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My Humble Beginning

I have played video games for probably thirteen years. Prior to that, I was just a small child, no older than four. I love everything about video games: the community, culture, and pure expression that goes into making them. I knew that from a very early age, I wanted to do something involving video games.

While still very young, around seven or eight, I thought that maybe making video games wasn't too bad of an idea. But as I grew older, I realized that while making a game could be very rewarding and fun, it wasn't for me. I can't imagine experiencing an amazing game from the inside. Imagine the strongest feeling that you've ever had while playing a game. The developer of that same game, at least in the way I see it, will never experience those same feelings because they created the game. They knew exactly what would happen and when it would happen. Sure someone might argue that they envisioned the game, which may be accompanied with an even stronger feeling. This I will probably never know. Developers like Rockstar and Bethesda will never experience their amazing stories with a sense of discovery. Even indie developers like SuperGiant Games and Number None are left only to create; never having the same emotions that I do when I venture into the worlds they've crafted. And so, creating games has effectively moved aside, leaving only one remaining, feasible option for my future.

Ever since middle school, I have been a proficient writer. I found that writing is easily the most effective way that I know how to express myself. Just recently I have been a much more active writer and more willing to put what I write into public spaces. Writing about video games seems to be the only thing that strikes me as very interesting and something that I would be more than decent at. When I am home, I am playing video games. When I'm not playing games, I am usually writing about them. This to me seems to be the only viable option when it comes to picking my future career. I hate when my friends that work complain about their jobs; I never want to be like that. A person should not hate what they do everyday. This is why I choose to write about games. Playing games makes me happy, and spreading my opinion of them through writing is just that much better.

Being almost a full blown adult now, it's time to start thinking about my future and all that it entails. Everyday, I play games. Not only do I desire to understand the medium that I love so much, but I also strive to become a better writer so that others might understand it as well. I search for opportunities within the gaming community to better myself. I have recently taken up a volunteer position writing for a small website. It's been a great experience and I am thankful that it happened. I am always looking forward though, hoping that even bigger and better things might find me.

Thanks for listening.

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TheFirstClassic3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So you plan to be a video game journalist? Can't say I haven't considered the possibility myself, but I might receive a lot of verbal abuse from most of my family... Some very traditional Christians in there. I've only managed to write one blog here, I have trouble finding the time to write for this website with all the writing I'm already doing for college.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you bring to the table here at n4g. And good luck if you plan to start a career in writing.

imtheman20133112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

That's a bummer. Luckily, my family is pretty supportive of whatever I choose to be. Although I keep hearing there aren't many jobs in this field, but I disagree. It's not like they follow video games as closely as I do.

I also fear that my writing will be limited in college, but I recently got accepted to my college of choice for Journalism so it might be alright.

And thanks!