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Why Playstation TV really does mean : Playstation TV

As you my Know Sony is set to release the new playstation TV into the Market of the West this OCT 14th 2014, and Nov 2014 for Europe.

Many People Have Questioned Sony's Idea on the viability of such a product, that Aside from a Little 1st party Software support for such a platform now, and what little 1st party many gamers see a lack of Sony offering, with a high price for blank media cards, and Sony's direct investment more into lower cost indie games that can be found on other devices with many times a cheap or a cheaper price point for such games. why should a consumer ie: Gamer or otherwise invest into such a box?

Remote play?

While a very good function to offer the consumer, you still need a PS4 to really take the best advantage of such a function.
Thus is if you want to stream PS4 content to another room in your house, it would be cheaper to buy one of these instead of having to pay for another PS4 that is if your network is of decent reliable speed.

Thus move on to our next part of the offering:

playstation Now?

Well playstation Now will also be offered, and while it offers a way to play many games that Sony and its partners have for streaming, with pricing not completely set yet , many gamers see that as more along the lines to wait to see how it will develop.

So that really does bring us to the point, of why should you as a gamer invest into such a platform , when you may not see a real use for the product past a certain niche?

while all those negative points are completely valid. Again I stated those all negative points are "completely valid" Not all of them would really matter to a consumer base that this device is being marketed toward!

That is you may not really see who is this device really marketed to?

well its very simple, the playstation TV is a Micro-Game Console in core nature, but Notice that "TV" on the end well there is a very big reason for such a name and this is it.

Sony and Viacom Reach Web-TV Deal
Agreement to Stream MTV, Nickelodeon, Other Networks on playStations Heightens Rivalry With Dish

Sony Corp. 6758.TO +2.73% said it reached an agreement for its planned Web-based TV service to carry MTV, Nickelodeon and 20 other Viacom Inc. VIAB +1.31% channels and offer access to streaming Viacom programming on mobile devices. The Wall Street Journal reported a year ago that the companies had reached a preliminary deal.

Wednesday's programming agreement was the first announced by Sony. It is in talks with several other entertainment companies and hopes to strike other such deals before it starts a trial of its service by year-end. Sony has to sign up other major networks before it can start the service with Viacom's channels, a person familiar with the matter said. It is close to a deal with at least one other major TV-channel owner, another person familiar with the matter said.

This is not a channel here and there, No this unlike the majority of streaming box offer's out there do not get a near complete real core basic cable Tv "like offering" while Sony just secured a deal to offer.

A platform with a Entry Price point for a streaming Box with

. base entry price point of $$99.00
. streaming not just a few but many cable channels
. streaming games
. local stored game playing
. and with remote access functionality to boot

Sony just may have leapfrogged even Apple in the streaming TV box option. with this deal, the name playstation TV is really not just in name but in true core of its ability.

Update: Price point Viability

Sony declined to reveal other details about what the subscription-based service would look like, which networks would be available and how much it would cost. One television executive estimated the price for the Sony service at about $15 to $30 a month — a major discount on the average $88.67 households pay each month for cable or satellite service, according to SNL Financial.

nunley333299d ago

Good article and i been watching this viacom deal too, a great reason to buy this. I was already going to buy one and i have many vita digital games i use this with. I've yet to buy a vita yet and i was wanting to play on my tv like the psp could so this is good plus and the streaming and PS4 xtras make it a no-brainer.

s45gr323299d ago

Nice article, so basically Sony wants to enter the tv satellite/ cable and tv streaming market. Ot could also lead to Sony not making consoles and just offer PlayStation Now service.

joeorc3298d ago


" Sony wants to enter the tv satellite/ cable and tv streaming market. Ot could also lead to Sony not making consoles and just offer PlayStation Now service."

Quite correct they want to enter into the video streaming offering, the video content and not only that but video game console streaming as the main function. by offering both from a cost effective lil box, many consumers would or could see this as more in line for children purchase for their gaming fix than a much higher cost gaming console. that does not mean Sony would not still offer higher costing game consoles not when Sony is still selling over 70+ million units world wide. this just offer's another viable option for content distribution.

well it will still be a console of some sort, but it does mean to avoid such a task of always needing to be online to play games, well that I think is a way far off viability, because the network structure always requirements of a platform or system to "Always be online" in order to be effective usage for consumer's which like 3G/4G and of course broad band networks.

Local Non required Network play will always be Needed, thus Like Smartphones or Tablets or just like any legacy game console.

what this may mean is that Lower Cost Hardware my be the Primary means to an end, thus not needing to spend $400+ Million in R&D anymore to make an effective game console, Arm Holdings Chipsets in effect could be able to handle a streaming method, as for local play from storage. well the smartphone chipsets right now are already able to Handle PS3/XBOX360 level in Graphics render and do it quite well. Hell DirectX 11 and Higher can be ready to be used on such chipsets already!

s45gr323298d ago

Ok thanks for the clarification 😊

user65409483297d ago

Article of the month so far IMO


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