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Gametrailers Uncharted 2 Review

Hi all! This is my first blog post on N4G. I’m not the usual blog poster or internet article-writer wannabe that floods forums and blogs alike with nonsense and foul mouth. But this time... its different!! ;)

If you read the title you know what I’m gonna talk about, and for those you didn’t read the title, this is about the review on Uncharted 2 from Gametrailers. I still can’t believe what I saw in that review! I feel they focused more on telling its predecessor and successor flaws than highlighting its strong points. But still, this is not the subject I’m here to rant about. I’m here to rant about the SPOILERS that review showed!

If you didn’t watch the review or don’t want to have the game’s plot (Bruce Willis "6th Sense" and Beyonce Knowles "Obsessed") ruined for you, please STOP READING IMEDIATLY!!!

First, from the review we learned that a friend of Nathan’s asks him for company in search for a treasure of some kind. Also, Helena makes a comeback with her cameraman. And a love triangle is bound to happen with a new female character that belongs to a faction in the game.

That’s what we learn from the first minutes in the review. All things are set up to be served as a good plot full of twists and turns! And then... the last minutes of the review spoils everything I listed above...

Nathan’s friend betrays him and kills Helena’s cameraman. The new female character betrays her faction in order to save Nathan in a tight situation. Proving that whatever situation you see her plotting against Nathan will be dissolved by her turning to the good guys later in the game. There’s also an enemy that will prove to be the final villain in the game. I don’t know its name but Gametrailers surely highlighted him by putting him in the sociopath field and such. Other than that, Gametrailers review showed a lot of footage where Nathan is in difficult situations and how he comes out of them. These might have been showed with no problems at all if they only cut the parts where the characters escape them. There was really no point is showing them besides ruining the story for anxious fans waiting for the game’s release. I hate to play a game knowing that some guy is gonna kill some other guy later in the plot. I know its part of story and sometimes it might be obvious where its going to lead to but please… don’t ruin that for me! I wanna be surprised! I wanna say: "Wow! Never saw that coming!" or when it’s obvious: "I saw that miles away!" But still, let it be my thoughts! Let it be my experience! Don’t ruin it for me, ok?!

If you ever saw the 6th sense and knew the guy was dead from the beginning, wouldn’t it ruin the movie?! Sure it would! Recently, I saw Beyonce Knowles "Obsessed" and the trailer actually gives away the finaly! HOLY ****!!! She dies in the end?! I could have saw that coming miles away but the trailer gave it away so easily that I was just watching the movie with no enjoyment at all... It kills the experience entirely.

I’m sure the game still holds some plot surprises and that Gametrailers didn’t gave away all of them but still its inadmissible!!! I love Gametrailers as a one-stop-sees-all videogame-related-videos but they crossed the line here. They gave away so many key points in the game that could of enhanced the players experience while playing it. It’s a shame really! I don’t wanna sound like a fanboy but I’m actually beginning to thinks that Gametrailers is biased towards the PS3. After the GRID incident I though to never see something likes this again for the PS3. Guess I was wrong...

PS: Sorry about the typos.
See ya all.

n4f5337d ago

biase come on if they put a 7 are you telling me that you wouldnt buy the game. they gave the game a 9.3 out of 10 which is really high.
if you think they are biase than dont watch just boycott it

randomwiz5336d ago

9.3 IS really high for a ps3 exclusive from gt, considering that the highest score they gave a ps3 exclusive was 9.4(LBP)

GrieverSoul5334d ago

Thanks for your comment, but please read ALL the post before commenting.


Ashby_JC5332d ago

Isnt it amazing how one will comment and based on his comment its OBVIOUS he didnt read and/or understand what was written LMAO!!

About your article (Blog). I plan on getting the game and I guess im not that into the uncharted storyline but I didnt feel the impact like if someone told me Brice Willis was dead BEFORE I saw the Six Sense.

HolyOrangeCows5336d ago

Why would I want to read a blog with typos of the video review of Uncharted, from gametrailers??

GrieverSoul5334d ago

Well, why would you comment something your not even interested in reading the first place?! Beats me...

About the typos, sorry about that. Not everyone is tautght english in school´s first year. Specialy people who are born outisde the UK, US and other english speaking countries. Like me! ;)
Hey, at least I know how to say breakfast in 4 diferent languages without google it! ;)

I´m kidding, okay?! ;)

xabmol5336d ago

Well that's as far as I got...

Pennywise5336d ago

I didnt make it that far... Mariah sang Obsessed

GrieverSoul5334d ago

At least I warn about potencial spoilers! Something GT didnt do.
That was my subject on this blog. Too many spoilers in todays games reviews.

ZombieNinjaPanda5336d ago

Yeah Gametrailers has to really learn how to not add spoilers to their review videos.

GrieverSoul5334d ago

Finally! Someone read the blog!
Its good to know someone agrees with me.

Thanks for your comment.

Another One5336d ago

You're very right. They shouldn't be spoiling the story line in a review. It's supposed to be an opinion of the game, not a story reveal.

It's also unfortunate that the first 5 commenters didn't even read what you said. Especially that first guy whose comment is laughably off the mark.

GrieverSoul5334d ago

Good to know you agree with me.

And, yeah...some guys didnt even read the blog. ;)

Thanks for your comment.


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