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Sega Needs to Step Back in the Ring

Yeah, I know.

We all remember disasters like the 32X, the short-lived Saturn, and the downward spiral that was the Dreamcast. Sega has a long line of frustrated customers and bad publicity when it comes to their console years. I myself was a victim of every one of these fiascoes.

But...in the nearly 15 years since Sega became a dedicated software company, the industry has seen a lot of changes. Newer technologies, the advent of DLC, and the boom in the online MMO market has completely re-shaped the landscape of gaming. Now, it's the ongoing argument of Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo vs PC. You have companies like Nvidia and Steam getting into the mix, and Kickstarter letting the smaller, independent, companies reach for a piece of the pie.

Sega could really shake up the whole industry by releasing a new console. There are gamers now that have never held a Sega controller in their hands, as well as us old schoolers that remember what it was like to play games like Thunderblade and Revenge of Shinobi. No one, and I mean NO ONE, makes an arcade style game like Sega.

Their consoles, while having bad PR and short life spans, were always of superior make and design. "Welcome to the Next Level" was their catch phrase for a reason. Try looking up the specs on a Sega Saturn in comparison to a Sony PS1 sometime. You might be shocked at what you see. Hardware-wise, it blew the Sony machine away. Just a lackluster line of third party titles, and a poor advertising campaign, doomed the Saturn to obscurity.

The Dreamcast was revolutionary for it's time, and boasted what could be considered the first online RPG for a console with Phantasy Star Online (a game I sunk A LOT of hours into). It's use of the removable PDA in the controller was far ahead of it's time, and even now could be utilized on a whole new level.

When it came to exclusives, Sega had a library that was even larger than Nintendo's. Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop, Space Harrier, the Shining Force series, and of course, Phantasy Star. I'd mention Sonic, but....well...he's kinda been dragged through the mud in the past few years. But the point is that Sega could hold it's own against the consoles of today when it came to exclusives.

Look, Sega made some mistakes. Some big ones. But it's been a long time, and as for myself, I'm willing to forgive. I think we need one of the all-time heavyweights to make a comeback, just to show the current contenders that there's still some surprises left in the industry.

Man, to just be able to play a new Phantasy Star on an actual Sega system again....

darthv724027d ago

"short lived" would be more akin to the dreamcast not the saturn. the saturn had quite a lucrative run especially in JP. I prefer it over the PS1 for SHMUPS and fighters but the PS1 was more capable for 3d rendering.

Saturn was a 2d powerhouse in an emerging 3d world. Saturn doesnt get enough credit (IMO).

Now as for them stepping back in....they had been rumored to be working on a system that was code named phoenix but that project was scrapped. It was a clever name though as just like with Genesis meaning a new beginning (aka the birth of 16bit), phoenix would have been the rise from the ashes in the console sense.

That isnt likely to happen no matter how much we wish it to be so. Much of their great internal talent that made great home translations of their arcade games have moved on. Sega isnt what it once was and will never be again but i personally enjoy the retro vibe from playing old school games on the master system, genesis, 32x, sega cd and of course saturn and dreamcast.

those days may be over but the legend will never die (sorry for the soul calibur pun).

chadboban4026d ago

Dude I just wanna say, you're one of the few gamers from whom I can detect a true genuine love for gaming in every comment that you make. No fanboyism, no console war crap just a genuine passion for gaming. I can't tell you after all the crap I read on here day after day how good it feels to come across someone like yourself. It really gives me hope.

On topic though, I had no idea Sega were planning a system called the phoenix. Man if they pulled that off it really could've been something special. But like you said, most of the talent have indeed moved on. But like you I still enjoy the Sega consoles I own which are my Genesis and my Dreamcast (never got to experience the Saturn or Master System unfortunately). Also love your use of that Soul Calibur pun, fits very well if you ask me.

4026d ago
rainslacker4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

I still boot up my Saturn from time to time. I really love the Rayearth and Guardian Heroes(one of my favorites) games on it.

Back in the Saturn's time I was more into the TG-CD games, and big on importing stuff from Japan, so the Saturn didn't get a lot of love from me back then.

As I recall the Phoenix project was about 6-7 years ago and being worked on by Team Sonic. I suppose the risk was just to great for them considering the PS3 and 360 were going to release before it. I have to admit though, such a thing would have been pretty epic from a gamers perspective.:)

It's really a shame that Sega just isn't as consistent as they used to be. They have some great games from time to time, but they really don't push their massive catalog to it's full potential.

Edit @ Blog
I like the blog, it made me feel all nostalgic.:)

StraightPath4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Sega died with all its ridiculous add on for the Sega Genesis and they handled Sega Saturn awful. Sega Dreamcast was great and again was killed off.

Sega Saturn was a pile of crap that got murdered by the PS1 one of the greatest console of all time.

While dreamcast came along it was ahead of its time but still couldn't stand against the PS1 that is how amazing it was regardless of specs.

Then its bigger brother the PS2 that went onto become the best console of all time DESTORYED SEGA and its whole company to obscurity.

Got a dreamcast though play some retro games now and then. Sega killed off Sonic too so they can stay in the toilets.

Nintendo and Sony just hammered Sega bad and launched at them while they died off.

Genesis does what Nintendo don't...and Sega your dead now

NYC_Gamer4027d ago

SEGA won't return because they are making profit on software and pachinko machines.

Jyndal4027d ago

As well as the Toylet...sadly, this is where they are.

THamm4026d ago

Yes the flair of Sega is gone. The flair of the Japanese developed games is gone. Picking up titles with the character development and detail only the Japanese seem to achieve was awesome, unique. Games that achieved the purpose of to immerse you. Games today seem to not be distinctive as games were then.

SockeyBoy4026d ago

What a fantastic read, and I totally agree. I run a channel on YouTube named "My Sega Journey" I'm putting a vid up tomorrow on how to play your Dreamcast online and yes people still play their DC's online :D Please if you have a chance check it out, I would love to see some of you guys on PSO :)


darthv724026d ago

Pretty good review of aliens and darkstalkers. You should do some shmups like do don pachi and batsugun if you have them. If you don't...look into picking them up.

Genesis is my all time favorite but DC and Saturn are tied for 2nd in my book.

SockeyBoy4026d ago

Thanks for checking them out darth and Batsugun is definitely a game I want to review in the future but the games is so freaking expensive, I wish I bought it years ago :(

caseh4026d ago

'Look, Sega made some mistakes. Some big ones.'

Sadly they've burnt too many bridges to make any kind of return to the hardware market. Some of their games this gen have been the best i've played:

Binary Domain, Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza

But in each instance, none of the above sold well in the west and the sequels for both VC and Yakuza are yet to be localised but seeing as they only really focus on the blue hedgehog they will most likely never be localised.

For every good decision they make, they also make bad ones. Why port Space Channel 5 over Shenmue despite YEARS of fan requests? On the flip side they release VF5:FS cheap as hell.

It's a love hate relationship for me, some level of consistancy would go a long way for me at least.

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