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Beating The PR Out Of It...

I'd like to welcome you all to something that's likely to become a semi-regular thing (my apologies up front to a great many of you for that). It's simply an attempt to see if I can make sense of current PR trends, so if you'll bear with me I'll begin.

This episode (for want of a better word) delves into the latest and greatest PR spinner of the week, which would be "Tiled Resources". That's right boys and girls. The magic that defies technical constraints. The ability of MS to create unlimited detail *pauses for effect* with no impact to resources at allz!!1!!!1! Truly the olive in crap sandwich that has been MS PR to this point.

The "cloud" may have turned out to be nothing more than servers. DRM may have been the "future" (Thanks major) that people rejected. The...well you get the point. The thing is though that this latest and greatest PR BS is just MS making a lot of noise. "Tiled Resources" are nothing more than "PRT". As built into all AMD GCN hardware (made evident here http://www.amd.com/us/produ... ).

What makes it worse is that AMD themselves have stated it runs on an OpenGL extension (As can be found here http://renderingpipeline.co... ).PRT and the implementation directly into AMD hardware dates back to 2011 (as can be seen clearly by the date stamps in the links). It's not something new. It's not something MS came up with. It's not something missing from the PS4 or non-Windows 8 PCs. Hell, id were running Megatextures using OpenGL when?

Now correct me if I'm wrong by all means, but isn't there a word for treating people this way? For having such contempt for a person or group of people? Come on! Somebody help me out here.

What sticks out the most though, is the fact that thanks to a decision made by some of the staff here on N4G (I'm lookin' at you Beans, Columbo and Smokey) we now have an abundance of shills (that's the fault of a gaming company). With an abundance of bubbles (yeah, you guys can wear that one). It's lead us to the point where PR is everywhere.

Well never mind. I wouldn't have material for future blogs in this series if there was no PR. Now I must apologize for the short sharp nature of this blog but if I make it too long...well it's the interwebz. We all know what happens if something's longer than 140 characters.

I will however be back. You've been warned.

majiebeast3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Microsoft PR at this point is a parody in itself.

Just look at this
"The problem is that Sony decided to go out and publish a bunch of numbers, which are in some ways meaningless"

Then later on he says this
"on top of all the magic we're going to add with the instant switching, and the power of the cloud."

So wait numbers lie but magic of tha clowds is somehow significant when you havent shown anything that prrofs this "magic" especially not the drivatar that rammed into everything.

"Did you see Call of Duty, it looks f**king awesome!"

This is the new meme after Mayor Nelsons evasion of questions by saying "hey did you see Titanfall".

Its like every week they get another moron to put his foot in his mouth its damn entertaining.

Nicaragua3749d ago

Some of my favourite bits of Microsoft PR BS

"This game has features ONLY possible through the power of Kinect" - what??? Why do I need a Kinect for voice activated features in Mass Effect, surely any mic will do?

"This game has features only possible through the power of the cloud" - that would be matchmaking then.

"You are the controller" - I don't feel in control

HammadTheBeast3749d ago

Only possible through the Cloud and Xbox One...

Oh yeah, and its also coming to Xbox 360 and PC.

NeverEnding19893749d ago

I was gonna say this was a great blog, but then I saw these three all feel the same way.

Now I'm not so sure.

Chaostar3748d ago

"'You are the controller' - I don't feel in control"


Christopher3749d ago

***What sticks out the most though, is the fact that thanks to a decision made by some of the staff here on N4G (I'm lookin' at you Beans, Columbo and Smokey) ***


LostDjinn3749d ago

You heard me! I'm blaming some mods. I could've included EE, Nineball and Clown-boy as well. You know...more of the people that work for the site that had NOTHING to do with the decision.

Why? Should I be completely serious about where the fault lies? I don't think so. Simply pointing out it's there and throwing some good people under the bus (in a joking way) will serve the same purpose and not hurt anyone's feelings.

Christopher3749d ago

I'm annoyed you don't blame me.

coolbeans3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

"Yes, sir, we have another console-infidel speaking out against your latest and greatest invention for console graphics."


"Yes, it's LostDjinn. Because of him, the true intentions of my new mod powers have been compromised."


"Don't worry, Mr. Ballmer. I'll handle this one...personally"


LostDjinn3748d ago

@ cgoodno: You haven't earned it yet.

@ beans:Yeah, you're not foolin' anyone. It had nothing to do with Ballmer. The order came from someone with real power. Cat. Who was ordered by Dusty the mad viking. Who was ordered by...?

You see where I'm goin' with this? All Cat had to do was say "Hey, you know what'll really mess with Djinn" and you were all over it like gravy on a fat guy's shirt.

Admit it Beans. You're a fat guy's shirt! I mean afraid of Cat! Well, I am too but that doesn't excuse your actions. I guess that brings us back to the pair. ;)

Megaton3747d ago

Yeah, megatextures were a talking point for Rage. Nothing new. It didn't even look good in Rage, either. At a distance the game was pretty. Within a meter or two, PS2 city.

I also think there are some legitimate shills on this site. It's mostly fanboy peons who could only dream of being paid shills, but once in awhile you'll find one that can actually write, carry a conversation, and distract.

dendenmooshi3746d ago

Great entry. Great not in its nature as console war ammo (I understand MS is just the easy example), but great in exposing the lack of integrity in advertisement and journalism in the industry.


PS5 Free Game Deal Quietly Changed by Sony to Be "Invitation Only"

A recent Sony promotion that enabled gamers to get a free game with a PS5 purchase has been quietly adjusted by Sony to be more exclusive.

purple1012h ago(Edited 2h ago)

It's still strange how EVERY SINGLE Sony first party game is included, except, Gt7.

(The one I play mostly) the ONLY one with a VR mode, to my knowledge. what are they up to?

TQQ2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

It was always by initiation only but people didn't read what Sony said and websites reported it incorrectly because they also didn't read it. It's the same as other promotions they have done like the $10 credit promotions or some of the PS+ discount offers.

Also people need to have the setting set to allow promotions, if you block those you will never get any of these offers.

To be fair though pretty much all summer people were able to get $50 discounted consoles with an additional free game code.

Petebloodyonion2h ago

I think it's a fake outrage as it's probably mentioning that the user needs to redeem the promotion via an e-mail they will receive.
In order to receive this promotion you must consent in receiving promotions and comunications from Sony.

So no Sony isn't trying to screw ppl by making false promotions.

jznrpg8m ago(Edited 6m ago)

It’s not exclusive just opt in to receiving promotional stuff from PlayStation when you make your account. If you have an account go into it and opt in. I’ve got a lot of coupons over the years


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