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True Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3 Hardware and Service Price Comparison

Ok, so I have gotten extremely tired of people complaining about the price of a PS3 and compare it to the Xbox 360 so I have decided to point out a side by side comparison between the two consoles.  All prices based off of Best Buy retail prices.

Xbox 360                                                                                Playstation 3
console package: $349.99 (20 GB)                                           console package: $499.99 (60 GB)
HD DVD player: $179.99                                                          included Blu-Ray: free
Wireless Network adapter: $99.99                                             Wireless Network adapter: included
Xbox Live Subscription: $49.99 (12 months)                               PSN subscription: free

total: $679.96 (1 yr. of online service)                                         total: $499.99 (free online service)

For an additional Hard Drive for a 360, you can buy a 120 GB add on HD for $159.99.  So to equlibrate, lets say you "could potentially" buy an additional 40 GB HD for half that, making it $53.33.  Then the totals become:

total: $733.29                                                                          total: $499.99

So for every year you own your Xbox 360, cough up another $50 if you want to play online.  Comparing the two systems in my mind is absolutely ridiculous.  On one hand we have an old peice of hardware with a huge track record for malfunctions and returns (ie red ring of death) and on the other hand we have new hardware, less then 1% return rate with nothing but great games coming out.  How can people compare the two systems and better yet, how come people keep getting suckered into buying a 360?  It just doesnt make sense to me.  Yes Halo is a great game but is one game worth all that additional money?  People always ask how come I went with the more expensive system, I tell them flat out, I didnt, I went with the cheaper system with better components.  I mean the PS3 has 120 times more memory then the Xbox 360 without purchasing yet another expensive add on to the system, the PS3 has a built in Blu-ray player where as you have to purchase another expensive add on HD DVD player for the 360 and the best of all, PS3 has free online service where as the 360 makes you pay at leat $50 a year to play.  Imagine owning a 360 system for 10 years...thats $500 dollars just in paying to play.  That is alot of money that you could have used on games or movies.  I would love to post this on the actual PS3 tab but I fear there are too many 360 fanboys out there and it wouldnt get published. 

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Twizlex4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Here I thought I was about to read something interesting, but instead I get the same price comparison crap that's been posted 4,000 times in the past year. When are you people going to get it? MOST people don't care about wireless, wi-fi, hd-dvd, or blu-ray. Yes, when you slice it all up like that, the PS3 is a great bargain, BUT you HAVE to pay all that extra money to get the wireless adapter and blu-ray built-in to your system. Why should I spend $500+ on a GAME CONSOLE when $200+ of that cost is being used for features I DON'T WANT!!! It's all about consumer choice.

Now, I've said this before but I apparently have to say it again: it's all about the games. You can directly compare the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 debate to the PS2 vs. Xbox debate. The original Xbox had a built-in network adapter AND a hard drive - stuff you had to pay extra to get for your PS2. And on top of all that, they were about the same price, give or take 20 bucks, for the entire 5+ years the Xbox was alive. So why then did the PS2 destroy the Xbox in sales if the Xbox was such a better deal? The games! PS2 had, like, 4 times as many games as the Xbox. Don't you see that this is almost EXACTLY what's going on right now between the PS3 and the 360? The PS3 needs good games, plain and simple. You can spout your Metal Gear this and Killzone that, but those games aren't out yet so it doesn't matter. People will buy the PS3 if and when there are enough reasons (i.e. good games) to justify dropping that kind of cash. Stop trying to rationalize it with fanboyism and just accept the facts.

Oh yeah, and I need to mention that your $349 Xbox 360 with only 512 MB of memory? Yeah, that's some good fact-checking there. It's 20 gigs for $379, or the core system which is $249 and has no memory. Get it together.

IntelligentAj4029d ago

Actually the XBOX got destroyed because it didn't have the brand loyalty and fan base that the PS2 had. Games had something to do with it but it was the simple fact that people equated video gaming with the PS2 and not the Xbox.

Gondee4029d ago

What is that 512 MB thing, its 20 gigs.

And i dont only download one movie at a time so 20 gig is plenty for me. so i dont want to the 120 or 60 or what ever it was gigbite harddrive. I only go Wired, Wirless is so slow, and when ur renting movies or streaming wired is better. even my PS3 is wired
And i have a HDDVD stand alone drive so i wouldnt fator that in beause its not part of the console. Plus nw for christmas ppl are getting 2 free games, (rumor).
Id say the xbox is cheaper. But not by much. With the live charges. but in my opinion live has better features at the moment so i dont mind it.

The xbox is the same price or cheaper id say. but i got both anyway so i dont realy care.

Kuest4025d ago

I am tracking your comments as of NOW.

HungryHooligan4031d ago

I dont need all the extras for the xbox 360 so its cheeper for me. 50$ for live is worth it to me and at the time when i bought the 360 it had more + better games. I think in 2008 PS3 will have more going for it though.

PS360WII4031d ago

yeah while I use the HD-DVD and WiFi is a MUST for me it's not for everyone. Most people don't even care about HD or if they do it's only for games. So saying Blueray player is free that's not true for every PS3 owner got taxed for Blueray!

The only thing that works in the compairson is the Live $50/year. Even that is stretching it seeing that it's the cheapest bill you have for the year. Even MMO's cost more/month then Live.

The 40 gig one is coming out that'll still be a bit more expensive than the 360 and why is that? Blueray oh and for that matter no PS2 games allowed...

So your compairson is only good for the few like myself that did buy the HD-DVD and did buy the WiFi. Other than those people this compairson isn't real at all. Unless you want to make it fair for Sony.

lswanson14030d ago

I guess I am the kind of guy that likes an intergrated entertainment system. I like having one peice of hardware that is my gaming console, bluray player and online portal! Maybe you all like things broken up into having numerous machines (cough, cough, more expenive) but sure dont. If you dont have a TV capable of bluray discs or HD DVD discs then just wait and see, you will be getting one within the next couple of years, I guarantee it. OLED are going to change the face of TVs and when they do, all the current HD LCD and plasma TVs are going to sell dirt cheap.

Twizlex4030d ago

If I really cared to watch a movie in HD, I could just download it from Xbox Live for 5 bucks. If you feel the need to spend $10 at Blockbuster or buy a disc at Wal-Mart for $35, be my guest. Personally, I'm not going to replace my 500+ DVD collection for no reason, ESPECIALLY since the 360 upconverts DVDs. Maybe you don't understand how awesome that is since your PS3 has so many resolution problems.

I don't think HD-DVD or Blu-Ray will become the standard, and I'll NEVER be forced to choose one or the other. DVDs are too popular, and it will be a LONG time before they're actually replaced. I think digital distribution will be more popular than any disc format, especially for all those space-conscious people (like EVERYONE in Japan) that don't want a wall full of discs.

Halo is all the 360 has? Bullshit! I own 26 games for the 360 and NONE of them are Halo. I don't like Halo. Lots of people don't like Halo. To use a term your pathetic brain will understand, only a n00b would say that Halo is all the 360 has. Idiots like to say that only because Halo is popular and they just don't want to accept any other games exist for the 360. What about Gears of War? What about Bioshock? What about the fact that Oblivion and Rainbow Six Vegas came out, like, a YEAR before on 360? What about the fact that Half-Life 2 is coming out 2 months earlier on 360? What about the exclusive content for GTA4? I could continue but it would be pointless since Sony fanboys would just be blind to all these games I mention and completely forget about them whenever they go off to spout more retardedness like this "article".

demolitionX4029d ago

u 360 bots have lot of time. hmmmmmmmmm!! download a HD movie, how long u will wait for that to download (one day), seems u all have plenty of time. plenty of time waiting fo download a movie, waiting for box to get repaired, and u complain about us waiting for next gen games from sony. AT LEAST we're waiting for SOMEthing, but u are waiting for NOthing!!!

Twizlex4029d ago

Yeah, you're right. Waiting "a day" (which is wrong) to download a movie is exactly the same as waiting 6 months just for something to use my console for. So, I guess you think Blockbuster Online and Netflix are dumb too since you have to wait a few days to get your movies in the mail. And you're right, I'm not waiting quite as much for "NOthing" because I have plenty of stuff to play RIGHT NOW. The best game you have on the PS3 (according to metacritic) is Oblivion, and that's the ONLY GAME TO GET OVER 90%!!! Your best and only game above a 90 is a game that came out on the 360 a year prior AND had a higher score. So to sum up, the 360 has 9 games over a 90, and the PS3 has 1, and that one game has a higher score and came out a year earlier on the 360. Wow... I sure am envious of you...

lswanson14030d ago

one more thing, it mot fanboy talk to know that in the upcoming months that some great games, the greatest games will be coming to the PS3. So you tell me, how short sighted is it of you to go out and by a 360 now when it can only be downhill for the console. Halo is all the 360 has and its all it will ever have, especially since Bungie is now an independent

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