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Beta Keys available for Call of Duty: World at War (360 ONLY!!!)

Hey, N4G community.  I have just received 5 beta keys for the Call of Duty:WaW MP beta.  There are five game modes ready to play. FFA, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and War. (The fifth evades my memory right now, but that's not important.).

I have had the opportunity to try the MP beta and it is total fun. If your are interested in getting a beta key either PM me or leave a comment.  I will pick five people at random and PM them the key.  Depending on the response this gets I should be able to get more keys on Monday.  Once again these keys wont be given on the order asked for it will be completely random.  I have no grudges held against anyone on this site so if you feel like you hate me or I hate you, I don't.  Everybody has a chance to get a key. I just want people to get a chance to play the game. 


P.S. On a personal note "War" is my favorite Game mode.  Good luck and Happy gaming. Also these are U.S. codes that I have, So please only ask for 1 if you live in the U.S.
Also since I don't own a 360, I am told that you redeem the beta keys the way you would a Token through Xbox live. Once again Happy gaming.

H4NDofGOD5529d ago (Edited 5529d ago )

Nice man I can't even get one beta key lol and I was a member at the charlieoscardelta site but I forgot the password. Can you please pm me a beta key it would be much appreciated. Also keep up the good work :D

rynareffect5529d ago

I am killing to get a key. I ordered the game from best buy online. then realized i needed to order it from gamestop, I ordered from gamestop and am anxiously awaiting my key. I keep checking my email every 5 minutes. If you could hook me up with one that would be cool.

Thanks bro,

SGT Knepper

Nascasho5529d ago

Doubt you have any more left? :(

beethy5529d ago

Oh man I would absolutely die if you'd give me the beta key!
I've never gotten into any beta.. always seem to be quite unlucky. :/

Maver215529d ago

heej man,

i really like to have one of those beta keys you have. I pre ordered this game a long time ago from a site where they havent got any beta keys so this is probably my change for getting a key

thnx in advance,