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A Short And Sweet Rebuttal to Those Who Openly Discourage Video Games

I understand, your friend, special someone, or child ignores his/her duties and spends an inordinate amount of time on Video Games. You can’t see any use for the things, and you think the world in general would be better off without them. Not so, much for the same reasons the world wouldn’t be better off without, the internet, phones, or television.

Transitional phases are always accompanied with growing pains, and when we get new more powerful tools, we often use them the wrong way. But if we characterize our tools (like the internet) by the things they do wrong, then we deny them the chance to grow into anything better. That’s called being amish. Don’t be amish with Video Games.

We are just beginning to figure out what video games really are. If you want to treat them like toys for overgrown kids, then that’s all they will ever be. What we call video games, aren’t characterized by Mario, Angry Birds, or Halo(which are all great, btw). Video Games are characterized by the tools used to create them. Much like paintings are characterized by paint, a paintbrush, and a surface. Video Games are characterized by their use of every previous artistic tool with the added tool of user input. Throw away video games, and you throw away all the possibilities and potential that that toolset has.

You can’t choose to get rid of video games, they’re already here, all you can do is influence the direction they grow in. Video Games have a great amount of potential for good and bad. When you write Video Games on the whole off as bad, you retard any good they have the potential to grow into, and you effectively perpetuate the issues you complain about.

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