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'Difficulty' in Gaming

The value of games lies in the gamers sense of accomplishment over challenges. This is the reason why games like Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Spelunky and Super Meat Boy are so successful. These games do not hold our proverbial hands; gradually, they teach crucial mechanics to the player that are continually presented throughout the game. Then, when the gamer uses these mechanics correctly and effectively, the game rewards the player; not only than with in-game items, but also with a snese of pride. There's no better feeling than defeating Great Grey Wolf Sif after attempting it four or five times, or finally beating a level in Super Meat Boy.

While some gamers enjoy challenging games more than others, these games do not alienate gamers that want a casual experience because casual experiences don't exist; just different experiences. Maybe the gamer likes side-scrolling platformer experiences over third-person RPG's. So someone might come across a game like Dark Souls and claim it's too difficult. Then they try out a game like Super Meat Boy and absolutely love it, even though it's arguably very difficult. The main difference in challenge between these two games is pacing. Dark Souls presents a much slower trial-error reward system, while Super Meat Boy's is fast and intense. People aren't afraid of a challenge; they crave it. But it has to be the right challenge; everyone has their tastes and they need something that is worthwhile to them.

The reasons we, as gamers, play videogames seem to be many and incredibly dependent on the individual. One gamer might say that they play games because they love getting lost in its' world. Another might say they play videogames because they love to save princesses and destroy monsters. But when it comes down to it, gamers take pride in their videogame accomplishments. When the gamer saves that princess, they are proud that they defeated the evil dragon and jumped the river of lava to do so. And when the gamer gets lost in the captivating virtual world, they're getting involved through the activities within that world that reward the player for their time. If all it took to save that princess was a walk through the park, then the gamer wouldn't waste his time saving her. And no matter how beautiful a gaming world might be, if there's nothing to do in that world then the gamer won't stay for very long.

Gamers need to be engaged when they're playing games. The best kind of videogames present new and exciting challenges over the time spent with them. As we play these games, we take pride in our accomplishments and triumphs. The challenge of videogames is what brings us back to those games over and over. Whether the challenge lies in endurance and patience, or wit and cunning; great videogames are challenging. Those that lack challenge are simply not worth playing.

Valenka4149d ago

Very well said, sir. While I don't enjoy a game that holds my hand through and through, I found myself unable to even get into Demon's Souls because of its infamous difficulty and I haven't given Dark Souls a go yet.

But I definitely agree with you on the accomplishments point. I don't feel accomplished when a game basically guides me through a task or mission. Even with open world RPGs for instance like Oblivion or Skyrim--I refuse to use the objective markers, that way I can figure out where to go and what to do based on what I hear from NPCs and what I base on my surroundings.

TopDudeMan4148d ago

I think certain games lend themselves to those features you mentioned. I couldn't play oblivion or skyrim without quest markers because the game is simply too big to keep track of them all. Realistically, I'd get lost.

However if it were a game like dark souls, I definitely wouldn't want an arrow or a map, because the levels actually aren't that big and you always know where you're going- because the quests are as simple as "Kill this boss" and "ring this bell", so there isn't really much room for confusion, there.

sasith778904141d ago

true but dark souls has the appitite as skyrim

Hufandpuf4148d ago

Fan of Morrowind, I wonder.

sasith778904141d ago

this all true.take mass efect 3 , it is one of the most hardest games ever .next time devolpers make games they should include a helping hand in a game that is hard like skyrim

4131d ago

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isarai1d 5h ago

Kenka Bancho is such a hidden gem.


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-Foxtrot1d 6h ago

More like 12 year...people have been going on about Japan or China since after Assassins Creed 3

Hell I even remember seeing people talk about it before Brotherhood or Revelations came out.

Ubisoft ignored people for over a decade and clearly decided to do it once they saw how successful games like Ghost of Tsushima become.

isarai4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Well, the funny thing is in the very first game once you unlock the eagle vision outside the Animus, people deciphered the writing on the wall and it gave a lot of hints to China and japan being the next or one of the next locations. And now they only do it when someone else already did it for them, and better imo.

Hell one of the directors literally addressed people's demands to.follow through on the hints the game had, and blatantly said they will never have an AC set in that location.

Me and my friends called it while playing GoT, like "i bet Ubisoft announces an AC game set in China or Japan now" and they announce TWO 🤣

Inverno2h ago

The creators had plans for this series which where put on hold indefinitely for the milking Ubi had planned. Pretty sure they were gonna take this to Japan after 2, but then focused on Ezio. Which is why the modern day stuff fell apart too.

CrimsonWing693h ago

Better late than never. I haven’t been into an Ass Creed game since Black Flag and I only liked the non-Ass Creed parts of that game. This one will be the first I’ve played since Unity, which killed any interest I had with the series,

Friendlygamer3h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Nah, tsushima is all countryside and beach and sekiro and nioh are fantasy, a more urban feudal japan setting is fresh. Besides we get a new European medieval game every 10 minutes, why can't multiple companies do Japan ? I would love onimusha, tenchu and way of the samurai to come back.

I hate the idea of a gaming company 'owning' a setting, I want more high budget cowboy games besides red dead !!!!

chicken_in_the_corn2h ago

Why release it at a time when the setting is so common? Releasing it now lets it stand out more.

banger882h ago

Too late, too woke and too anti-consumer with it's drm.

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