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Happy N4G Sony Fanboy Day

My fellow Sony gamers, this coming February 19 is a date that needs to be commemorated, celebrated, and remembered. That date marks the end of the HD Format War between HD and Blu-Ray, with the Blu-Ray side winning the war. The date also marks the end of N4G’s Great Fanboy War of 2007, and the complete transition from a bleak landscape of Microsoft-propogated ignorance to a high-cultured website where true gamers, the Sony gamers, can discuss real gaming news.

To many of you new members of N4G who came to this after the first quarter of 2008, the Great Fanboy War of 2007 began at the beginning of this generation’s console war. The N4G that you now know of today was a wholly different place back in 2007. The cruel 360 fanboys led by the Mart and by his lieutenants Power of Green, RL Baker, and Bladestar ruled the N4G site with total tyranny and absolute power. News articles published in the mainsite were nothing more than propaganda articles made by Microsoft and its brainwashed supporters; articles proclaiming the “quick end” of Sony and the Dreamcast-like end for the newly-launched Playstation 3.

Your fellow Sony gamers that you now commonly see in this website, were far and few in between during those dark times. Some of them, like me, were “political refugees” from other 360 majority websites like Gamespot, IGN, Gamefaqs, and Gametrailers. We left those sites as being a Sony gamer meant enduring insults from the far less cultured 360 gamers. Initially, we saw N4G as a new place where we can voice our opinions as Sony gamers and our love for high quality Sony games without any trouble. Alas, much to our dismay, we were wrong. The tyrannical and gangster-like 360 fanboys were quick to lay down their iron fists by “reply spamming”, mass checking the “disagree”, and worst of all, the dreaded “bubble raping”. Innocent things such as simply liking PS3 game were just a good enough reason for the 360 gamers to openly insult and denigrate you. We, the small, minority band of Sony gamers, knew that we cannot keep leaving one site for another as it means dealing with a new group of deranged 360 fanatics. As a result, we decided to stand up and fight for our rights as Sony gamers. This, my friends, was the start of the N4G’s Great Fanboy War of 2007!

The first months of the Great Fanboy War were a difficult one. The 360 fanboys, led by the terrifying Mart, harassed the small minority group of Sony gamers. They tried to downplay PS3 exclusives, mocked the idea of calling PS3 owners as “gamers”. They also mass approved anti-PS3 articles all the while hypocritically reporting pro-PS3 articles as “lame”. Still, we held on despite the overwhelming odds. Even more amazing, our numbers began to grow, as more and more Sony gamers came to this site. Positive PS3 news started coming after E3 2007, and the 360 fanboys were hard at work trying to destroy the positive news by finding all anti-PS3 news/articles that they can find in the Internet. If there was one kind of news that both sides were eagerly awaiting, it would be the conclusion to the HD format war. You see, during 2007, most 360 fanboys were confident that the HD-DVD format was winning, and if Blu-Ray lost the format wars, it would spell an almost instant end to the Sony Playstation 3. The 360 fanboys were so confident that HD-DVD would win that they simply let the Sony gamers in this website grow, which turned out to be a big tactical mistake; they wanted to see the cry and agony in the comments of PS3 owners after knowing that the inevitable end of their beloved console would be next after the death of Blu-Ray. As we should all know by now, Toshiba made the decision of who won the format with the announcement that they will end all support for HD-DVD.

Toshiba’s announcement wasn’t without any profound and immediate effects on N4G. The 360 fanboys who were confidently waiting for the death of Blu-Ray quickly found themselves eating their words, with the Sony gamers now quickly returning (and rightfully so) back the cruel treatment that was unjustly given to them. Many of the same 360 fanboys found themselves terribly humiliated and left the site…never to return again. The Mart lost his prestige as the leader of the 360 group and ended up as Bloodmask’s personal slave. His lieutenants Power of Green and Bladestar gradually reduced to mere annoyance before they themselves became completely irrelevant. Other 360 fanboys banished themselves to rather unimportant place, the so-called N4G Chatroom where they sometimes reek havoc by “guerilla trolling” our beloved website.

I now want to honor a partial of a rather exhaustive list of honorable Sony gamers:

Bathj, Bill Gates (N4G member), Chubear, Crazyglues, Darkride66, Dark Sniper, eagle21, El Jugador, Heyheyhey, Holy Orange Cows, Hotshot27, Jinxstar, Jleack, Lord Marius, Maddens Raiders, Mandf, Mikeslemonade, Morganfell, Nix, Pennywise, Pirate Thom, Saga Kin, TheLastGuardian,Too Pawned, Ultimolu (Juuken), Whooop,

The names listed above have shown their unwavering dedication and exemplary duty in promoting and supporting only high-quality gaming. They believe in gaming originality, innovation, and uniqueness as found for example in the Little Big Planet games. They believe in constantly raising the standard in gaming quality like the Uncharted and Killzone franchises instead of rehashing year after year the “same old crap, different skin” mentality of a particular popular shooter. They believe, and appreciate, hardware quality and improvements found in the very own Playstation 3 and the soon-to-be Playstation Portable 2. They also don’t subscribe to the very idea of being raped for 60 USD a year just to act like a 10 to 12 year old douchebag with a headset!

With those admirable gamer principles, they have proven themselves to be true gamers who possess the values and qualities of classiness, maturity, and intelligence; qualities that 360 gamers don’t have since they have openly prostituted themselves, with their body, mind, and soul, to Microsoft. Such is the quality of the Sony gamers that they can see what Microsoft truly is: A company that doesn’t care, nor understand, the art and spirit of videogames but instead only about your money and expanding its monopolistic empire.

For the rest of you Sony gamers, you are still as important as ever before. I highly commend you for your daily actions here on N4G. Still, I highly encourage you to continue fighting the good fight in combating the 360 gamers’ misguided ideology of tasteless and mediocrity gaming; an ideology that only promotes stagnation and degradation in the videogame industry. The 360 fanboys love to mock us by calling our principles as a “blind sighted allegiance towards Sony” and being “faux gamers who only love to hate”. Such descriptions are just mere words maliciously twisted into a blatant propaganda used by 360 fanboys.

The truth of the matter is, we are not just simply supporting high-quality gaming, but we also fighting for the future of videogaming. Videogaming under the Microsoft’s twisted vision would be a bleak one, a world where there is no originality nor innovation in games, consisting of shoddy hardwares, generic (and endless) COD games, the continuation of a Power Ranger rip-off franchise, and the ever increasing price just to play an online game NOT including a possible “pay-to-play” plan in some games. My fellow Sony gamers, believe it or not, THAT is the future envisioned by the 360 gamers! It should be apparent to all of you right now that we are not simply saving the culture of videogaming for ourselves, but also for the future generation of videogame players! Every action that we do on N4G, no matter small, shows that we will not let the 360 gamers impose their twisted views on us and the world of videogaming.

Come this February 19, 2011, I highly encourage you to take a moment to remember the heroic and epic struggle of your Sony gaming brethren during the Great Fanboy War of 2007. On that day, I also encourage you to type down “Happy Sony Fanboy Day” in your comments. Even though we may have won N4G for ourselves, the battle is not yet over. The mods may ban us, the 360 fanboys may maliciously report our comments as “spam”, “personal attack”, or “off topic” but one thing is certain: They cannot stifle us nor stop us.

My fellow Sony gamers, I’m proud of each every single of you. Happy N4G Sony Fanboy Day!

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

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WildArmed3536d ago

“Happy Sony Fanboy Day”
QFT (?)

Joule3535d ago

Macalatus, us Sony Gamers do lead the way.

No one can touch what the PS3 has coming for 2011.

VINNIEPAZ3535d ago

Isnt this everyday at N4PS3Gs? I cant stand these damn Sony "Elites"

darthv723535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

it was sony and all their marketing. That and the fact that Sony owns movie companies that could be leveraged with content as well as leveraging the brand recognition of the playstation name. Every little bit helps.

HDDVD didnt have a chance even though it was the same idea as bluray. Many would like to believe it was all MS doing when it wasnt. MS came out regardless cause of their software codecs used in both.

tehpees33534d ago

Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, The Last guardian, Ico collection Sony just keep on giving.

I love my PS3!

Information Minister3534d ago

You know what's even more hilarious? If you do a google search for N4G at this moment, the first 2 sentences of this blog show up in the site's description.


RadientFlux3535d ago

I don't know if I should be impressed or laugh.

If it's a jab at how serious fanboys take themselves then bravo. If you are actually being serious you need help.

toaster3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

He's serious. Says stuff like this all the time on the forums.

Take a look. This guy needs help.

Duplissi, this is beyond sarcasm and mockery. He has been saying this stuff for quite some time now. Of course, no one actually takes him seriously on the forums because of the amount of Sony ass kissing he does, even the fanboys don't like him.

I used to think him and jmare were butt-buddies, but I've since learned to respect jmare and his truthiness. Mac, not so much.

duplissi3535d ago

you actually believe he is?

SnakeMustDie3535d ago

He's just trolling for attention.

ActionBastard3535d ago

You took the time to post all those links....and he needs help?

Nineball21123535d ago

You do have a good point there Action Bastard.

Also, I'm not sure if I'm offended or honored that I wasn't mentioned with the other Sony gamers in this blog. Hmmm...

Scottyabanks3535d ago

Lol, the blog posts cracked me up. I guess you do have to appreciate a man who fights for what he truly believes in. Fan boy or not.

toaster3535d ago

lol No, it's called getting my point across. I just did a quick forums search for "sony gamers lead the way". There are about 10 pages of search results, I just posted the immediate ones.

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negroguy3535d ago

This read was just what I needed in my Chemistry class right now.

ezcex3535d ago

Lol, Mac. You forgot to include godoftime on that list. He will be very disappoint.

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