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Next Generation Thoughts

Regardless of what I say in this blog, we will get a next generation of gaming consoles. I just want to touch on the subject a little as this generation is starting to die out and I want to share my opinion on the matter.

Now, if you're reading this, then obviously N4G is a website that you visit regularly. And if you visit N4G regularly, then you know that it is almost impossible to visit this website and not see some rumor about next-gen hardware or software. It's a hot topic, and people want to know all they can about it. But why? Is the current generation of systems not good enough for us anymore? Or are people just getting bored with having the same thing for the past eight years?

I look at games like Battlefield 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Metal Gear Solid 4 and wonder: Do I really need higher resolution? Better textures? I don't. These games all look absolutely stunning, and yet people gripe about hardly noticeable low resolution and blotchy textures. The obvious culprit for all of this bickering stems from PC gamers. PC is a great thing. It's highly modifiable and versatile. But one thing it isn't, is cheap. Yes, you can find cheap PC gaming parts and put together your own rig. But honestly, is all of that worth it for slightly better graphics? For me it is not because the PS3 and Xbox 360 produce an experience that I find suitable. And I consider myself an avid gamer, so for an average gamer/consumer, this certainly isn't a viable option.

People like having new stuff in their hands and I think this is a strong driving force behind next-gen hardware. I mean hell, even I want something new. But if next-gen hardware is going to live up to high-end PC specs, would I be willing to shell out that kind of cash to buy it? I probably would, because I love games and am willing to pay a price to play them. But what about the casual gamer, whatever that means? They might not want to, or even need to spend that kind of money. But who knows, the next generation of consoles could be a reasonable price and just as technical as PC's today. I doubt that though.

Look at the games that are still set to be released on current generation hardware: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Bioshock Infinite, GTAV. All of these games look like they're going to be amazing. All of them will most likely create an enthralling experience with this generations hardware, and the graphics will be acceptable. I just think that this generation beats itself up a little too much. Maybe we should look back 10 years and see where we were then, and realize that right now, we're at an all-time high. Graphically speaking.

Thanks for listening.

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3109d ago
zerocrossing3109d ago

I don't place much value on graphics, or at least it's never been a selling point for me.

Obviously some games require a certain degree of graphical realism to help with immersion and such, but for the most part a good story and gameplay should come 1st.

The problem I see with this gen, is that now it has become rather easy for most developers to create high end graphics, leading to many games relying almost solely on how pretty they look rather than creating rich compelling worlds, characters & story's.

imtheman20133108d ago

I agree. The point of this blog is exactly that. Most graphics are definitely above par now and I think developers don't need new hardware to create special and unique experiences.

zerocrossing3108d ago

Now if only the gaming industry at large would see it that way...

3108d ago