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Forbidden_Darkness3764d ago

I cant say im super proud of being a N4G dweller, but its fun at times. I do hate that the site revolves around fanboyic titles and such, leaving other such news in the dust. (example: Sony/Microsoft are devils vs. Console War Zone Out)

LordMarius3760d ago

No, I wished I would get banned

Tony P3760d ago


The community here is overwhelmingly negative in my experience.

In my own social circles we can discuss games and the industry intelligently without it ever devolving into some puerile console pissing match. I can complain about what I dislike about Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo or Square Enix or Amy Hennig or emergent storytelling. That's the community of gamers with which I'm proud to hold stakes. N4G is simply not there yet.

RadientFlux3760d ago

Nope the site was a great way to keep up-to-date with video game news & reviews. Though lately it seems that filler has replaced actual news. Opinion and interviews taken out of context are now the most popular stories.

The comments section is now completely irreverent with most people commenting not even bothering to read the story and lets not forget fanboys on both sides creating multiple accounts and to spam their own views and post spoilers for exclusive games.

SpikeSpiegel3759d ago

Its a love/hate relationship for me. At times I do get tired of the so called "rotten eggs" ruining the bunch, but I still like to come to the site for news on gaming and etc.

N4g is a community based site so it lives or dies (so to speak) on the actions of the users themselves. Any change for the site requires a changes from the users as a whole.

As for my internet life.. Well im just a ghost. :P