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PS4 Shortages, Still? What Gives, Sony?

[[NOTE: I have written a new blog in order to remedy some of the mistakes that I made in this one. This one will stay up for reference, but before you comment about how "dumb" I am, please read the newest blog at ]]

I’ve been looking for a PS4 now for about two months. Yes, I know we just got past the holiday season, and yes, I know there could be many people out there who have the system. Yes, I regret not putting this thing on preorder now.

But it’s been two months now, and Sony has yet to solve this supply problem? I don’t want to be the one to think there something sneaky going on, as I think Sony has done a good job in this new gen so far in the way of consumer goodwill and getting indie game developers involved, but it could be time to call this out and perhaps get Sony to get more supply lines going, or investigate the eBay trolls, or something, because it’s rather ridiculous.

Why do I say that? Look at the first week or so of the Xbone’s launch. Notice that I couldn’t find that in stock, either. Now, of course, because the Xbone is in stock now as opposed to during that time frame, it could mean that Sony is just on the ball with how to sell their system compared with whatever Microsoft is doing. That is true, in a way.

That is, until you consider that the two systems are virtually neck to neck in sales, and while we see the PS4 ahead, it’s not by much. It’s hard to declare a clear winner right now, even though the PS4 is ahead of the game on that front. So, how is it that Microsoft is able to do what Sony cannot if this is true? It makes it hard to believe that shortages across the board are so extreme and so widespread that you cannot find one anywhere while the XBone is clearly in stock wherever you go, especially when you consider that the Xbone had the stronger launch title lineup, headlined by Killer Instinct, and when, at the time, we thought that Microsoft had rescinded their draconian DRM restrictions (there is more than one outlet reporting THAT fiasco that recently sprouted up, so don’t think it’s just an anti-Microsoft fan’s dream that they are going through this)?

Sony has already been accused of limiting supply of the PS4 to drive up the price and/or demand for the system. Of course, they laughed off this idea, but they need to do more than that to kill that kind of suspicion, especially after seeing that the numbers aren’t that much of a landslide. Right now, the only place to buy the system is through either eBay, a combo on Newegg, or through a third party seller on, and all of those START at the 699 price point and go up to the four digit range. I don’t think a single person, unless they have a meth lab in their basement or they think they’re buying Alienware, will go and buy ANY console system for that much. You might as well use that money to upgrade your PC and download stuff off of Steam or GOG, because you can probably get it to where your PC trumps the tech specs all three systems COMBINED with not a lot out of pocket.

Yeah, they got to do SOMETHING about this and at least acknowledge that this just isn’t normal for a game system to be THAT out of stock in THAT many places, while the untrusted sources are able to sell it for triple its original value. Look at Best Buy, for example. Christmas Day, I saw that the PS4 was in stock. This was AFTER the shopping season had passed. So, do you think it might’ve not had this effect? Nope! It was out of stock the very next day, and in order for me to go find out if my local Best Buy has it in stock, I need to make a ten minute drive to see if they even have one (which, last I checked, they DID have a few units…which was on Sunday before Christmas Eve), because they won’t even tell you over the phone.

It might be a good idea, because what I believe is going on is the eBay issue. People are finding ways to get around the “one per customer” route (that does exist at some stores) to be able to get these things on eBay. I don’t think there can be any other way to describe such a shortage other than accusing Sony of something we really DON’T want to accuse them of or Sony just being lazy in getting more supply chains open and just deal with this issue.

Of course, I could be paranoid or just wrong and this all is exactly what Sony has said: that this will remedy itself by next year. But so far, it doesn’t look like it’ll be the case as long as this is never addressed in full context that tells us that Sony is taking this supply shortage extremely seriously and aren’t just artificially inflating demand by limiting supply. Address why we cannot find this system anywhere, but eBay trolls seem to find the consoles rather easily.

Because, if they don’t do that – NOW – you’re going to be seeing a vast shift of people who will give up and just buy the Xbone for the sheer act of them not being able to find any other entry into next gen gaming outside of the failing WiiU. I assure you customers will NOT wait for Sony to leisurely get off their ass and correct this situation before they get sick of them not addressing such an issue. No system in the history of EVER has had this bad of a supply issue at launch. I was able to find a Wii rather easily, though it was a used one I got from a Gamestop, I could still at least FIND one. So not even the Wii’s shortages were THIS bad.

And if they were…perhaps Sony should’ve learned from the mistakes of the past.

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iGAM3R-VIII2853d ago

PS4 has been in stock at every store I know about for the past 5 days even Orlando GameStop is foing overnight shipping of it.

NewMonday2851d ago

Sony are limited to 1 million PS4s a month and they sell out fast, and while MS are now flooding the USA after writing off Europe Sony still need to balance supply worldwide they did go as far as delaying the launch in Japan, the supply issue should get better in a month or 2.

chappykills2852d ago

Don't complain to Sony when amazon has had them in stock every week during Xmas before they sold out. Even now there back in stock. Writer=not trying hard enough

mp12892852d ago

yeah amazon had them in launch day and before christmas. also it will be two months in jan 15th, not at the moment. theres way more ps4s than there were ps3s after launch.

LaserEyeKitty2852d ago

Moron writes dumb article. What gives, moron?

mydyingparadiselost2852d ago

Seriously? Anyone remember trying to get a Wii, or any other hot console within 2 months of release and right after the holiday? I think you may be the one with the basement meth lab cause your high if you expected to have a PS4 by now.

JD_Shadow2852d ago

I just got one, by the way. Amazon had them for about a minute or so, and I was lucky to nab myself a unit that will arrive this Tuesday.

And real cute to call me a moron instead of just arguing the points.

FamilyGuy2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Horrible points not worthy of debate, you're wrong too often. The fact that you just bought one already negates this whole blog post. They've been available for anyone willing to really look for one. They were in stock on amazon for a few days a couple days ago.

To top it if you say it's been out "for a couple months already" when it came out on Nov 15th. It's got two more weeks before it's even hit its second month. It's been out a month and a half, it took people almost 6 months to find a PS3.

Quit being over dramatic and maybe you won't get called names like that. Not preordering was your mistake given the obvious high demand for next gen consoles. This is one of the worse, most inaccurate blogs I've read on here. :/

mydyingparadiselost2852d ago

I didn't call you a moron, that was the kitty above me. I said you were high for expecting to have a PS4 by now which even in the beginning statement of your piece you say you not only didn't have a pre order but also freely admit that it just came out and it's the holidays which makes it more difficult to find a system. Congrats on finally getting one by the way, your now one of the lucky many to buy one.
These kinds of shortages are common, the Wii had one 7 years ago because it was the must have console at launch and now it's the PS4. Manufacturing was already increased before launch to try and meet record demand at the expense of the free time and education of a bunch of unpaid college students in China and even then it's hasn't been enough to meet demand.
My point here is what exactly is the problem? It's hard to get a console in the launch window, we all expect that. What's Sony supposed to do except ship the consoles out until the initial demand is met which is exactly what they're doing. I guess I just fail to see how there's any problem here that needs to be addressed, especially since so many people, yourself included, have already been able to get a system.

JD_Shadow2852d ago

Glad to see that some people cannot get through a post without personal attacks, but be it as it may be. I only mentioned the moron thing because that's not worthy of a bubble being wasted on JUST that! I use my bubbles wisely, mind you. I've been here for quite a few years. People should know how I like to write my blogs, so if you don't know that, then faults on you for not seeing that. Does that mean I'm right or wrong? Nope! That just means I have a strong opinion.

To be fair, I DID say this in the blog:

"Of course, I could be paranoid or just wrong and this all is exactly what Sony has said: that this will remedy itself by next year."

So yeah, I did say right in the blog that I COULD be wrong, but that I'm basing my assumptions on how the sales are right now. I wonder how much of the blog people read before spouting off. How being lucky enough to beat the pack to get one before the slate was cleaned of them negates any word I said is beyond me. I was just faster than everyone else when clicking, and I did say that they sold out again within a minute or so.

And I DID bring up the Wii shortages in the blog. Further proof that not much was actually read before shouting off.

SilentNegotiator2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

"I just got one (PS4)"
--Author of this blog


FamilyGuy2852d ago

The point: Sony is not intentionally releasing a low amount of console to make people think it's in high demand. They are creating what they can at a speed they can afford to create them at. The X1 is DIRECT competition, there is no reason whatsoever to not ship as many as they can get out because it would hurt them in the end. High priced resale gouging and losing potential sales to the X1.

Your blog is pointless, you, like literally millions of others have gotten a PS4. It's not as difficult as you're making it out to be. You are the definition of over dramatic and you're full of yourself demanding that people read the entire post. I read it and IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME. I don't suggest ANYONE read the whole thing. They'll most likely just be annoyed by you like many of the others here.

DragonPs42851d ago

PS4 did release in over 30 countries.

chappykills2851d ago

Lol thought it was impossible? Honestly dude this was the easiest launch console wise I ever saw. If you wanted one this time it was very easy to get. Amazon made it seamless. Right after e3 I went to amazon and preordered it. Gf and I took time and saved up for it. And when ship date came up they upgraded me to day one shipping free of charge because I been with amazon so long. Anyone who didn't do otherwise like yourself is just lucky they kept getting more from Sony.

xavierbigdaddy19722850d ago

I would call you an idiot for writing this stupid article. Your first sentences, stated that you regreted not preordering the ps4.clearly your fault. Second saying ps4 is not ahead by much. I guess, 800,000 is not a lot. Next time write somethings that make sense

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CrossingEden2851d ago

Actually the gamestop near me still had some in stock.

MysticStrummer2852d ago

PS4 launched in more territories.

Case closed.

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