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What Exactly Is the Purpose Of The Xbox Scorpio?

Can anyone please tell me why is the xbox scorpio even a thing? Before I continue let me give a brief gaming history of myself. My first system was an Atari 2600. Since then I’ve been gaming practically all my life. I own most of the mainstream gaming systems as gaming is at the top of my list of hobbies. I’ve never discriminated between systems and I’ve always tried to own them all. That all changed with the beginning of this gen. I think it’s fair to say that the reveal of the xbox one will go down in history as the worst reveal of a gaming system ever and one of the worst reveals of any device ever made.

The anti-consumer design of the original xbox one has plagued the device and Microsoft since the reveal and it left a bad taste in the mouth of many gamers, including myself, to this day. My decision to not buy an xbox one was a direct result of understanding microsoft’s absolute disdain for its user base. However many people unlike me decided to take the plunge upon them reversing their original plans and making the device more consumer friendly. Along with that move came a plethora of promises and guarantees that gave potential buyers the assurance that the system they were investing in was future proof for years to come. Looking back now I have to ask myself if maybe we interpreted things wrong or has Microsoft pulled off the greatest scam in gaming history.

Why is Microsoft asking people to fork out hundreds of dollars more for a system that is supposed to be giving us features that they told us the original xbox one had or was getting? What am I talking about you may ask? Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Does anyone remember these famous words from microsoft’s most famous mouthpiece, major nelson: “Ye! We are really excited about that too. I am sure your audience knows that 4K is the next big thing. Xbox One is a home entertainment system that is built for future. It supports 4K gaming and entertainment. In fact we are shipping an HDMI cable that is 4K rated. So when you get your HDMI cable out of the box it is 4K rated. We are looking forward to bringing 4K capabilities to our consumers in the future, but it depends on the developers,”

Why is Microsoft ranting about 4k on the scorpio now when they are the ones that sold the xbox one on the promise of 4k gaming? Why is no one talking about this? Why is no one demanding those 4k games that are coming to the scorpio be done for the xbone so that no extra money needs to be spent? We were told that the xbone is quite capable of 4k gaming, where are the games?

So you say it’s more than just 4k gaming? They increased the gpu to give us higher resolutions and steadier frame rates? They are giving us a more powerful system? How much more powerful is that may I ask? Well according to phil spencer it’s four and a half times more powerful. Wow that’s incredible you might say. I say that’s hardly impressive. Why, because according to Microsoft they sold the xbox one on the promise that the cloud can turn the power of one Xbox into 32 xboxes. Some reports said it would boost the power of the xbox up to 4 times. Or maybe we can look at the words phil Harrison:” It’s also about cloud processing and AI. This is where some of the computational effort of a game can be offloaded to the dedicated CPUs on the cloud, to make your game experience even better, better graphics, better lighting, better physics”.

Again I ask, if the xbox one can do 4k gaming and the power can be boosted up to 4 times, what exactly is the purpose of the xbox scorpio? Why are there no articles on the internet questioning Microsoft on this? Where are all the articles saying that the scorpio is not necessary and we should not buy it. Why is no one holding Microsoft to account for the promises they gave us and are now asking people to spend a heaping set of money to purchase a system with features they guaranteed us the current system has? Where are all the gamers who are crying doom and gloom on the ps4 pro and why are they not going after Microsoft for lying to them and deceiving them?

It is absolutely atrocious what Microsoft has done with the xbox one and the lies and deceit that were used in order to get people to purchase that system. What’s even more amazing are the people that are defending this. Xbox one owners were sold a lemon and told it was an orange and now that the truth has come to light everyone is turning a blind eye. I support the ps4 pro, why? Because sony made no such claims with their system. They never sold it as a 4k system, they never said the power could be boosted 4 times, they simply said that at the time of its release it was the most powerful system ever made, and they were 100% correct about that.

Whether people want to admit it or not, the Xbox one was and is an abomination to the gaming world, one that Microsoft themselves are obviously trying to blot out of the minds of the general public with the scorpio. Their entire fanbase was lied to and deceived but funny enough, it appears they like it that way.

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SniperControl1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

MS are cutting there losses this gen, they got trounced by Sony and the PS4 and they damn well know it, it's quite obvious to everyone(well almost) that the scorpio is not a mid gen refresh but a whole new gen and by the sound of it, it is going to be a very expensive product when it eventually does launch in 2017.

I'd ask all ms fans to be wary regarding the scorpio, ms are the masters of BS hype but delivering very little when it actually matters.......

KiwiViper851739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

This article is just damage control, because Microsoft is doing major damage.

Damaging the perception that ps4 is untouchable, Microsoft is doing exactly what Sony did at the beginning of this gen, capitolising on a few missteps from the competition and stealing the spotlight.

Play anywhere is not a detractor, It's an advantage. More sales, more support, more people playing online. Xbox or PC, you choose, it doesn't matter to Microsoft.

Judging by the butthurt articles, and comments all over N4G, it seems Microsoft had been damaging a few egos as well...

Overload1737d ago

It's honestly amazing people think the answers to the problem of a system that has trouble selling with out giving stuff away like games or gift cards is being more expensive and launching a year later. All while releasing games at a slow drip.

On top of that, I have no idea why people are waiting for Scorpio, when you could build a PC today that will play ALL Xbox games in 4K.

Goldby1737d ago

Play anywhere means less sales for the developers meaning Ms will have to compensate them for their time if. and that is a big if they decide to do the play anywhere

Aenea1737d ago

They are doing major damage huh? Perhaps see a doctor, you might be seeing things again that aren't real!

NewMonday1737d ago

the Scorpio goal is only market disruption nothing more.

basically the only purpose of the whole Xbox division is hurt the gaming industry, especially by paying for timed exclusivs since the 360, that made pupleshers look for handouts instead of standing on their own feet in the market, this resulted in many devlopers failing and closing.

but with the PS4 mid-budget devlopers are coming back

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mikeslemonade1732d ago

So when it launches its gonna be already 5 years in generation. Has no full exclusives. And I can do everything better than PC. The only reason why I would get it is I'm a fan of console hardware design which in the minority of. But I would by next zero games for this piece of hardware.

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OB1Biker1739d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

IMO VR is going to be big and Ms just need to bring it to its consoles. Simple as that. PS have their own device but Xbox needs a lot of power to be compatible with 3rd party devices.

Yetter1733d ago

Do you think so? I don't know anyone with a VR headset and they've been out for months and months now

PrinceOfAnger1738d ago

MS are cutting there losses this gen, they got trounced by Sony and the PS4
just like last gen?

blackout1733d ago

The 360 is still in second next to the wii and ahead of the ps3. Sooooo they got trounced you say. Seems as if Sony lost market share last gen.

WiiU-Dude1733d ago

360 dominated the early going and the most vibrant part of the war between the 360/PS3, but the PS3 didn't pass the 360 late. Japan was like 10 million PS 3 units to 2/3 million 360 in Japan. There's your biggest explanation. Plus the US market was CRAZY tilted to 360! I think the 360 finished with nearly 20 million more units sold to PS3 - I believe. But final total has it roughly 82 million 360 to 84 million PS3 - approximately.!

DeadlyFire1738d ago

MS can gain big with Scorpio. It outmatches Pro in every way. CPU will be about the same as Pro. AMD confirmed Zen SoCs will be console ready to produce for Sony/Microsoft in 2018. If you already have a ps4 then Pro might not be appealing enough to buy. Dont own an Xb1 then Scorpio will be something consumers consider. Scorpio will not cost much more than Pro. 6 Tflops in 2017 will be just as cheap as 4.2 Tflops in 2016.

nitus101736d ago

Yes, yes we know all that but the main problem with the Scorpio is that it only exists on paper or test bench at the moment with it's proposed release in about a year from now. Until a release date and price are officially given out the Scorpio is vapourware.

I personally could easily design, pick up the parts, assemble them and install an operating system in a few hours that could easily surpass the Scorpio specifications. Of course, it would not be cheap and it would be bulky (ie. small tower PC) but it would work.

The problem you have which it really is just an engineering problem is taking those parts and design a motherboard that can successfully integrate all the parts that individually are fairly bulky into a smaller form factor along with an efficient power supply and cooling system then design a case that all those components will fit in that must meet or exceed original design specifications yet be astetically pleasing.

It is also important to note that "aesthetics" are in the eye of the beholder. What may be pleasing to one may be an abomination to another.

LastCenturyRob1737d ago

MS...masters of BS? Wow, you are a true , bitter pawn.....yawn

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miyamoto1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

The purpose of the Xbox is to stop the progress of the PlayStation brandl It is created for that sole purpose during the time the PS2 was considered a threat to Windows PC dominance.
15 years years later it still is trying to fulfill that purpose to no success. The Project Scorpio is an ill willed effort to put a stop to PS4 and we all know hoe the story will end.
Just the code name "Scorpio" gives it away if you do some research.

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CocoaBrother1739d ago

"Why is no one holding Microsoft to account for the promises they gave us"
"PS3 can run games at 120 frames per second, stream six channels of HD, and decode one thousand media thumbnails simultaneously"
According to Yoshida, the PS4's "system guys" are currently working out when they can add CD and MP3 playback to the new console.

I mean, every company has made promises they don't fulfill. Calling out one company is a bit idiotic.

4Sh0w1739d ago

Yeah some things don't turn out as good as they hoped/promised...that's not a exclusive Microsoft problem, it happens to all companies. Scorpio's purpose is to be a more powerful gaming home console. That's all.

OB1Biker1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

'Calling out one company is a bit idiotic.'
Well you think you can only call them out both at the same time but one at a time is idiotic?
I mean Sony has been called out too, why not Ms?

Surely everyone agrees both can be criticized.

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christocolus1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

“Again I ask, if the xbox one can do 4k gaming and the power can be boosted up to 4 times, what exactly is the purpose of the xbox scorpio? Why are there no articles on the internet questioning Microsoft on this?”

“Well according to phil spencer it’s four and a half times more powerful. Wow that’s incredible you might say. I say that’s hardly impressive. Why, because according to Microsoft they sold the xbox one on the promise that the cloud can turn the power of one Xbox into 32 xboxes.”

Wut? This all makes so little sense. The entire write up seems so petty. Isn't Sony also making a more powerful PS4 for their fans? But the author doesn't seem happy with MS doing same for its fans. Anyways I'm eagerly looking forward to the scorpios reveal and I hope it turns out great.

Gazondaily1739d ago

It is petty. Why Microsoft? How dare you make a more powerful console, which is exactly what Sony is doing but their console is okay because....reasons!

Sour grapes indeed.

TheHorseTamer1738d ago

As I recalled, many were saying before E3 that MS was definitely going out of the home game console business. At E3, not only is a better Xbox One console announced, a second console with 4K gaming support of the Xbox One line was also announced. That bought out the worst of the Xbox haters due to their disappointment and fear; especially after the new Sony consoles announcement that left many underwhelming impressions. I called that salty and angry and this blog is prove of that.

Lennoxb631739d ago

Jeez man take a chill pill. If you don't want the Scorpio that's all you had to say. Don't ask what's its purpose. It's painfully obvious.

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