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I’d like to start out by stating that I’m not a journalist. I have no degree or qualifications in the field of journalism nor do I wish to BS people by pretending to. What’s to follow is merely my particular critique on the ocean of BS gamers have to wade through everyday. So sit back, get comfy (Yeah not that comfy. You’re not about to rub one out) and accept the fact that this is my blog (and it’s in the blog section!!!11!1 Crazy right?!) and if you don’t like it just stop reading.

So here I am with a hobby I enjoy. I stop by the site when I can to check if there’s any “actual” news and catch up with a few people. A completely reasonable course of action by any measure. That is of course until I decide to click on articles and actually read the body of text contained within the link. Never mind the fact the headline’s insultingly sensational. The body of text surely has some substance right?

Nope. It’s just PR BS. Or some nobody posting an oh so familiar opinion that’s been stated by five or ten articles in the last hour. Or some other nobody creating a rumour and tryin’ for the “anonymous source” BS and finally. The deepest poo filled trench any man (or woman.(I’ve got you covered;))) will have to drag themselves through. The comment section. I mean seriously. My heart goes out to the Mods (well some of the Mods and an Admin or two) who have to try and clean up that train wreck everyday. I’ll give you some examples.

- WiiU specs articles. There are no specs in them. People want to know specs . Nintendo don’t want anyone to know the specs. The effect of which is a back and forth that degenerates into Nintendo attempting to play the victim while maintaining the consumer has no right to know. The comment section for these are outstanding. Nintendo fans being…err…sparing (that’ll do) with the truth and attacking any who raise questions. Nintendo haters deriding the value of the WiiU at ever opportunity. The most disturbing part is that any who take a wait and see approach get thrown the stink eye by both sides. It’s marvellous!

- Sony Acquires Gaikai articles. Yeah. Got the news a while back. I’m pretty sure everybody did. Still. I guess that means it’s time for an article or twelve about why Sony now has the gaming world by the balls. Or why MS buying Onlive or doesn’t need Onlive or doesn’t need cloud based…you know what? How about we see anything from Sony as to what they plan to do with it before deciding if it’s a success, failure or distraction. As for the comment sections linked to these articles, if you just think “what if?” you can save yourself the time of reading them and the hassle of dealing with those with an agenda.

-Smartglass articles. Is it a peripheral? Is it a secondary screen to hold while you hold the controller and complain to kinect about how ludicrous it all is? Don’t bother hitting the link. They don’t know either. With that in mind it’s off to the comment section where more people that don’t know tell other people that don’t know how stupid they are. It’s awesome.

So given that this is the way the site is most of the time and the fact that I’m just one person I'd just like to say:
F#@& YOU ALL! I’m going to make a sandwich.

What? Was I supposed to end on some deep and meaningful note? Tough.

coolbeans4107d ago

I started reading the blog, then my eye wandered over to your n4g status message. lol

Did you plan that?

SilentNegotiator4106d ago

"I’d like to start out by stating that I’m not a journalist. I have no degree or qualifications in the field of journalism nor do I wish to BS people by pretending to"
You could easily be a journalist, then. You'll need some alcohol and some kicks to the head first, though. You wrote some comprehensive sentences in this blog....you're quite over-qualified.

LostDjinn4106d ago

Thanks guys. I'd like to address your comments if I may.

@ E_E: I don't believe it but thanks anyway.

@ beans: No but I'll take credit for it.

@ Silent: I see what you did there.

Now if you'll excuse me. It's time for a drink.

Cat4106d ago

drink AND a sandwich? Glutton.

LostDjinn4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

@ Cat: So my prize is that you stop in and insult me?

I like it. It's something I'd do.

@GtUK: I can respect that. Cheap hits seems to be the general theme there.

I_LOVE_MYSELF4105d ago

GTA5 release date reveal articles are the ones that get to me. Why do so many speculative articles get approved regarding the matter? Can't we just wait now and simply approve the actual reveal?


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