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Jim Ryan Needs to be voted out of his position

Yes, The current president of SIE, Jim Ryan needs to go.

Look at all the negative things that have happened under his watch in the two short years he's been at the head:

- PS5 exclusives raise to $70

- Japan Studio stripped to it's bare bones

- Legacy psn stores closing

- Killzone franchise retired

- Days Gone 2 denied

- Web store gets downgraded

- game patches starting to disappear due to legacy stores closing soon

- Currently killing any hope for full backward compatibility despite according to two patents they are working on solutions.

- Turned down Kojima's next game (allegedly)

- Closing the video/movie rental store DESPITE LITERALLY just starting a new video service on their new bravia televisions.

Under this man's leadership, I can't think of a single good thing that he pushed. I've never seen a company leader pull off such levels of self-sabotage before. It's as if this man has no idea what made the Playstation brand the household name it is.

Hell there isn't even a reason to NOT do BC or close the legacy stores. Their own financials and actions prove that. PSN makes more money than Microsoft's gaming division and the ENTIRE Nintendo company. And that's with the Legacy stores still being open ( https://www.ign.com/article... So it's not like the excuse of "it's a financial drain" is there.

And as for backward compatibility. I keep hearing "can't due it because of x86". That there is another falsehood. RSPS3 runs on x86. And to add insult to injury, those backward compatibility patents starting showing up AFTER Sony hired some of the RSPS3 programmers.

And this final part is me speaking for myself personally. But as of now, I see no reason to ever buy a ps5 or anything Sony puts out beyond this point. They've shown me they have no follow through.

Sonic-and-Crash897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

Most of these are just false accusations and come from a general info war against PStation

1) Japan Studio may have been stripped by its old personel (who imo had problems with productivity and direction) but most probably Sony prepares ASOBI team ,successor of Japan Studio which can take on Nintnedo s Mario team man to man

2 Days Gone 2 would have been a completely different game than the first game..more similar to DayZ and other massive online Zombie games .Correctly Sony turned down the pitch..

3 Same with Kojima , Kojima offered its Stadia episodic horror game to Sony and most propbably they turned it down
Episodic Horror game would be waste of maney and unsafe for Playstation SP used audience (i wouldnt like it for example and i m fan of Kojima)

4 to hyperreact on PS Store shut down is hypocritical ...im sure that 99% of PS players had forgot it existed or even dont own PS vita PS3 anymore (me as fan of old PS games had anything downloaded from release , i wouldnt wait 10 years after to play classic games) and most probably these games will return on PS5

5 Killzone was never that good and most of those who react have nt even finished 1 game in the series

6 70$ price will be applied by Xbox and Nintnedo too

XiNatsuDragnel897d ago

I think Jim Ryan does need stronger Japanese support and acquire more Japanese exclusives combined with letting more ,1st party games through.

roboteye897d ago

They already got 2 exclusives from SE (FF16 and Forspoken). 3 if you count FF7R Intergrade.

bouzebbal897d ago

I've never been a fan of this guy either.. I miss Tretton Kan and Andrew House..
But PS5 is on fire.

neomahi896d ago

Hes the CEO. If theyre going to appoint him them theyd have to let him do his job, that was a major issue with SEGA in its time. There was too much conflict, they wanted to hire Tom Kalinski, why? When he told them to bundle Sonic 2 with every Genesis console, they fought him all day long. When it finally happened, SEGA began to really disrupt things for Nintendo. Dont hire someone to the job if youre not gonna listen to them because that inner turmoil leads to major issues, SEGA is now no longer what it was so Sony ought to know better, if they dont like it, run it themselves.

However, Jim Ryans been making really poor decisions. We've seen the announcement of the PSVR 2 before the Scalper situation has been solved. Jim Ryans trying to sell PSVR to people that dont even have a PS5 left which sends the message he doesnt care of consumers.

Andrew House has stated in an interview that he stayed up late nights stressing about the HDD included in the PS4, he wanted the right price for consumers. That communicated he cared about consumers. Jim Ryan? Nothing. Now hes letting things happen that says they dont care about consumer loyalty, we'll just give it to the competition, PS gamers have every right to feel how they do and watch Xbox fans get treated better than the ones that support Sony. It makes no sense and Sony doesnt have the nerve themselves to be transparent, and thats a Phil Spencer move. Act now and ask forgiveness later, problem is, PlayStation fans arent as forgiving as Xbox fans.

CaptainHenry916896d ago

I can't believe Sony a Japanese company needs more Japanese support 🤔

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senorfartcushion897d ago

Billion dollar companies need to be judged properly, but they do not know who you are, nor do they need your help.

You’re a number to them, they hate you and all they need is your $60

Edit: legitimately forgot it was $70 for their exclusives.

jukins897d ago

Nba2k1 is $70, call of duty is $70... this will be industry wide soon. Only reason you haven't seen xbox "exclusives" for $70 is well there arent any....

Jin_Sakai897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

Sony’s getting a lot of heat for a reason and Jim Ryan is a big part of that. I’d rather have Shawn Layden back or let Scott Rhode take his position. He an avid gamer himself and knows his stuff.

Rude-ro897d ago

“Sony’s getting a lot of heat”..
From whom?
Also, want to know a little strange fact?
Every year about this time, there is always some sort “drama” created around Sony in gaming media.
It happens twice a year... April - May and September - October.
I wonder why 🤔
Such odd pattern for n4g

jukins897d ago

Yea lets get someone who fan fluff the fanboy egos....fun fact Layden was there and behind many of the current playstation directives. But of course media twlls you different its all jim ryan...

Sayai jin897d ago

Yes, it's just he media. Smh...

Jin_Sakai897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

“Yea lets get someone who fan fluff the fanboy egos....fun fact Layden was there and behind many of the current playstation directives. But of course media twlls you different its all jim ryan...“

I didn’t know Shawn Layden closed PS3, Vita, and PSP stores, shuttered Sony Japan Studio, turned down Days Gone 2 and greenlight a pointless remake of The Last of Us PS5 remaster.

All this happened under Jim Ryan in less than 5 months. He needs to step down! Bring Shawn Layden back and promote Scott Rohde to head of PlayStation Studios.

neomahi896d ago

I smell Herman Hulst in a lot if this as well. Herman Hulst comes on board and Horizon Zero Dawn is announced for PC, thats when things started to seem strange. Then Death Stranding. Now Days Gone. We're now starting to see strange behavior like MLB The Show 21, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Jim Ryan needs to go. Nobody ruffled Phil Spencers feathers and made his days tough like Jack (Jacky T) Tretton and Kaz Hirai.

Thatgrammar896d ago


Why does Jim Ryan “need to step down”? Under his leadership, Playstation has made the most money it ever has in a year (2020). If Playstation keeps making a lot of money I don’t really see the guy going anywhere. Why would he step down because you (and others) wrote your feelings down on the internet? I don’t have any negative or positive opinions about the guy, I am just trying to understand why he would step down. He will most likely head Playstation until his decisions start to negatively impact the business.

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SickSinceSix897d ago

Killzone 2 was the best in the series and a PS5 sequel that went back to what made 2 so good would have been awesome.

Dirtnapstor897d ago

I've never been fond of the PS3 storefront. It's so sluggish and not user friendly. I'm not sure what everyone's so up in arms about. I'd be willing to bet most had moved on and gracing the PS3 store was so infrequent; Sony questioned why should it be sustained? Besides, again, I'd bet that Sony has a grand plan in the works, incorporating most everything from the past platforms.

And you are incorrect Sonic-and-Crash.... Killzone was a fantastic franchise :).

blackblades897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

They mad cause they wont be able to buy ps3 games anymore. For some odd reason its been a whole generation since ps3 era and now people want to now buy digital ps3 games. Guess used physical copies doesnt exist in this world anymore. People like to attack other people to make themselves feel better so they going all in on Jim for all of it without knowing his reasons.. End of the day as a long time Sony user nothing actually effects me.

-Foxtrot897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

Even if some of false accursations the fact is compared to Jack Trenton or Shawn Laydon, Jim is doing an awful job and is a corporate suit not a gamer at heart. Those sales might be rolling in but over time these little shitty decisions will build up until it's too late, people will get p***** off and turn the other cheek.

Sony are just creating one negative thing after another for themselves ever since he took over

Now if you have something counter point those negative decisions like "We've done this bad thing BUT it's because we can give you good thing X, Y and Z" then fair enough but there's no trade off here.

Jim needs to go and Sony need to get back on track before Microsoft whizzes passes them again.

blackblades897d ago

You people are making everything negative, Jim been with Sony since 1994 I believe hes not just some new guy that knows nothing. I think you people need to shut up and stop being so negative. Comparing him to the others is bull crap when its different times etc..

Sonic-and-Crash896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

he is not flawless i dont say that ...but Sony is just reorganizing and doing normal corporate staff and this for some devious reason was published and now hypocritically even neighbor s dog starting to care about Playstation (as if they knew what moves and cancelation had done the previous CEO ..it s irony......also not even 1 word spoken about Phil Spencer who hasnt released 1 game 5 months now and probably fired half of the staff of 343 )

What it anger s me more is that PS5 has excellent launch course and launch library with variety of content from start (Demon , Sackboy , Bugsnax Desruction)...and still media is mad because fired up Syphoon filter and Pupeteer director who literally i believe without them their games would have been far better (Days Gone Pupeteer)---see ASOBI team Astrobot and what AAA potential was hidden inside Japan studio guts

neutralgamer1992897d ago

To the author you are forgetting don matrick who by himself destroyed xbox brand and lost the generation before it even started. Under jim ryan sony has been dominating europe and under him ps5 can't be produced fast enough to be sold to everyone. Why would Sony let him go you do know the person making the decision is not him ryan right? Would wide studio president HERMEN HULST

He is the one who makes games released decisions not jim ryan. And guess what hermen was the one under GG who made KZ so he knows another might not be needed right now

Is simply amazing to me a guy in Jim Ryan who is currently heading a company whose product sells out faster than they can make it but some Fanboys want him fired

Instead of getting your feelings hurt try to understand the business aspects of it he makes Sony a lot of money that's all they care about

Imalwaysright896d ago

I'm european and I have absolutely no idea as to what he made in order for the Playstation to be so successful here. He just coasted along while more qualified people (such as Cerny) layed the foundations that made and make the Playstation brand the most successful ever in console gaming.

Chocoburger895d ago

Jim Ryan is not the reason why PS5 and PSN are so successful. He's just a suit.
PS5 and PSN are so successful because Sony built up over 20 years of consumer trust and fanaticism.
There were far less third party games on N64 and Saturn compared to PS1, which dominated the market.
Trend continued the next generation as well.

Jim Ryan didn't create the IPs that made gamers fall in love with the PS brand. From early Crash Bandicoot, to Ape Escape, to Parappa, to Jak, to Resistance, to The Last of Us, to Puppeteer, to Horizon Zero Dawn, and so much more.

Ryan is coasting off the past 21 years of success that PS has built up. Any idiot in his position would see incredible profits, he's not doing anything important, valuable, or special. The fact that there is a *growing* sense of dissatisfaction amongst *the biggest PS fans* is not a good sign.

He needs to improve, admit that some of his stances are wrong. Make some changes, if nothing else, than to placate the PS fans, which by the way, is his job.

Gamer75897d ago

#6 yet neither ms or nintendo are currently charging $70 for their games so its fair to criticise Sony for it

Teflon02896d ago

Really naw. Nintendo game prices on Switch are very over priced. Pokemon games have had a price hike, Games like Zelda DX lmao full price rereleases with higher prices than the release prices of older games. People just like to ignore things. MS hasn't had an opportunity to raise the price and probably won't now simply to try look better. They mainly care about gamepass anyways not sales. Ultimately both actually can't be defended in the same and matter if you really think about it. Criticize the industry for the price hike. As it's not only Sony

StoneyYoshi896d ago

Nintendo VERY RARELY drops their first party games prices. All their first party games are still $60.... At least the ones charging $70 initially don't permanently keep them at that price forever. I know you can buy at other retailers with more sale opportunities but that doesn't make it okay for Nintendo to basically never do it. Breath of the Wild is still $60... a 4 year old game as of march 3rd.

ArthriticPowers896d ago

MMO Days gone would of been refreshing from PS 1st party....guess it wouldn't of fitted into the action adventure profile Sony prefer though. Shame.....in saying that I'm a massive dayz fan though so my bias it out there for all to see.

TheEroica896d ago

Full out Sony fanboy meltdown happening... Grab the popcorn!