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PSN is down *Humor* (a try, at best)

The recent gaming related news is all about the PSN being down. Some rejoice, some debate compensation and others claim it wasnt their fault. So, who is to blame?! Sony, hackers or the Easter bunny?! I say… kill the $%#&ing rabbit!!!

Thats right guys! I know who the culprit is and I captured him while attempting to leave a malicious egg on my house! Im gonna find out how he did it and who helped him.

**punches the rabbits face**
Interrogator: Wake up you fur ball!
Easter Bunny: Hei… what?... Why am I tied? What is this?! What the hell?
I: Just shut it! I wanna know how you did it and who helped you!
EB: What? What are you talking about? Where am I?
I: Dont play dumb rabbit on me, scumbag! How did you hack the PSN?! Is my credit card info safe?
EB: PSN?! What is that? All I remember is going to a house to deliver some eggs and suddenly all the lights went out… were you responsible for that? What are you going to do with me?
I: Im not gonna harm you if you rat out who helped you! Clearly, you couldnt do this alone!
EB: I swear, I dont know what you are talking about.
I: The Playstation Network you “3 seconds fu&%”! Its down and my team found out it was an outside attack from hackers. I had to pull the cord out of the socket to figure out how it happened. Minutes later you show up at my door step with a basket full of eggs. Coincidence?! I dont think so!
EB: Playst-what?! What is that? Wait… are you Mr. Jack Tretton?!
I: Wai… what? Who... no, Im Steve… yes, Steve Balmer! Ahaha, thats right, Steve Balmer. Ah, God damnit! I should of blind folded you.
EB: Mr. Tretton, Im here just to deliver a basket of our special chocolote eggs.
I: Exactly! Those are poisoned! Im sure of it! I looked at the card and it came from Mr. Anon Mous, and that my boy, is evidence enough!
EB: I thought it was a joke too because it resembles anonymous but I thougth it was a mistress of yours. But I just do what Im told to do. Im new in the delivery service company and all they said was to dress as an Easter Bunny and deliver this to you. Easy 50€! Im sorry you got me wrong sir, I really do, but I have nothing to do with those Pay & Stay network issues of yours.
I: Ehrmmm… I Guess you are right. I might of overreacted here. Im sorry kid…

*unties the dressed-like-a-bunny man*

I: I cant tell you how sorry I am. Things have been pretty chaotic lately around here. And my team is upstairs working real hard to fix the problems.
EB: Thats ok Mr. Tretton. I know Sony must have its hands full of work right now to solve these problems.
Jack Tretton: Yeah, its true. We are trying hard… wait, who said anything about Sony?...

*chair breaks in Jack´s back*
Jack lies in ground. Easter bunny reaches his cell phone.

EB: Santa Claus, Im in! Send Geohot through the back.

I mean…
***PSN DOWN***

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InFAMOUS14780d ago


I am done with the internetz for today

4774d ago

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VincentVanBro41m ago

Playing this at a locked 175 fps on an OLED ultra wide at max settings is truly awe inspiring. A great way to replay this classic.

Psychonaut8531m ago

Sweet! Glad to see it make the jump. Hopefully the PSN requirement doesn’t put too many people off. I think it’s only if you plan to play the Legends mode. It’s bullshit, but at least you can access the main game without making a PSN profile if that bothers you. I know on PC everyone’s sick of everyone trying to push their own launchers and shit.

Deeeeznuuuts17m ago

It's really not that big of a deal, PC players just love to complain, my friend has quite a few launches and never once complained, really no issues at all 😂😂😂 28514;

anast13m ago

So we are lovin' PSN now? How fickle the herd is.


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