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Can Someone Please Give Sony The Memo!!!

Can someone PLEASE give sony the memo. I don’t know what it is but it seems to me that sony just hasn’t gotten the memo. From the very beginning of this gen sony has done nothing but ignored every gaming trend that we gamers have requested and gotten used to over the past 15 years. I remember that day when I first saw that video that sony did about how to share your ps4 games. I remember thinking to myself “what the hell’s up with that?” What’s wrong with sony? Who told them to leave the power of game ownership in the hand of the players? Don’t they know that we want to relinquish total control of our games to the publishers? Don’t they know that we want EA, Microsoft and Activision to tell us what we can and cannot do with our games? Don’t they understand that we want to never be able to resell our old games? Their refusal to do 24 hour DRM was another indication that they just didn’t get the memo.

Then you had that whole VR thing, seriously, what’s up with that? Why is sony trying to help innovate gaming? So many people said that VR was a waste of time and that it would fail, but did they listen, NO THEY DIDN’T. They just doubled down. Don’t they know that we just want to continue playing games the same way we always have since the 1970’s? Why try to give gamers different and more diverse ways of experiencing gaming, it’s counterproductive (seriously, right now my PSVR is sitting on my counter and it’s usually very productive). They need to stop it. They need to stop giving us new experiences. They’re not reading the memo.

And what about all those exclusives huh? If sony really gave a damn they wouldn’t be pumping out all those exclusives over the past 4 years. I mean c’mon really? I’ve got so many games I have a backlog the length of my………..arm. Sometimes I get a headache just trying to decide what game to play next after I finish another one. And seriously, do they have to make all of them so damn good? Where’s the stinkers sony, you could at least try and release more stinkers so that it would make it easier to ignore some of those games. But we all know they aren’t gonna listen to us. They’re just gonna continue pumping out high quality games just to screw with us. But the jokes on them, we’ll always have Ubisoft and EA there to satisfy us with their buggy yearly atrocities to help restore the balance. READ THE BLOODY MEMO SONY!!!!!

But my biggest peeve, (that one thing that reeeeaally grinds my gears) is their blatant refusal, their downright act of defiance and what I can only call “A slap in the face of every gamer”, their decision to continue supporting Single.Player. Games. HOW DARE THEY!!! In this day and age, where so many other developers see us as infinite cash reserves, at a time when we want nothing more than to be sold half of a game and then spend another 200 bucks paying for the rest of it through DLC and Microtransactions only to be told a year later that the service will be shutting down and we’ll have to by the next game in the series. At a time when what we the gamers really want is GaaS and online only multiplayer, sony has decided to keep making single player only games. Showing once again that they don’t care about the gamers, sony has decided to create full high quality single player experiences that provide hours of engaging gameplay. Who the heck told sony that I wanted to be able to game even if my internet is down? Do they not care that I want to hear some five year old scream at me and tell me what he did to my mom last night every time I game? It is an absolute slap in the face to every gamer I tell you. They literally forced me to spend 93 hours platinuming and 100 percenting the map in GOW. That was time I could have spent playing the same 10 maps in cod over and over, or emptying my bank account in destiny buying silver just to get that 1 outfit I like. Does no one at sony care? WHO TOOK THE BLOODY MEMO!!!!!

As I sit here and read that article about sony winning April NPD, It fills my heart with pain. A company that has decided time and time again to break from the norm and do things differently is being rewarded with sales. And I blame you gamers. I blame you for wanting quality over quantity. I blame you for wanting to own the games you payed for. I blame you for daring to want your money’s worth from a game. I blame you for rewarding a company that has shown its dedication to gamers. You’ve set us back 20 years. Now I have no choice but to preorder Spiderman, days gone, ghost of tsushima, death stranding and TLOU2. Such dark times ahead.

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Neonridr1126d ago

It was funny for the first paragraph or two.

choujij1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Aww, lighten up. lol

1Victor1121d ago

Damn it moldybrain is at it again now he’s a John Doe

Kumakai1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Something people don’t seem to understand is when you buy a game, you aren’t buying it. You’re buying a license - a right to use a studios software - on your hardware. When you sell a game, you are simply selling your agreement and a copy of the code.

No one could actually afford to “buy” a game unless you are filthy rich cuz it would cost you thousands to millions.

I think if people understood this it would help them be less snotty people or stop write things like this that I guess are trying to be funny (subjective) but end up annoying because the very premise it’s trying to entertain on is just fundamentally inaccurate and naive.

Think about this: when you buy shoes or a game controller or a box of cereal, does it come with a license agreement? Nope. But games sure do, don’t they? Cuz you don’t own them. Sigh.

Goldby1126d ago

except GOG doesnt include DRM in their sales, you buy the game, you can do what ever you want with it and they cant take away your right to play it

Cueil1122d ago

Nope same... That is also licensed game

johndoe112111126d ago

Yeah, after all that's said and done and after that completely shortsighted drivel you just wrote. NO ONE can come into my house and stop me from playing a game whenever the heck I want or stop me from selling a game whenever the heck I want. I bought that disc and it's MINE. I don't care whose name is on it or what license agreement it has stated on it. I can do whatever the heck I want with that disc. Sony CANNOT come into my home and stop me from playing or selling GOW. What companies like Microsoft, EA, Activision want is the complete opposite. They want that power. How old are you, 4?

ShottyatLaw1125d ago

Technically OP is correct: "GRANT OF LICENSE. The Software is licensed to you, not sold. After the authorized release date, Licensor grants to you a limited, non-exclusive license to use the Software for personal use on your PlayStation® system."

Practically speaking, I'm not sure we've ever seen a license revoked or limited upon transfer in a disc-based game (outside of PC). I don't think we ever will, either.

But think of PC games and software from a few years back. You could do whatever you wanted with the disc, but you couldn't freely transfer the license through second hand sales. New owners needed a license key to gain the license to use it. Similarly, the online passes in Madden and Uncharted last gen blocked second-hand purchasers from gaining access to portions of the content on the disc (MP modes).

So, yeah, you can do almost whatever you want with the disc, but the content on that disc is only licensed to you. Same with the other consoles.

indysurfn400d ago

Right on Johndoe11211 I see 5 fanboys disagreed with you. Microsoft, EA, Activision lapdogs. If Sony, and Nintendo changes I would be on their case too. But they are on our side. The people that are defending these
practices are being foolish. And are fighting against their own interests.

People will exchange rights for a little convince!? !!! It is not even a true convince, it has drawbacks:

1 Like for instance waiting on a 50gig download.
2 Having to send hundreds buying extra hard drive space.
3 Or if your not buying extra space deleting and reinstalling downloads.

isarai1126d ago

No when you buy a physical game you bought a copy, Digital is a leasing deal

darthv721126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

physical is just the container, the means to deliver it but regardless of how you get it, they can disable its use if need be. At least in current generation of games where you are more reliant on the internet to receive updates for the game. all it takes is a patch that nerfs the game and then what... you have a nice physical coaster to set your drink on.

Nitrowolf21124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )


Lol disable how so? Our consoles can’t write on disc, so unless it’s online only they cant . A patch can disable a game, but the disc is left untouched

MWH1124d ago

what you just said is one of the things that are turning the industry more and more into the way it is, a tasteless Cake.

chris2351124d ago

most kids think gaming is a charity. that‘s the main crux. that it‘s just another business seems to be completely lost on them and most gamers. aso, that every gamer is voting with their wallets and not with what they are saying after the purchase seems to be a logical step that‘s also way too abstract a thought for most.
and no, the article wasn‘t really funny.

indysurfn400d ago

Actual software developer here. not game but business software. When you buy that game license on a physical medium you own the license and it cant be revolked unless you share it simultaneously. Also it cant be unforced unless they physically get a hold of it from suing you.

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darthv721126d ago

When the day comes for MS to shut down 360 live access (like they did og xbox) is the day i hope they send out a patch to unlock the license of any digital games you may have on your system to let you play them offline instead of needing to verify them on your account. Sony is likely to shut down online access for the PS3 at some point as well so I hope they do the same for all Plus games they have given away that are not compatible with the PS4.

The ability to turn off servers (as has been happening) effectively cuts the value of that game in half because you lose access to an advertised portion that you initially paid for. The only way to keep a game from being completely nerfed is to never take your system online. no online, no updates, no nerfed game. Its something old school consoles have been enjoying for decades... offline gaming.

Cueil1122d ago

They turned off OG Xbox because it limited Live that won't be a issue with 360 games

blacktiger1125d ago

I don't get the memo but then again I couldn't even past the first paragraph

Dannylew1125d ago

go to search a real work idiot speculator.

JonTheGod1122d ago

Learn how to construct a sentence correctly so that you can convey what you mean.

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