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The reason the XMB sucks is...

... Because of 1 of 2 things! 1, you have a PS3 but don’t know how to work with it! 2, you don’t own a PS3 and base your rant in a post someone made over 3 years ago. I´ve seen plenty of complains regarding the XMB in the past few days. I think it’s because the new overall the Xbox 360 is getting later this year and people base their opinions that the XMB doesn’t work very well since it hasnt been revamped since release day. I will sum up some complains and respond to them.

1- The XMB is full of items and is hard to navigate.
R: What are you smoking?! There is a horizontal bar that selects the category you want to navigate. After that, press up or down to find the item you need.

2- Yeah, but in the category I need, there are so many items in the vertical bar that I can’t find the one I want.
R: Dude, organize your $%/&!!! If you press SQUARE in the GAMES menu, they will be organized in various ways. Either by DEMOS, DATE, FULL GAMES, etc. If you don’t like the way the way the PS3 organizes your stuff simply name the folders yourself. For example, DRIVER demo, press TRIANGLE, in the bottom menu you will see a “-“, name it “DEMOS August 2011”. After that, return to the GAMES category, press SQUARE until it organizes the folders the way you want. This applies to all the categories in the PS3 regarding media (photos, music, videos and games).

3- There are many unnecessary icons on the XMB.
R: I honestly don’t understand this complaint. Again, there is a horizontal bar with 10 categories. Mostly used will be the FRIENDS and GAMES. The GAMES category is just a click away to the left and FRIENDS is just a click away to the right. What’s so hard about that?! I don’t get it!

4- *Crying* I can’t get out of my APP, I have to shut down my PS3 to it! I’m going to sell my PS3! Sony sucks…
R: This one ticked me the most! I swear! This rant was made by a website regarding the MUBI APP. That Sony forgot out to make an exit menu for it. Really??!! OMG!! How is that possible?! How do PS3 owners exit their games? /sarcasm
I know how this came to be. Some APPs don’t allow the use of the XMB but there are 2 ways to exit a game or to shut down the PS3. One of the ways is to tap the PS button while in game. This will bring the in game XMB menu. Click to far left and 2 clicks up and you have the SHUTDOWN icon. OR…. Instead of tapping the PS button, hold it for 2 seconds and a menu will appear with a few options. One of them is the SHUTDOWN console and there is an EXIT game feature too. How awesome is that!!! -_-

5- When I get a message, I can’t press the PS button and go instantly to it.
R: I will give this one! It’s a nice feature in the X360 to do that. But how many does that happen? I mean, I have a X360 and when I get a message I don’t instantly open it. Either I’m playing online or something. Still, that’s just me. Maybe people are waiting for a message and instantly press the X Guide button to read it. Still, I don’t think that is a nice argument to complain. In the PS3, tap the PS button, the 2 clicks to the right, FRIENDS category, 2 clicks UP and INBOX is there. Open it and voila. Your latest messages received. Is that complaining worthy?

This blog might be interpreted as a rant. I know it might. But it’s not. I think people should read this and see it like an opinion piece. I have a PS3 and a X360. I see things I like better on the X360 and things I like better on the PS3. Maybe it’s because I’m a PS3 owner for more time than the X360 but I find the PS3 easier to navigate. I love the XMB layout and it lets me customize my background with dynamic themes. I love that feature. Also, the PS3 has various others organize features that the X360 doesn’t. The trophies for instance, if you press SQUARE in the trophies (for example) in LA Noire trophy icon, it will categorize the main game trophies and the various DLC ones. That is awesome! In the X360 I open the trophies and check the requisites to get it and exit it. But if I want to check it again, I have to scroll down again and look for it because it doesn’t save the last one I checked. In the PS3, all I have to do is open the LA Noire trophies and once inside, the last one I checked will pop up. It’s really a cool feature in my book. Still, things like the speed on comparing Achievements in the X360 are much better but achievements lack details in time of unlocking them, all you get is the day they were unlocked but not the precise time like the PS3 trophies. But voice messages and cross game chat are really nice features in the Xbox360, you have to pay for them that’s true, but they are really nice and work VERY VERY well! It’s amazing how the Xbox handles stuff like background achievements syncing and in game music. Even the games on the X360 have integrated features with the dashboard. It’s really well done in that matter. But I’m deviating from the point here; it’s about the XMB hate. I recognize the strengths on the Xbox360 interface but its main menu is a little bit too crowded with information. Large icons that don’t even let me see the background theme I have. The marketplace isn’t very well organized in my opinion but still way better the PSN European Store which is just a complete mess (someone in the European Store department should be fired over that). The dashboard isn’t very customizable. The X360 does it all for you, it’s true, but sometimes I like to organize things a little built differently but the Xbox360 doesn’t let me. Either it’s their way or the high way.

To sum it up, in my opinion, the XMB works great! I don’t see a reason for SONY to revamp it. Even if they do, I hope they let the core functionality similar. Its works great. To those that complain about the XMB, please, buy a PS3. If you have one already and complain, do yourself a favor, read the manual. When the time comes to go to the bathroom, take the PS3 manual with you. Half the things I said here are mentioned in the manual. Some features were added later but are still easy to figure out. Inside a menu the SQUARE button “always” does something. Check it out! ;)

xX-StolenSoul-Xx4664d ago

I don't think the XMB is bad but should be improved alot.

Their are a few things i do want them to include into the XMB like youtube, but regardless if they do i can still just connect my laptop to my Hdtv and watch my vidz on a big screen.

The only think i've been asking sony is for a True Party System/ Cross Game Chat. At the moment me and my buds use skype to fill this void but it would be so much more convinient.

Still these are things i can live without because i have alternatives.

Gray-Fox-Type04663d ago

PS3 dont have enough ram to do features like cross game chat.

theonlylolking4664d ago

The in-game XMB is bad but the XMB is not a bad design just not made for in-game use.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx4663d ago

yes the XMB has alot of issues while in game, it runs very slowly and sometimes can actually cause you to freeze.

The Ps3 is not very good at multitasking thats why a few years ago we could not even use the XMB while in game.

dangert124659d ago

i think that was short sighted sony
and the reason the xmb is slow is it loads everything up on your conole while the game is running lol

FrightfulActions4663d ago

I like the XMB just fine, but what really makes it nice is the infinite possibilities in design PS3 themes can bring out. The ability to get nearly full customization (there's only like 1 XMB icon that you can't change, I think) done to your XMB is quite nice. Keep's things a bit fresh. I do wish they'd come up with a new layout interface option though. So you could choose how you prefer the buttons laid out. Classic XMB row, or something more akin to the PSVita's layout. Could be interesting...

Bonobo123454663d ago

It needs to be streamlined so it does not cause the odd problems when accessing it in game,
I prefer the XMB to all the other interfaces so far on consoles, but I can see the flaw's it has.
Messaging can be a pain, my circle now use the chat room function as it can be brought up with one button press provided you were there when you close it. This is much better than scrambling for messages when in game..

The XMB deserves more credit than it gets, it's so easy to use that those who complain about 'complexity' must have problems with basic lateral movement.. Or maybe they have trouble reading thus making the XMB a labyrinth of gibberish. I have seen truly facepalming reasons to hate the XMB. I know the flaws well so it's easy to see when someone is picking nits. It does not bother me in the slightest, I would just like to see people give valid reasons to dislike something.

Tachyon_Nova4663d ago

Agreed, the only issue the xmb has is its speed while in game, and that is only because the PS3 has bugger all Ram. However, I wish they would make the text come up instantly instead of only when the image finally loads so that you can quickly navigate even in game.

Game0N4663d ago

ps3 xmb is a lag-fiesta...gotten used to it over the past years anyway ;)

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anast29m ago

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