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How The PlayStation Subsidiary remains separate Ran from Sony Corporation.

Many in my other blog post still , may not seem to get how the PlayStation LLC is allowed to remain Separate ran inside Sony Corporation.. This blog post is to show How.

A member was nice enough to post this counter argument for me:

[Short take: It makes no real difference, other than bean-counter and legal-dept headaches. The reality is that both divisions and wholly owned subsidiaries are part of the controlling entity--in this case, Sony.
That was my thought before doing a bit of searching, and now I've confirmed it.]

Actually it does make a difference and for many reasons you seem to not be aware of.

Well let's take the very main counter point to head by pointing out in very simple terms why it's not so easy to view such Corporation control & Management of a Subsidiary in that way..when you have set a Subsidiary in the Way PlayStation as a Subsidiary is set up.

First the main Sony Corporation board of Directors.

Now let's take a look at The PlayStation Subsidiary Corporation info & it's board of Directors .

Now if you notice

Outline of SIE LLC
Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC
San Mateo, California, the United States
Principal of Business:
Research, development and sales of PlayStation®
hardware, software, content and network services
2 million USD
Date of Incorporation:
Friday, April 1st of 2016
Fiscal Year End:
March 31st
Directors in Charge and Member of the Board: Reference below
Directors in Charge and Member of the Board of SIE LLC
Andrew House, President and Global CEO
Kazuo Miura, Deputy President
John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera, Deputy President
Kazuo Hirai
Kenichiro Yoshida

Now say investors that own stock into the main Sony Corp want Sony to do something with the PlayStation LLC, but guess what, they can request, but since the only

Stock holder is an non alive Entity..IE:

the Sony Corporation itself..who sits on the board on The Sony Corporation? And who sits on the board of the PlayStation LLC?

IE: the Sony Corporation has a board and So does PlayStation LLC.. But Kaz sits on and among top on both companies board of Directors.

Investors & Stock holders of the main Sony Corporation has no say so or management of any or have any investments directly into the PlayStation LLC.

And since Kaz and the board are the representative of the Sony Corporation's invested interest into the PlayStation LLC , and the Head's of the board is the one who looks out for both companies vested interests are, you pretty much see they are both one and the same..

it is the board that gets to determine the control of PlayStation not investors or stock holders out side of the only one stock holder.

Which so happens to be in blunt terms a Corporation created Entity. Not even a live person.

Hedge fund manager asked Sony's board to have an initial public offering of the entertainment assets for 20% of the assets to atleast to be offered for public offering.. The board of directors gave a resounding vote of No..

Therefore, even a hedge fund management company with 7% controlling your interest into the entire Sony Corporation fails to have the board offer the entertainment assets for public offering, what does that tell you?

PlayStation LLC is generating profit and investments right back into not only itself, but has generated profits and new products to the market that has had high interest into the product on a consumer Level such as PSVR.

TwoForce2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Interesting you wrote there. I think SIE can handle this on their own. I think PSVR will profit along with PS4.

joeorc2592d ago

Thanks, if you go though the corporate structure time line of the Playstation's Subsidiary, you can see just how its not only structured but just how successful this CO venture was for Sony ..

In 1993

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) is established as a joint venture between Sony Corporation and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

So when it was 1st established it was Incorporated right off the bat.

By may 1994

Sony Computer Entertainment America is established (A division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.)(CA, USA)

I think this is where many gamers and Media are getting confused..see , that's a Division of SCEI..Not the Sony Corporation..., it's been around as it's own Incorporated Subsidiary with its very own Divisions it has

joeorc2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

This also allows asset protection in the process.. Example: say is if Sony did ever decide to sell off the SIE LLC Subsidiary & all of the subsidiaries Holdings the PlayStation SIE LLC has, in stock certificate's you can have neat triggers built into the deal at the time of creation.

Example stock certificate front face

Now what's also really important is the back of the certificate itself..and the filed business prospectuses and Corporation structure and if there is Corporation transaction triggers set up in contingency in..such and such case of examples for the Corpus request at the completion of the deal or even future deals!

What's in a friendly term or not so friendly term depending on which side your sitting on as Stock Buy- sale

And they can get real nasty in how they can be set up. And those triggers are very important.


If say for instance the Sony Corporation decided to vote and have SIE LLC go up for sale, SIE LLC could have a first Option buy - back - sell trigger in effect!

Thus in the case of a Hostile take over of say the Sony Corporation, and the current board of its Directors are disposed and are replaced and a vote was set to sell off its SIE LLC Subsidiary.. There could be a trigger in effect that allows SIE LLC to buy back it's stock off of The Sony Corporation at fair market Valuation of its created stock option when SIE LLC stock was first in 1993 fair market Value not even the fair market Valuation of what it would be worth today!

It's pretty much the screw you to the corporation that wanted to go after your company in a bid for a Hostile take over.
And since Somthing like a Blind Trust, or a Subsidiary that has no public buy in you would not have an idea this first option : buy - back - sell through trigger is on or in effect until after you purchased said Corporation. And after the new board votes, and if SIE LLC decides to enforce that trigger.

It could decide to forego the trigger if SIE LLC decided..but it could decide to choose to use said trigger. For all we know it could even be an Auto trigger..yikes

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Aloymetal2h ago

Because Kojipro has a way more important game in the making aka his new baby franchise Death Stranding 2;)

ThichQuangDuck2h ago

y'all don't have to do fanboy shit on every single post. We can just be happy Kojima is dropping Death Stranding 2 and whatever this is. Good game experiences are what matter

Uybfpe1h ago

Kojima Horror Game > Uber Eats Simulator 2024

Lightning772h ago

"Spencer explained that he's meeting with Kojima-san next week when he's visiting Kojima Productions. He's looking forward to meeting the developer and checking up on the progress of the project.

He believes development is going well, however, Kojima-san is an innovative developer who is trying something entirely new with this game, and Spencer thinks he needs to work on realizing his vision out of the spotlight.

That's why Spencer doesn't want to ask him to step on stage to say something before he's ready. He believes Microsoft should make sure he has all the time he needs."

I mean of course. That would be dumb of Phil to announce force CG trailer of Kojima show us something weird then be gone for the next 4 to 5 years. He's leaving Kojima and the team alone to work instead of forcing stuff. Not like Phil knows what his game is anyway.

Obscure_Observer1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

"Not like Phil knows what his game is anyway."

Sure, so Hideo Kojima is working on an Xbox exclusive game in partnership with Kim Swift and powered by Azure, and yet, somehow, Phil doesn´t know nothing about it. /S

On topic:

I´m glad Phil is keeping this game at some low profile level approach while giving Kojima the time he needs to deliver something special and unique.

Godmars2901h ago

We are talking about the guy who was clueless about the vampire game - really can't be bothered to remember it - while praising it to no end.

Lightning7755m ago

"Sure, so Hideo Kojima is working on an Xbox exclusive game in partnership with Kim Swift and powered by Azure, and yet, somehow, Phil doesn´t know nothing about it. /S"

I highly doubt he knows what Kojima is making right now. Genre, gameplay. Maybe a premise or concept. He wouldn't step on his toes considering Phil doesn't know everything about the game or direction.

porkChop16m ago

"I highly doubt he knows what Kojima is making right now. Genre, gameplay. Maybe a premise or concept. He wouldn't step on his toes considering Phil doesn't know everything about the game or direction."

You're aware that for any publisher to essentially give you a blank check and access to all their tech you have to do a pitch, right? It's not just "it's a game that's never been done before". You have to actually explain what you're doing, how it will work, how it's different, etc. It's a cloud-based game, you have to explain how and why you're leveraging the cloud, why it can't be done locally, etc. You don't think Phil would know what it is considering he's the head of all of Microsoft Gaming?

raWfodog2h ago

I’m very interested in learning more about this game as well. I always enjoy Kojima’s games, no matter how ‘quirky’ they are. They always go against the grain of the industry, and aren’t afraid to try new things.

Godmars2901h ago

Probably because he's working on Death Standing 2 right now, given that there's at least a trailer of it.

Obscure_Observer1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

"Probably because he's working on Death Standing 2 right now, given that there's at least a trailer of it."

If Kojima will have Phil visiting his studio next week to see how the development of his new Xbox exclusive game is going, it´s obvious he´s been working on both Death Stranding 2 and his new Xbox IP at the same time.

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