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My XBLA RPG (work in progress, XNA, C#)

I decided to make a blog about the RPG game i am making for XBLA and share some info and progress.

I have the old videos from 1.5 year back and new art (which is actually what will be used in the game, since it is a 2D one), latest updates will go up in the page, i plan to later post this blog in the official website of the game, when i create one.

I would love to get opinions and suggestions of course :)

The game is a RPG, with real time combat like Caste Crashers and many powers/spells/armor etc, a proper story line, completly non inear with complete freedom, party members to reqruit and summon in combat, interactive objects for the adventure part, NPCs with dialogs and quests, a strategic part (which i cant describe right now, but it is fully programmed and taking shape, it is very complicated though) and many more.

----------------UPDATE 27 January 2011------------------------

I tested fraps and works wonders for taking HD movies !!!! Big thanks to AC-Revolution, i can now post a proper video when i have a final combat scene to show, which is not that far away :)

Cant wait to play my RPG on an actual phone device too, the emulator is nice and runs great, but on the real thing is another matter

This is how it would look in real phone, looks about same in the emulator right now, but graphics need adjustment from XBLA version to phone

I also want to test the virtual stick in real device

I have finally programmed the few top level systems i was missing, like actors that will leave or enter screen properly, NPCs that can follow the hero and proper dialog system for them all in all screens and in presence of multiple other NPCs and some more presentation stuff and now i am looking at the overworld map, planning new quests, combats, bosses and link them to story and quests etc

----------UPDATE January 2011------------

I have ported the game to Windows 7 Phone and runs fine on the emulator (have not tested on real device) and ram usuage is very low, well below the 90MB limit. I have also finished a basic controls system so i can test the game. Of course now i will resume the 360 development.

Unfortunatly none of the custom effect shaders like the bloom, particles and lights i had in 360 work on the phone, so i will have to remake them later

---------UPDADE 28 December 2010-----------

I finally took the huge decision to move my code to XNA 4.0, mainly because i have finished coding all main systems (controls, quests, real time combat, AI, inventory, save/load, interactive items, strategic art etc) and i am in the stage of polishing visuals, adding special effects and polishing/adding to the story/quests/NPCs and testing

All went well, the game is now fully working on XNA4.0, all shader/lighting effects have been remade for the new shader implementations, particles have been fixed too.

The best part is that the new system allows easy dynamic shader use for each sprite, something extremely complicated and hard before in XNA3.

Also for some reason graphics look a lot crisper, i can see the full detail of the art i have created, in game, while in XNA3 i got a slightly more blurry result, for whatever reason.

Another perk is Windows 7 Phone support, which means i could potentially consider a port to phones after the XBLA release.

------------UPDATE December 2010-----------

Here is a pic of latest art that will be used in the game (downscaled, the actual one used in the game is 720p)

------OLD STUFF---------

Very old, poor quality videos, just to show the very early stages of the game creation 1.5 year back


Since i am restricted from comments, i will just update below

Thanks for all the comments :), the game is far from finished of course. But i just finished portng to XNA 40 and Windows 7 Phone, so i now have PC/360 and Phone options

Of course for now i have opimized ram, shaders, effects and controls for xbox360, but i also have made touch/mouse/keyboard alternaives for Phone and Windows

I am focusing on making the demo now and hope i will have it ready by summer

I will post pics from the phone and hopefully videos too, if i can find a decent program to grab it

As for PSN, i cant program on OpenGL at all unfortunatly, so maybe later after XBLA, but i suppose if MS accepts it, will want it exclusive and i wont blame them, Windos 7 Phone is a good possibility though, maybe PC Live too

The videos are taken 1.5 year back, when i was starting, today the game is of course vastly upgraded, combat has actual AI and pathfinding and special moves like knockbacks etc also the actual controls are in place, the magic system is finilized etc etc

I always exaggerate things, you know my love for 360 :)
As for the hero/creature models and animations is one of the things i am polishing right now, especially the animations

I have a system in place to create sprite sheets for the hero with any armor i want automatically, which is a real life saver right now that i have gone to polishing state

BTW, the game is now fully running on Windows 7 Phone (besides PC and 360), of course i have to re-define the graphics parameters a bit so menus are in right place etc, but the whole game runs fine, all combat, adventure code and is playable, so another milestone just ended

Happy new year to everyone BTW :)

December 2010 graphics progress

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Looks decent, I dont think I can do better myself.

Active Reload3787d ago

It does look decent. I didn't know the infamous Labwarrior was an actual programmer.

HolyOrangeCows3787d ago

Even Hannibal Lecter was a good taxidermist. lol

Interesting stuff, lab. But what's with the well humping the wall in the first video, though?

mastiffchild3787d ago

We see way too few wall humping wells so it's good to see someone finally willing to give the 3670 public what we want. Personally, I'm all for randy waterworks (of any kind from pipes and hoses to log flumes FFS)getting their beans off against those daft walls-hey, if the wall didn't like it it would MOVE wouldn't it?

Seriously, though, it's great to see one of our number actually dipping their toes into XNA creation at a decent level so all the best with this Labwarrior and you can count on me to be in line when it reaches fruition-got to support our own when they try stuff like this and I'm sure with the new looks and polishing it'll be cool.

Active Reload3787d ago

Why don't you put out the earlier versions on pc for people to play and make suggestions? You know what? I can see the problems with my suggestions, especially since you're putting it on Live, lol.

-Alpha3787d ago

Cool. Keep up the good work and all the best.

Any chance of it coming to PSN/PC?


I dont know if PSN supports Indie games. (It was a while ago I had a PS3) but he could put it for use on PC if you download necessary software for it. It uses XNA so I think it only works on Windows Phone, Xbox 360 and Windows unless he ports the code to another software (think its called framework) But im just new myself so dont count on my words.

El_Colombiano3787d ago

Sony loves indie games. Whoa man.

ChronoJoe3786d ago

PSN supports indy games in the sense that an Indy dev can self-publish, but I think you still have to invest in some sort of dev kit so whilst it's ideal for the larger indy devs it's not for the 1-2 man teams with little to spend.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

You're correct up to a point.

Sony does indeed support indie developers eg: Sony pub fund, but there are ridiculous requirements that must be met beforehand that turns most small indie developers away;

1. There is no free software tools for creating PSN games period, unlike XNA (although you do have to pay $100 a year to put your XNA games on XBL).

2. The PS3 development kit costs in excess of $1000 and without it you cannot create or port PSN games.

3. In order to even apply for a PS3 development kit, you must prove you are a legitimate company and have an office address.

4. Sony only approve PSN games after they have been completed, unlike MS that approves submissions during development and only if you reach your end goal.

5. Even after you purchase a PS3 development kit and complete your game, Sony can still refuse to add your game to the PSN.

6. Sony charge more for bandwidth than MS and Nintendo.

Megaton3787d ago

It's labwarrior. He's already been adding it to his copy/paste lists of upcoming 360 exclusives.

TheColbertinator3787d ago


Well if Microsoft won't make exclusive non-Kinect games,then its up to labwarrior to step up to the plate.

jneul3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

man i can't beleive you are a programmer.....
good luck and try and remember not to be so fanboyish, ps3 is very powerful maybe if you learn to program for it you would understand the truth, just advice but seriously we should swap code because you know i am in charge of rpg inventor for x360/pc using xna and c#, just making a new engine lol, mostly experimenting around with it to get it optimised as possible

Bigpappy3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

RPG's are difficult to get right. The leveling system has to feel rewarding. The combat system has to feel like combat (like you are in control, yet you earned that power you wield). I love good RPG's and if you do a good job with this I will surely spend some time and money on it. XBLA could use some more RPG's.

I wish you all the best.

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