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Immaturity of the community

So Eurogamer has wrapped up, and after 40+hours of having done promo work for DICE/EA on Battlefield 4, I can safely say that it was an unforgettable experience. The devs from DICE were simply hilarious to work with and the comradery you could see from all the devs as they talked and said what they looked forward to in the coming year was inspiring for me as a uni student to want to jump into the industry as soon as possible.

I had first thought that trolls were actually only people that abused the Internet and just pissed on an entire console/franchise/publisher/de veloper was simply mind blowing.

Is this the main reason why the Industry is seen as childish can't be seen as important as some of the other entertainment industries?

I can see the argument pretty clear as of now, the amount of people that would come up and say "why is it being played on a Xbox 1, why is it not on PC or PS4." was simply ridiculous, even having heard from the other stands were people would complain, was simply above and beyond the level of stupidity of some of these so called "gamers". I don't understand why you would pay to go to a convention, make a 2-3 hour queue to play a game in which all you're going to do is complain and whine.

I'm not defending the xbox 1. But when you have a guy say "why is battlefield 4 not being shown on the PS4, THE PLAYSTATION COMMUNITY IS THE ONE THAT SUPPORTS THIS FRANCHISE." It's simply ridiculous actually seeing fanboys face to face and having them tell you this spiel of how statistics prove the PlayStation community supports BF more than anyone else.

I'm kinda sad the expo finished having had quite a few laughs, but I'll certainly not miss the amount of idiots that I managed to encounter.

Games managed to play
-(saw knack wasn't really impressed).
-Batman Origins
-The Crew (not impressed with this at all)
-Ryse Son of Rome
-LoZ Windwaker HD
-Battlefield 4
-Assassin's Creed 4 (PC)

Welshy3941d ago

I can see where you are coming from, but i was there too, and for the most part everyone was really friendly and just had a good time.

Granted it's ridiculous if people literally whined at you, but then again, you're running it on statistically the least popular platform right now and more people than not were there for the specific purpose of getting their hands on the PS4, if not just the PS4 pad on a PC emulator.

I do my best to own all platforms if i can afford to, but i have to admit i might be a little P.O'd too if i only wanted a playstation only to find my most anticipated title on a rival platform with a pad i wasn't accustomed to.

krazykombatant3940d ago

When you pay to be there 1 or all 4 days an you qeue up from 1am or the day before get in and the first thing you do is take the piss it's a bit ridiculous.

You are getting the privilege of playing the game and all you can do is be negative. Its really ridiculous, both controllers feel nearly the same.

Being the least favourite platform shouldn't have anything to do with it. The ps4 was on plenty of stands, why MS and EA had a deal to show off the game on the xbox 1, that really isnt for me to say.

Welshy3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Both controllers definitely aren't the same, having used both i can attest to that. What i did say was it may be a pad they aren't accustomed to, not something they don't like.

I saw literally hundreds of people at the BF4 demo alone and not once did i hear a complaint, so whatever complaints you did here, especially ones whinging about the platform must have been few and far between in comparison to the sheer number of people there.

Never mind what people said to you being ridiculous, for you to say that the majority people at the show were bitchy fanboys is ridiculous and quite frankly you come across as very immature and seem to be blowing it out of proportion.

Pretty much everyone i seen either stood and were excited by what they saw while waiting or said nothing but good things in other areas of the show floor, including other reps who were there too.

I marginally agree with you, but you come across poorly and seem to be making a mountain from a mole hill.

krazykombatant3940d ago

Actually, I've also played on both and when you play games for as long as I'm sure many of us do, the difference is small but is somewhat the same (we have preferences do to the feel of the joysticks).

There is a difference between being in the queue with your friends and managing queues for 4 days.

I haven't said the majority of people, I've said I have had a few people come up to me and tell me in the face that Playstation is the community that supports the Battlefield franchise. I tried really hard not to laugh.

I haven't said everyone is a bitchy fanboy I've said I can't believe people are seriously ridiculous enough to whine on the fact that they get to play the game but they're not happy about what platform it is on, fair enough everyone is entitled to an opinion and taste, but like I said before I had people come up to me with the most ridiculous of things.

Overall, we did have tons and tons of people who just loved the game and those who, believe it or not actually liked the Xbox 1.

I think your reading too much into what I said. It's the small group of people that really blew me away here. I thought people would be trolls/fanboys online because hey it's the internet. But when it's blind fanboy attitude it's difficult to understand why these people even bother to come to expo's.

DragonKnight3941d ago

"Is this the main reason why the Industry is seen as childish can't be seen as important as some of the other entertainment industries?"

No. This kind of behaviour is not limited to gaming. It exists in all hobbies, though it takes on different forms in some. People don't view gaming as important and still see it as childish because of its roots and because of politicians seeking to make their name on anti-gaming laws.

I'm sure you've seen the football (soccer) riots in Europe, and they start over the smallest things.

Closer to home in North America, brawls are known to break out in little league sports games.

Fanboyism is everywhere, only gaming is being used as a scapegoat for it.

EffectO3937d ago


World is full of chicken iq idiots.


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LG_Fox_Brazil21h ago

Ain't paying jack. MS were the ones who put themselves into this situation

Jin_Sakai21h ago

No thanks. I’ll stick with PlayStation and Nintendo.

Obscure_Observer16h ago

Imo, Gamepass is just too good to ignore so I don´t give damn about the price hike.

As an Ultimate subscriber since day one, I´ll stick with Ultimate and play many of the most exciting and amazing upcoming AAA games from both XGS and third party developers day one!

Let´s go!

purple1014h ago

imagine subscribing for all these years in wait for greatness, then being served up Luke warm Starfail and Redfail and a bug filled Forza 8, with less tracks than the older one,

all while paying $15, for months on end,

PhillyDonJawn1h ago

You forgot getting fed Outerworlds, Gears, Forza Horizon, Halo, Stalker, Ori, MLB, Yakuza, Doom eternal, Ea access. sound like good eating to me

DivineHand1251h ago(Edited 1h ago)

It's mostly day-one 3rd party releases on Game Pass. Xbox sparsely releases 1st party titles as you all know. Several day-one titles are being released this month and none of them are 1st party

Reaper22_53m ago

Don't kid yourself. Forza is the best in the genre and gamepass is still the best deal out there. You sony guys know that because you're so emotional over this stuff. Microsoft is in your head. First with the purchase of Activision and then with the latest showcase. But don't fret. Everything is gonna be OK. Ive heard that PS Home is planning to come back next year. Possibly in VR. Now that sounds interesting.

Eonjay2h ago


What price would be too high for you? Is there such a thing?

PhillyDonJawn2h ago

$30 a month. That's too much at that point. Till then price hike don't effect me. Just got 4 3 months card for $31 a piece

Einhander197211h ago

I bet the standard tier turn into the wasteland that games with gold was before they turned it into game pass so they wouldn't have to give away monthly games or anything you could keep and boost subscribers numbers so Phil could release numbers months after they said they weren't going to reveal numbers anymore. (totally not another lie of course...)

Elda4h ago

It was inevitable. Folks have to realize any & everything goes up in price, no matter what it is.

jznrpg3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Agreed but they said it would not go up because of the acquisition and it clearly went up because of it. If they didn’t BS so much it wouldn’t be as big of a deal imo,

Elda1h ago

Any company saying that is BS, it should definitely go in one ear & out the other. Again....prices go up eventually no matter what it is.


Good luck explaining that to a certain fanboy group…

Outside_ofthe_Box2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Tried telling that to a certain fanboy group when game and console prices went up 🤷🏾‍♂️. I remember the company being able to afford to eat rising costs being the rebuttal.
Bet you weren't as understanding of that concept then as you are now huh?

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