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Your top 10 list

Top 10 things wrong with N4G.

10. The amount of top 10 lists.

I could really care less about Princess Peaches top 10 outfits throughout the Super Mario Franchise but we are plagued with this junk that gets passed off as news on a regular basis.

9. Bloodmasks Blogs.

While his humorous and hard hitting incite into the world of N4G and in particular his amazing analysis and simple break down of the PS3 fanboy may be great to a select few members. Overall it's a waste. just like 95% of the articles he submits.

8. The Anti Fanboy

You know who this is. The "I'm better then you" guy who always jumps into a good nasty fight and leaves his stink of arrogance in the air between a PS3 and 360 fanboy having it out. his "I own both consoles" attitude. It's old. Let fans fight for their platforms. It's fun and it's easy. Heck pick a side and jump in. I'll make you feel an inch tall. I promise.

7. Forum Trolls.

Most people never leave the main page to venture off into the forums and talk to these guys. Let me break it down a little for you. On nearly every forum topic you click throughout the day you will see about 15 different guys like Violator, PirateThom, TMANX1, The Corrupt, Heyheyhey, breakast, meepmoopmeep, Autofire and a few others who have a cavalier attitude towards anything "Main page". They talk about things that are "Above those lowly trolls on the main page" and need to rejoin the fight and fun that is the console war!(Sorry if I missed your name in there. You know who you are)

6.  Rumors

Rumors can be ok when coming from a reputable source like Kotaku. However when Kotaku says "Hey we got some news" and everyone and their mother writes an article on it and blogs, tweets, emails, faxes, calls, writes, sings and lives it and we get 50 more news posts about nothing... This is a waste of time, effort and anything else.

5. Blogs

Blogs from Dave Jaffe, Peter Molyneaux or anyone else in the biz is news. My roommates bored philosophy on how "Dragons Lair" was the most innovative game ever is not news.  I wont submit it and neither should anyone else.

4.  Bad Joystick

It's not funny.

3. Logic

Most people who post don't have it. If your one of the lucky few congratulations. /golfclap and let me buy you a cookie. Many people here like to input their liberal, hippie, closed minded views into topics like racism, rape, murder and if games are the root of them. If this is you then you fail. Until you have fought in a war, saved a life or done something extraordinary with your life to make your opinion count then keep it to yourself. All you are doing is feeding a fire under our industry and being ignorant of how the world outside your bubble really works. Drugs, prostitutes, gangs and death are a part of life everywhere and if you are lucky enough not to be around it be glad and don't try to talk down to people who deal with it for a living.

2. Hiphopgamer

... This guy is a moron. His show is dumb(Although entertaining) and all he does is feed on rumors, that he starts himself, for hits. This guy is not recognized as important and has no "Inside info" on anything. He needs to go away. He's not a journalist. He isn't anything but a guy with a microphone. When he shows me his degree in journalism and any links to the "Inside" he may be worth a small look. As of right now he is nothing and should be treated as such.

1. And the number one thing wrong with N4G is... YOU.

For reading this nonsense I wrote.  You fail. GTFO

In all honesty I have a lot of fun here and mean't this in the best of humor. I wrote this as a satire on life and trolling. That and I'm kind of annoyed with work right now but thats besides the point. I hope you have thick skin because it was mean't as a way to laugh at ourselves and nothing more. I've been here a long time now and feel that everything can be done in fun. Game on guys and girls =D Thanks for reading.

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Austin_SJ4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

I approved your blog just so it will be more bittersweet when I tell you, whichever console you like the most, is in fact the worst one. You enjoy an inferior gaming experience.

Jinxstar4260d ago

The Wii ain't that bad =P I mean sure I have tennis elbow but it's worth it.

FlameBaitGod4255d ago

Hey jinx heres the 360 fan boy list i have for now.

360 man
TheMART at Xboxkings
Agent VX
Soda Popinsky
John Hendry Eden
original seed
king dong
Why dis
Droid Smasha

Im making the PS3 list

Jinxstar4255d ago

Am I on that list your making? =D

Either way now I have a reference at least. Thanks bud

Jamegohanssj54252d ago

Nice blog Jinx. It gave me a good laugh. Now let's talk aboot this Wii. If you don't care aboot sports, then why do you have a Wii? :D

Up for any hardcore gaming?

Wii sports?
Wii music?

ROFL, you know that one gif? If I can find it you would laugh.


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zo6_lover274260d ago

"On nearly every forum topic you click throughout the day you will see about 15 different guys like Violator, PirateThom, TMANX1, The Corrupt, Heyheyhey, breakast, meepmoopmeep, Autofire"

I wasn't mentioned ;_;
I should post more

smokeymicpot4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Some Forums trolls you mentioned are not really big on the forums. Other then that good post. Could of added more detail.

Breakfast4260d ago fact, i cherish it. Its where the fun is at, and im a long time advocate of its greatness (even though the trolls are complete trash now) :)

I would rejoin the console wars, if i wasnt gettn banned every time i spoke up: <---mods are doin there job, i guess :(

Anyways good blog, it should hold me off till the next blookmask blog...i dont see him running out of topic (lack of 's' was done intentionally) anytime soon.

heyheyhey4259d ago

yeah, lol... he has me, you and Pirate figured out completely wrong!

DrPirate4254d ago

I have to agree with the new trolls being trash.

It used to be all out warfare back in the day.

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The story is too old to be commented.