Story
 - Full co-op mode
 - a better online with more online game modes
 - the incredible nazi zombie mode for both co-op and solo

Well thats my two cents. COD WaW is a much improved game over COD4.

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dktxx25249d ago

One gigantic problem with World at War, its a used-up, seen-before, tired WW2 shooter. Its old.

Magic_The_Celt5248d ago

not really, your in the pacific and the crumbling berlin as a russian, how many times has that been done before?

abc1455244d ago

Name one where you're in the Pacific. Right, cause they're arent any

DeviateFish5245d ago

I also prefer CoD4 to CoD5. CoD5 is really short, and the story didn't really do anything for me. Even the fact that they got Kiefer Sutherland in to do a voice didn't help much. And that Russian campaign, it's basically the same as the previous Russian campaign.
In my book, CoD4 is the better CoD of the two latest ones.

wordpresser5245d ago

I Think its better, because theres noting news in Cod5 its the same engine as Cod4 and no new features badly game cod5 rocks

Ryo-Hazuki5239d ago

It has nothing to do with the WW2 setting. The reason is because it uses the same exact gameplay and engine as COD4....theres no evolution

5236d ago
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