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Why this MW3 vs BF3 argument is pointless

Kee|3693d ago |Blog Post|23|

First off, fanboys- vamos. Or in other words, go away. You are not welcome here.

I think it would be unwise to tell you what side of the argument I am on, because I am writing a blog post about how stupid it is, but you're welcome to guess as well as critique every point I make and use it as evidence.

Okay now let's get down to business. Both games are shooters. Big, successful shooters. They're big, successful shooters that are releasing in the same time of year, so yes, people will compare them, right? Well, yes and no. Sure they are shooters but the whole dynamics of the games are totally different. To say that one would be an adequate replacement for the other would be silly.
Let me break that down: Someone says battlefield, I think- tactics and teamwork whereas if someone says call of duty, I think- Running and gunning, mindless killing.

Now that doesn't mean one game hasn't incorporated elements of the other, for example, I've had many 1v1 encounters in battlefield that have just come down to pure speed of aiming and tactics play a very small part in those kinds of fights. And I've played games of call of duty in which I've had much more success working as a team. But yeah, a different kind of gamer plays each game. You know yourself what you'd rather have from a shooter and you know which game you'd rather have without some internet fanboy having their say.

And here's another thing- although different players like different games doesn't mean you can be discriminating against a player for their choice of game. You can't judge someone for buying a game. You can judge someone for being a troll on n4g, but not for which game they've chosen to buy.

I wanted to keep this short... Anyway, I hope you got the idea, don't be hating on your fellow gamers for not agreeing with your taste in games. No one game is better than the other, they all have value to the person who buys it and that's all that matters at the end of the day. I'm not so naive to think this is going to influence anyone's actions but, I'm just putting out what I think of this and just saying that no one is right or wrong.

Terribly sorry if any narrow-minded people think they have a right to try and condition people into buying their game, but you don't.

Go play somewhere else...

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Bladesfist3693d ago

To be honest you just added to the argument as we will see in the upcoming comments.

Kee3693d ago

I don't think you really get the point I'm making. I just want people to buy a game (or both or neither) and enjoy it.

None of this bullshit name-calling and idiocy that goes along with it.

Dramscus3693d ago

"Let me break that down: Someone says battlefield, I think- tactics and teamwork whereas if someone says call of duty, I think- Running and gunning, mindless killing. "

See here is the thing. People bash modern warfare because it's essentially mindless killing. Mindless being the key word.

There are people who consider themselves not to be mindless and look down on the people that enjoy mindless types of games. Just because their mindless.

Crazyglues3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

@ Kee

I think you forgot this is where attacking someone for buying a certain game seems to be the norm...

-But I commend you for trying to have a real discussion on the internet.. No easy task, for one most people on are like 12 years old, and if they are not 12 they act like it..

So it's rare that you find people who will give you some really good feedback or insight..

So here's my two cents.. -(I should also say I don't care which game people get, get what you like)

-But in my humble opinion I think BF3 will be the better game just because they have tried to rebuild the game from the ground up trying to make everything better..

Where MW3 has just recycled the same old engine from MW2.. -That's something gamers hate to see, when a company just doesn't try too hard.

Now that's not 100 percent bad, because if you really liked COD4 & MW2 then you will most likely like MW3 as it will have pretty much the same play mechanics and feel..

So while it is fun to put them up against each other BF3 -vs- MW3 it will come down to, you getting what you like to play.. period

The truth is they play completely different from each other..

Which one deserves to be the King Of FPS, I'm going to say BF3 only because they tried to do what gamers always cry out for these companies to do when making the next version of the game..

-Go all out, design completely new stuff, make really cool maps -don't just do a part two, instead approach it like making a new game and start from scratch and amaze us...

So I think BF3 deserves to win but COD has a strong hold on the FPS Gaming community so it will be interesting to see what happens..


zerocrossing3693d ago

I'm not a fanboy of either but If I get one it will be BF3, I enjoyed the multiplayer of the past BF games so Im just gonna stick with the one I know and enjoy, I imagine most people will do the same and pick the one they prefer.

Only fanboys argue, gamers game

AAWELLS093692d ago

Very Well said. I just wished everyone looked at it that way.

Caleb_1413693d ago

Because everyone knows BF3 will win? Yeah I thought so...

haha j/k, seriously though I am of that opinion - even if EA does somehow manage to f**k us all over even more with pre-order exclusives and the like.

SageHonor3693d ago

I'm sure alot of people feel the same as you.. But unfortunately. You've wasted your time if you were hoping to convince any people to stop. Especially on this website. People will still do it lol. I plan to get BF3. But i NEVER get involved in these debates

Kee3693d ago

Dude, I covered that with this sentence. "I'm not so naive to think this is going to influence anyone's actions" I know the arguments will rage on and there's nothing I, or anyone else can do about it.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only who thinks these arguments are dumb.

SageHonor3693d ago

I read your blog bro.. I was restating that in my own words. You arent the only one who thinks these arguements are done.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Im just going to buy both, They're both good games with their own ups and downs.

Battlefield is a game when i feel like experiencing real war
Mw3 is a game when i want to play more of a arcade shooter

Heck i love Fps games and i barley miss any of them this fall alone im buying Halo 1 Remake on Xbox and Gears 3, and Bf3 + Mw3 on Ps3

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