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Why I Want My Exclusives to Remain Exclusive

This is a response to a number of comments I saw on a recent N4G article. This is not meant to attack anyone specifically or their views, but to bring to light what I see as a gross lack of understanding towards a certain aspect of gaming culture and gamers on a whole. In doing so I will be referencing quotes from certain users however I will not be utilizing any user names.

Gaming is a wide field and it caters to a wide audience and everyone has their motives and reasons as to why they choose specific gaming consoles and prefer certain types of genres. From financial constraints, to childhood nostalgia, there is a range of reasons why some people would choose one gaming platform over another. Some are lucky enough to have all while some are contented with one. This is not about those gamers, this is about the people who can’t seem to understand why some gamers may have a particular stance or viewpoint when it comes to their preferred console and its exclusives. Why so many are hesitant (and rightly so) to see their brand share its exclusives and why doing so does not necessarily equate to more “happy gamers”. So let’s begin by tackling some of the criticisms usually directed towards console gamers.

One of the most common criticisms you hear about console fans is the statement “the way you act you’ll swear you own shares in (place console manufacturer here)” or (sorry, didn’t realize you were an investor in (place manufacture here)”. Let’s just get this out of the way, YES, yes I am an investor in that brand. I invested my hard earned money into that platform (sometimes hundreds of dollars) and though I may not get monetary returns like financial investors, my return is entertainment. My return is knowing that for the next couple of years my gaming needs will be met and I can be assured of thousands of hours of joyous gaming experiences. Comments like those come across as bitter and it shows a complete lack of understanding of the person making them. I am very interested in the quarterly financial reports as that shows whether the company I have invested so much money and time into will continue to support my pastime and will continue to churn out the games that I like. Every console gamer SHOULD have a vested interest in the financial status of their preferred brand. If you don’t then it is obvious you don’t really care about gaming.

Another common critique you hear is the famous “why does it bother you so much if your console exclusive comes to pc?” usually followed by “how will it harm consoles if pc gamers get console exclusives?”. I think the best way to respond to this is to quote a pc gamer who also supports that statement. This comment was made by a particular user on a recent article "If you really all had gaming PCs as you pretend you would see the value in gamers being able to play a game like (game)on PC too." Then, in the very next line they say this “I have a PS4 Pro and (game) and I love the game. If it's only available on PS4 then that's where I'll play it, but if I had the choice of course I would prefer to play it on my PC.” And this is exactly why console gamers DO NOT want their exclusives, whether it is first or third party, on PC. When Pc gamers are given the choice they will always choose pc to play their games. The more people that buy the game for the pc, the less purchase it for the console. If the console version of a game is not selling well then why make it for the console, if the console doesn’t get games then the console will not sell, if the console doesn’t sell we have a wii u situation on our hands. Keeping console exclusives on the relevant console ensures additional sales for that console and its games, hence it ensures a long and healthy life for the brand. Why it’s so difficult for so many people to see this is beyond me.

One of the most ridiculous comments you will ever see is the “true gamers own all platforms”. No, gamers with an abundance of money own all platforms, for the rest of people they buy what they can afford. That comment is absolutely retarded and begs you to ask if the person making the comment is mentally deficient.

“By bringing games to the pc it allows more freedom”. No it doesn’t. By bringing the game to multiple platforms it will cause longer development times, less developer focus on a single platform which usually results in buggy messes, a more fragmented user base and it also can severely restrict the vision of the developer. Two examples of developer restriction are Heavy Rain and Death Stranding. When quantic dreams first approached Microsoft with heavy rain Microsoft wanted them to change it because they were concerned about the controversial topic. Quantic dream refused and went to sony, the rest is history. Hideo Kojima himself explained his choice for going with sony was the freedom they offered. Something not many other manufacturers do. Admittedly though the last point about developer freedom was aimed more at multiconsole games than console/pc games, as pc does generally offer freedom of developer vision.

“I don’t understand how you cannot enjoy your game on the (place console manufacturer here) without worrying about how others may want to enjoy it”. This one is very simple. I have EVERY RIGHT to question why someone would want a company I took my hard earned money to invest in to sabotage themselves and the system I decided to support, to cater to an audience that didn’t think they needed to support them in the first place. They have no obligation to you or anyone that did not invest in their eco system, their obligation and loyalty is for their customers. If you want to see just how ridiculous this question is try applying it to other things: Why shouldn’t Toyota allow me to use a Dodge engine in their vans? Why shouldn’t Microsoft make a version of office for apple desktops? Why shouldn’t HBO allow their exclusive programs on Starz? Exclusivity pushes sales, simple as that. When a company makes a product they don’t owe you anything. If you want their product then buy it.

“Selling your software on as many platforms as possible is the best route to take for a profit margin”. This statement is not always true. While there are many times when this is the case, there are times when the cost of developing a game falls below the actual return on sales. A good example of this would be many third party games developed for the wii and many Japanese games released on the xbox one in japan. If the target audience on the specific gaming platform does not purchase the game or if the system does not have enough sales then a developer can actually lose money in the process. Not because a game is developed for more consoles means the developer will automatically make more money. Also, we need to consider that many times teams just don't have the manpower to make multiple versions of a game and hence they often get support, financial or developer, from the manufacturers. When a manufacturer does this, again their loyalty is to THEIR fanbase not the competitor's.

Exclusives are part of gaming and hopefully they always will be. Some people will be lucky enough to enjoy them all and some will not. If you don’t then be happy with what you do have and continue supporting as much as you can, your platform of choice. Nothing is wrong with that. Nothing is wrong with wanting to see your platform grow and outperform the competition. Will those same people who criticize you for cheering on your platform also go to a sports game of their favorite team and celebrate every time the opposing team scores? No, yet somehow it’s taboo to have the same mentality in gaming. Support your platform, enjoy the games you can and ignore everyone else.

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OB1Biker1591d ago

Nice read. I can agree with that. However I only have a PlayStation gamer point of view and others gamers on other platforms may have a different opinion and different motives to play on that platform, which is fine.
I mean if the xbox boss wants games to be available on Windows too and gamers dont mind then fair enough. I do know I prefer PS exclusives not to be on PC to justify my console and have games dedicated to it for a great value. PSVR is also a good example of how a console focus can bring great values to gamers with limited budget.

NewMonday1591d ago

good exclusive: financing a project to make a game that wouldn't be developed otherwise like Byonneta 2.

bad exclusive: paying to stop other versions of an already in-development multi-platform game like Tom Raider.

rlow11591d ago

So Sony paying for many exclusives like destiny isn't the same? Your point of view but its definitely has blinders on?

darthv721591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Street Fighter V is the better example of "bad exclusive". Truth be told only the snes version of SF2 was exclusive. Every other version or release was always multi.

Even Tomb Raider was predominantly a multi game. So while PS did get their version (improved at the same time) where is the XB version of SFV????

NewMonday1590d ago

SF5 actually "good exclusive" thanks for bringing that up, because Sony commissiond the game and made it happen, Capcom didn't have plans to develop it.


DLC, nobody cares

darthv721590d ago

Capcom didnt "need" the money. Sony paid for its console exclusivity for the purpose of blocking MS or even Nintendo.

You really believe Capcom did not have the budget to continue their flagship franchise?

It was a bad decision and they got a rushed product as a result. It's okayto admit such things. Don't lie to yourself, it makes you look like a weak minded sheep.

If MS can be called on bad decisions then so can Sony (and Nintendo).

darthv721590d ago

I've said it before. The only exclusives should be 1st and 2nd party games. Anything 3rd party is open to any platform.

Sparta071590d ago

@Darth, you're the sheep and blind one here.
Street fighter was not going to be MADE. Sony stepped in and made it happen.
Tomb raider was being made and announced. Then Microsoft ( Phil spencer/ your god ) step in and made exclusive for a year.
True story, look up. 😉

I do agree that street fighter was. Rushed.
Tomb raider suffered being exclusive to Microsoft with low sales.

Automatic791590d ago


So Sony paying for Streetfighter V, is the same. Further, the game bombed on a Sony platform. I can guarantee that game will never be single platform again. Your anti-consumer rhetoric is disturbing.

darthv721590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

@sparta, sorry bud but your comment here: "Tomb raider was being made and announced. Then Microsoft ( Phil spencer/ your god ) step in and made exclusive for a year." is not the same as the way Monday made it out to sound.

"paying to stop other versions of an already in-development multi-platform game like Tom Raider." because the game STILL CAME OUT TO PS4. It was not "stopped" and was actually improved in the process.

Try again, if you aren't as blind as Monday is. You (and other sheep) only hear what you want. I say this again, a little louder in case you didn't hear it.


Now, just let that sink in and tell me how it is they can 'afford' to make all these other games like MvC Infinite and an eventual SFVI if they were really in dire shape financially? they couldn't have made THAT much off the sales of SFV. It was all a lie under the guise that Sony HAD to step in.

I can guarantee you this much. IF (big if) MS had paid to help develop SFV then it is pretty obvious that the game would still come out to other platforms. MS doesn't lock exclusivity 'forever' (unless they paid for publishing rights) thus allowing others to play the game at some point. We will never know the truth because nobody is willing to step up and tell it so all we can do is speculate. Just like the cancellation of Scalebound.

Sparta071590d ago

@darth, ok sooooo, your blind and Deaf?
Capcom them selfs said they needed the financial help but sure let's ignore that.

You can guarantee that if Microsoft help finance SFV that it would of came to all platforms!?
Really??? How do you know?
😂 Or you just want to make Microsoft the good guy?
God you're delusional.
You really think that Microsoft didn't try there hardest to keep tomb raider on their platform only?
One company helped finance a game the other company threw money from keeping it going to another console ( Phil himself said they needed something to go against UC4 ), there's a big difference there. But if you want to make up your own version then what can I say🤣

rainslacker1590d ago

I think darth is a good example of how people bicker over good or bad exclusives.

We have Sony and Capcom, both going on record saying that the game wouldn't have gone into development, but Sony stepped in, because they wanted the game on the PS4. But darth goes and makes accusations of lies from both companies, and speculates that all the official statements on the matter are completely false, and Sony did indeed do what everyone seems to accuse MS of with ROTTR.

With ROTTR, the series of events that led up to it's exclusive announcement were pretty evident that MS paid for exclusive content for a previously planned multi-plat game.

In an attempt to distract from what MS did, which people seem to have a problem with, he casts accusations at Sony, because that is the only way to make it seem like it's all OK now, because they all do it. Whereas, there is only least in this case....that MS is the one who partook in the practice.

It's the kind of annoyances that this blog is talking about.

I'll also add, that it's this constant kind of bickering which makes the community it's own worst enemy, because the community had a tendency to play console preferences, instead of criticizing evenly across the board to hopefully make positive changes for us.

darthv721590d ago

@rain, it's not okay when Ms does it and it's not okay when sony or nintendo do it but truth be told there is just no possible truth in that statement from both capcom or Sony about how there would never be a SFV if it werent for sony's $$.

This isn't the same thing as bayonetta 2 here or a small developer that is looking for some backing on their project... this is fricking Capcom and street fighter for gods sake. The KING of arcade fighters. If you want to deflect any sort of rational thought in this matter by sticking to what you were told then, again, its a matter of people being blind to things around them.

Ms made abad call with trying to secure RotTR for a year and it came back to bite them on the ass but the god damn game still came out to PS4 even with MS putting up some $$ to get it released on xb1 sooner. you guys are missing the overall point about when a company buys any sort of exclusivity. It sucks across the board when it comes to any and ALL 3rd party companies.

Only 1st and 2nd parties are privy to exclusive contracts. What Capcom did (speculation but a sure as hell of allot more believable) is go along with the plan that Sony laid out for them. Under no circumstances was SFV ever going to be exclusive nor was it NOT going to be made. If that were true about their financial situation then it would have effected all of their projects they had on the drawing board. But it didn't, it only effected the biggest damn fighting game series in history.

Don't you get it, you guys just believe what was fed to you about "oh poor us, we cant make this game cause we have no money" and yet they can make other games just fine. Why is that?

I enjoy games to much to deny myself the opportunity to play something worth my $$ but in this case, I have not nor will I support a practice like this no matter who does it. I don't have RotTR and I don't have SFV and in my book both sides are guilty of the similar actions. If you guys were smart you would know the difference between an exclusive that was invested in to benefit the developer producing it (bayonetta 2) and one that was thrown cash at to keep others from ever playing it (SFV) or sidelining others from playing it at the same time (RotTR).

rainslacker1590d ago


That's all good and fine. But what about the fact that you are still positing a theory that goes against official comments from different companies, made at different times, and by different people?

If you have a problem with the issue, then tackle the issue where it exists, instead of just trying to bring one company down to another companies level by interjecting some random accusation which has no proof into another person's comment.

Your accusations do more to distract than to actually tackle the issue.

Surely, there are examples where the travesty that you rail against which are more verifiable and not based on your beliefs, but rather quantifiable evidence that doesn't go against actual official statements.

Anyhow, when it comes to SF, I'm sure it would have been made at some point. Given the comments made, about the only thing we can assume is that it would have taken longer, and may not have come as soon. There is absolutely no evidence that Sony picked it up on the down low, but there is evidence that Capcom has had financial troubles as of late. I doubt they would have ignored the IP indefinately, but that doesn't mean it was in the works for multi-plat before announcement.

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1591d ago
starchild1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@ johndoe11211

You make it sound like the main reason people buy consoles is because the console makers artificially restrict certain games to them. If that were true what would be the point of consoles? If all people really would prefer to play those games on PC then Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are being very anti-consumer by making games exclusive.

But of course that isn't the case. There are many reasons people choose to game on consoles. Exclusives are but one element out of several that lead someone to choose a given platform over another. You could turn every console and PC exclusive into a multiplatform game and consoles and PCs would still continue to sell. From the consumer's perspective not much would have changed, except that EVERYONE would have a broader variety of games to choose from.

It's true that console makers use exclusives to gain an advantage over other platforms, but the question is, how does that benefit gamers in general?

The two main claims are:
1. It results in higher quality games.
2. It provides healthy competition.

I'm not too convinced by the first claim. As a multiplatform gamer (PC and PS4) I cannot honestly say that PC, Sony or Microsoft exclusives are significantly better than multiplatform games are. Some exclusives are great, some are terrible, some are mediocre. The same goes for multiplatform games. I know some people have this mentality where they put exclusives on a pedestal above multiplatform games, but I think this is born out of fanboyism more than anything. For people who are emotionally invested in a certain platform and who spend their days evangelizing for that platform there's this tendency to see exclusives as an extension of the platform, and, in a sense, an extension of themselves.

In any case, it's definitely true that there are good, bad and mediocre games whether we're talking about exclusives or multiplatform games. If exclusives seem to be a bit better on average I don't think it's the mere fact of being exclusive that makes them so. The platform holders tend to buy up the best studios they can and the best games they can. Take a game like Nioh for example. Is it good because it is an exclusive? No, it's good because of the talent and hard work of Team Ninja. Sony saw that it was shaping up to be a good game and negotiated exclusivity and publishing rights in the West.

There's a finite amount of talent in the gaming industry. Those that grew up loving games and were passionate enough about it to pursue a career in game development represent the pool of talent all games are drawing from. All of that skill and creativity is going to spill out into our games one way or another.

So on to the claim about competition. It's true that exclusives represent one form of competition in the games industry, but it's absurd the way some people act like there wouldn't be competition without the existence of platform exclusives. The biggest and most important competition we have is between the various studios fighting for our money and trying to create the best games they can in order to earn our interest and our eventual purchase and support.

OB1Biker1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Considering the higher quality games case. Its not just about quality I have no particular knowledge of how development works but take the example of Insomniac games since they developed Sunset Overdrive for Xbox 1 and are developing Spiderman for PS4
It sounds mere common sense that the games are better optimized and with shorter development time, lower cost etc and therefore in the best interest of the gamers owning that console.
What you think?

joeorc1586d ago

Because what Operating System on PC platform would these games be made for ...?

Hmm, that's the point could many of the games be made for any PC platforms Operating system? Yes ?

Would it be financially viable? No
Thus by indirect means you are furthing Microsoft's platform and not your own..because Windows OS is Microsoft's platform...Sony and Nintendo made their own platforms for computer entertainment outside of the PC market , Microsoft had pretty much and still do a monopoly on all software made for PC that is entertainment based already..Both Nintendo and Sony in the consumer electronics market to carve out a niche market outside of just development of games mainly for the Windows Operating System...

And Microsoft knows this, that exactly why the Xbox platform was made they wanted to disrupt this market to try to bring Console development back into the Windows OS fold...

starchild1591d ago

Look at the movie industry. Do we need to start making certain movies exclusive to only certain brands of Blu-ray players in order for there to be competition and for good movies to be made? Imagine...if you want to watch Star Wars you need to buy a Samsung player...if you want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy you need to buy a Sony player...if you want to watch John Wick you need to buy an LG player...etc. Virtually no home theater enthusiast, or consumer in general, would think that THAT would be a preferible state of affairs. We had some of that crap during the HD DVD vs Blu-ray platform war and it was universally agreed that it was a bad thing for consumers.

But that's exactly what we have to deal with in gaming. Instead of being able to buy the hardware of our choosing and enjoy any game we like on it, similar to how we can enjoy any movie on the player of our choosing, in gaming we have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying a variety of different gaming devices that are largely redundant simply in order to enjoy a relatively small number of exclusives that appeal to us.

Simply put, I don't think your argument holds much water. I do see a few small positives for the existence of exclusives, but they don't come close to out weighing the negatives. As a whole gamers would be much better off with all games being available on all platforms.

It would go a long way toward dissolving the divisions that make the gaming community such a toxic place. It would allow developers to reach more people with the games they have worked so passionately and tirelessly on. It would allow gamers to enjoy the games they love on their preferred platform and without having to spend many hundreds of dollars on multiple redundant devices. It would spur the hardware makers to improve our gaming experience in other important areas. And there would still be plenty of competition between different studios and device makers, just as we see in the movie industry.

I firmly believe that in order for our industry to fully mature we will eventually need to move beyond platform exclusives. Whether that happens five, ten or twenty years or more from now I'm not sure, but I'm quite convinced that it will happen.

UCForce1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

It doesn't matter. Console will lost its own identity and company will fall apart because of it.

TankCrossing1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

But hyperthetically, if the movie industry did have exclusives then the likes of Samsung and LG might be inclined to pour big bucks into funding movies, and they just might have funded some modern classics that we'll never know.

I'm don't disagree with you btw, just pointing out what I consider to be the one consumer benefit of platform exclusives. Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo invest significant funding into games, and if they didn't then I don't necessarily think other publishers would pick up all the slack.

And on your last point, you say gaming will eventually mature towards greener pastures, but actually it is also quite possible that exclusives will permeate the movie industry. We're already seeing streaming services likes of Netflix and Amazon competing with exclusive content. Small fry right now, but who knows where it'll stop?

VoiceOfUnreason1586d ago

makes more sense to compare games with television series than movies, considering TV shows are largely 'exclusive' to the broadcasting station that funds them (go figure, huh?).

Comparing them with movies is a little beyond ridiculous since movies can be watched on anything that plays the format the movie is on (as has always been the case.)

Deep-throat1590d ago

You only play on a PS console, yet you don't want the exclusives to be on PC to justify your console........ WTF!

1581d ago
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freshslicepizza1591d ago

“I don’t understand how you cannot enjoy your game on the (place console manufacturer here) without worrying about how others may want to enjoy it”. This one is very simple. I have EVERY RIGHT to question why someone would want a company I took my hard earned money to invest in to sabotage themselves and the system I decided to support, to cater to an audience that didn’t think they needed to support them in the first place. They have no obligation to you or anyone that did not invest in their eco system, their obligation and loyalty is for their customers. If you want to see just how ridiculous this question is try applying it to other things: Why shouldn’t Toyota allow me to use a Dodge engine in their vans? Why shouldn’t Microsoft make a version of office for apple desktops? Why shouldn’t HBO allow their exclusive programs on Starz? Exclusivity pushes sales, simple as that. When a company makes a product they don’t owe you anything. If you want their product then buy it."

tell that to everyone who had a problem with microsoft last generation and still do with timed exclusives and games like the first titanfall.

"Exclusives are part of gaming and hopefully they always will be."

of course, and that is why hardware makers invest in development teams and create deals but think of the word exclude. this is why microsoft got trashed on and rightfully so. why is destiny and the dlc ok for gamers? all it does is divide the community, how does it benefit you the consumer. so stop acting like a pr employee and start acting like a consumer. if a third party game goes to another system you should not be upset at all. were ps3 fans upset when they got bioshock later on?

support games, stop supporting faceless companies like they are your pals because they think excluding others somehow makes your experience greater. if its a situation like bayonetta 2 trhen yes we can defend the practice in certain ways but not all excluive deals are created equal or in the interest of the consumer.

johndoe112111591d ago

"support games, stop supporting faceless companies like they are your pals because they think excluding others somehow makes your experience greater."

And you need to stop acting like they are your pals therefore they have some sort of obligation to you to put THEIR bloody games on the platform of YOUR choice. They don't owe you a damn thing. You refuse to support them by buying their system but you want them to support you by placing their exclusives on a competitors platform? How freaking entitled are you?

freshslicepizza1591d ago

did i say they owe me or anyone else? no, but look at the fanbase going crazy because they may 'lose' a game like nioh (which is likely what started this blog) to the pc. i quote lose because thats how they think even though the games are still there. when are gamers going to grow up and just enjoy things without losing their minds because its no longer exclusive?

sony has a lot of great games, the fans dont need to be so possesive over a third party title because someone started a petition to go to the pc. you would think all these ps4 owners would be happy since they all try and tell us they have a windows 10 gaming pc, right?

Goldby1591d ago

When you have exclusives, 9/10 times it will be a better overall experience than if it was multiplatform simply because the devs dont need to worry about different config. had Uncharted 4 been multiplatform release, we would not have seen the same amount of detail go into it

freshslicepizza1591d ago

"When you have exclusives, 9/10 times it will be a better overall experience than if it was multiplatform simply because the devs dont need to worry about different config. had Uncharted 4 been multiplatform release, we would not have seen the same amount of detail go into it"

nioh is already out, so why would that matter now if they ported it to the pc? try and stay on topic.

Goldby1591d ago


We are talking about exclusives, i am on topic.

My opinion still stands, if companies take a game that was developed for a certain platform and then release it after the fact onto another console, chances are the quality will go down.

if we had an original exclusive turned multi before release, quality is sure to go down.

freshslicepizza1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

"if companies take a game that was developed for a certain platform and then release it after the fact onto another console, chances are the quality will go down."

i got gta 5 on the pc after it had been out on other platforms, it seems to run and look pretty good in comparison. did bioshock run bad on the ps3 after it was out on the xbox 360 and pc? did the last of us on the ps4 suffer and made your ps3 version worse? you are being obessive

Goldby1591d ago

My last of us did suffer stutters at the beginning. It was after a patch that it cleared up.

You are being selective with your choices. I noticed you didnt mention arkham Knight or just cause 3. Both which had pc issues

DigitalRaptor1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

So basically, moldybread, your whole POV on this exclusives thing is not because you want other people to have free choice and PC to have better versions of these "former" exclusives, but because you see certain people "going crazy" about losing exclusives and want to take them up on that. You don't care that exclusive software is one of the key attributes that makes a console memorable and stand to legacy. Your blatant trolling on that other PlayStation article recently & how you got shot down there proves that you are completely out of touch with reality and only care about this so much because you want PS4 to lose its exclusives to other platforms so you can use it to take pleasure in it for whatever reason.

You basically care most of all that Sony fans value exclusive games, just as generations of gamers have for decades now with taking great care and passion in compiling a generation's best-of lists for each platform (that isn't PC for obvious reasons), and just want to stir the pot, especially now that Xbox has no exclusives anymore and because you have this strange continued grudge with what Sony gamers have to say, as if you are the authority.

"you would think all these ps4 owners would be happy since they all try and tell us they have a windows 10 gaming pc, right?"

Again with the absolutely mindless claims to drive your baseless arguments. Please point out the people who said they have Windows 10 gaming PCs to be able to substantiate your braindead (as usual) diatribe. Show me a chart of these people and quotes tying them to the responsibility of what they said about this.

"try and stay on topic."

Who is this intense hypocrite that only a couple of hours ago, went directly off-topic because he refused to respond to the content of my comment and rather preferred to make it personal and bring up something completely unrelated?

darthv721591d ago

@john... i do believe there is MS office for Mac. Just saying.

1591d ago
Razzer1591d ago

"you would think all these ps4 owners would be happy since they all try and tell us they have a windows 10 gaming pc, right?"

Yeah....I game on PS4 and Windows 10. Why would I care if a PS4 game went to PC? I can already play it on PS4. As long it is on PC or PS4, which is the vast majority of games, then I'm good.

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Stogz1591d ago

"support games, stop supporting faceless companies". God the irony of this comment coming from one of the biggest MS fanboys on this site is glorious. Do you think you're above this when you're the biggest troll on n4g.
On topic I'm not sure why everyone thinks losing exclusives is a good thing, they are important to every console to define them.

ShaunCameron1591d ago

It seem that the OP's pining for the pre-NES days to come back when consoles barely had anything to differentiate themselves with to justify their existence.

ShaunCameron1591d ago

You know the "faceless" companies you're telling us to stop supporting happen to be the same companies who made the games you're telling us to support, right?

KwietStorm_BLM1591d ago

You can't attack moldy with logic. He's immune.

Bathyj1591d ago

@KwietStorm Im pretty sure Im on his ignore list. I attack him with logic all the time. I wait to see if he'll have a good argument to counter what I say but it doesnt seem to get through to him. Im quite willing to change my stance on things if someone has the right argument to make me see things in a different light, and in less than a week I will have been on N4G for 10 years and in all that time Ive never ignored anyone. I listen to peoples opinions even when I dont agree with them.

Its a shame, maybe I could help the poor lad, help him see why hes so unreasonable. Be less trolly. The first step in overcoming a problem is admitting theres a problem.

UCForce1591d ago

That what I talking about. MS made Xbox One lost its own identity.

jaymacx1591d ago

@bathyj you are a rare breed.. many on here don't truly hear out other's views that differ from theirs. I appreciate the comment you made.

Exclusives are important and thats why i like PlayStation and Nintendo. Microsoft has been going downhill as of late. But exclusives used to be one of their strengths. (Mass Effect, jade empire, ninja gaiden, dead rising, DOA4, nfl gameday, jet set radio future etc.)

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trooper_1591d ago

They have the right to put their games on whatever console they wish.


bouzebbal1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Lol all this bloc and not a single sentence that makes sense.

The reason they don't wanna release nioh on pc is that ps4 secures enough exclusives that help publishers earn enough on them that way. Publishers don't need to port somewhere else that way.
Games sell so bad on X1 that the only guarantee publishers have to earn enough is by releasing their games on pc as well.
This is obvious stuff

Bathyj1591d ago

"but not all exclusive deals are created equal or in the interest of the consumer."

Well this deal was created so that more gamers would get to play it. Yes all of those gamers are PS4 gamers but at least its world wide. Koei was only going to release the game in Japan. That means maybe 100k people would have got to play it. They made a deal with Sony for Sony to publish everywhere except Japan. Now may 2 or 3 million will play it, or at least now 50m+ have the chance to play it.

Publishing is no small task.
That means manufacture, printing all the disc and packaging.
Distribution. Shipping a million + copies to dozens of countries. The logistics involved in that.
Marketing. Advertising, promotion. We all know from past experience some games get more spent on marketing than the game itself cos to make.

Basically Sony is taking the majority of the risk. The game is already made. Team Ninja no longer need to spend any significant money or time on it. Sony on the other hand need to make this huge financial outlay and hope it sells. They are taking on this risk (I assume) in return for exclusivity. So its mutually beneficial.

The alternative is that Koei either publish world wide, which they obviously didnt want to do, or they shop around to a big publisher like EA or Ubisoft or someone else and get them to do it, but given that this project has been kicking around and in development for over a decade likely most of them thought it would be a bust. Lets face it, any other game that took more than 10 years to make a publisher would stay away from. But since its was originally supposed to be a PS3 exclusive I guess Sony had faith in it way back in the day and got involved in it. Because Sony do that. We know that. The Last Guardian is living proof.

And lets be even more honest, gamers screaming for it to be multiplat are only doing it now because they sat back on the sidelines, not committing anything and the game turned out to be fantastic possibly GotY material and now they want it. Its like watching two babies, one has no interest in a toy until they see the other one pick it up and starting having fun with it and then suddenly they have to have it.

And Moldy, can we just stop pretending for a second that youre on some moral crusade fighting for the rights of gamers that deserve this game. Youre here because this is a Playstation exclusive. I did not see you signing any Bring Gears of War to Playstation petitions back when the game was a 3rd party exclusive. I didnt see you complaining about Rise of the Tombraider even those that game only got made based on the success of the Reboot which was mostly due to Playstation gamers and who had played every other game for 20 years. Get off your high horse mate, youre not fooling anyone. This is not about more gamers getting the game. Sony already saw to it that more gamers got to play it, this is about your resentment of a company that looks after its customers and the growing belief among Xbox gamers that exclusives have no place.

Well exclusives have a place and unless someone else here has sold 55m consoles in 3 years I dont think any of you have a right to tell Sony how to do business or that theyre doing it wrong. Nor for that matter do you have the right to tell Koei how to distribute a game they own and had made, when this is a new IP and they dont owe anyone anything.

Why o why1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Nothing more needs to be said. One of thee most hypocritical members of n4g wearing a phony white hat. Take the bloody L already. Exclusives Matter

Hmmm, I'm starting to think moldy is actually crap gamer.

Bathyj1591d ago

@Why o Why

Do you watch Westworld? Moldy thinks hes William but hes really The Man in Black. Such a hypocrite and apparently champions Xbox for all the great multiplat games he can play on other systems.

Why o why1591d ago

HA, westworld took me by surprise like stranger things did.... ill add that moldy is Rick Deckard to your guy in black too....he just doesnt know he's the same as what he's hunting.

ApocalypseShadow1591d ago

To Bathyj and all the logical, reasonable individuals with excellent comments.

Bravo!!! Bravo!!

slappy5081591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Yup, I want these types of arrangements to remain exclusive, and sell well because it encourages Sony to continually approach devs that only release a game in Japan, to release it in the West. Now can we have Dragons Dogma Online come to the west please?

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Sparta071591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@ moldy, seriously do you even read the BS you write?
By your logic we shouldn't have a PS4 or Xboxone or Nintendo. Why bother if ALL games will be multiplayer..

You're just bitter that your console of choice has no exclusives.
It's funny now exclusives are bad now.

Goldby1591d ago

@digital raptor

Add to that that most win 10 versuons of games run worse than steam games i cant understand why he wpuld use that excuse for wanting ezclusive to not exist. I game on pc occasionally compared to ps4 mainly due to the fact all my friends game on ps4. Am i a win10 user. No hope in hell. Will i upgrade. Nope

Yui_Suzumiya1591d ago

Who would've thought that someone wanting exclusives to remain exclusive would rustle moldy's jimmies xD

ShadowKnight1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

More disagrees lmao

Dragonscale1591d ago

@moldy, its simple really. Nioh is a great game. Being an exclusive means more incentive for people to buy PS4. Not exclusive means less reason. Obviously you would like to see Nioh on PC as it means less incentive to buy PS4. You obviously hate anything that gives people the incentive to buy PS4 no matter how you try to spin it.

OB1Biker1591d ago

Timed Dlc are very different from exclusive games. I think most gamers don't like that timed crap. It's just the marketing thing for companies. .

notachance1591d ago

"stop supporting faceless companies like they are your pals because they think excluding others somehow makes your experience greater."

man that's one big fat of irony coming from you

you need me to get you a mirror?


SoulWarrior1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

You try so hard, way too hard to come across as neutral but everyone knows you are a massively salty Xbox fanboy, just admit it.

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rainslacker1590d ago

Then why don't you exercise your right and ask why MS is sabotaging their system in order to bolster Windows, instead of bolstering the console which you spent your hard earned money on.

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Lennoxb631591d ago

I don't really care whether the games I'm playing are on other platforms as well. Neither do the majority of gamers. It doesn't take away from my enjoyment of it. And neither Xbox or PS are going down anytime soon in result of this practice. They are the only two avenues that 3rd parties can take advantage of that's not too expensive or complicated for the average consumer (PC).

rainslacker1590d ago

I don't care if other people get to play the games either, but the fact that they are on a particular system, is the reason that people may choose a system over another. If exclusives didn't matter, then they wouldn't exist, nor would companies invest so much money into making them, when they could make more going multi-plat.

Featuring_Dante1591d ago

As for 3rd party exclusives that jump off to other platforms, i think thats because publishers are feeling brave and wanting to explore a new landscape. The ports are usually mediocre though, so it'll always remain on consoles as thats where their money is.

S2Killinit1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

yup, I want consoles to survive/thrive, that's why I want consoles to have exclusives.

freshslicepizza1591d ago

so the value in consles is just the exclusives? that tells me the platform isnt very good if that were true. which we all know isnt true, people will continue to buy consoles regardless of third party exclusives going to other platforms. people love consoles for their ease of use and affordablity.

Sparta071591d ago

WTF, you finally got it!!!
Exclusives bring value in consoles.

Phill-Spencer1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Does MS have some kind of mk ultra project going on?^^ ah, nevermind!
Yes the games are most important!!!! Who cares what the platform is like when the games are beastly!!! Fortunately it happens to be that you get both with playstation. 🙋

The day sony brings all exclusives to pc, will be the day when i will become a nintendo+pc gamer and when nintendo would do the same, i will be pc only. there's would be no reason to buy consoles anymore.

S2Killinit1591d ago

ummmm yaaah. exclusives re kinda important