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The Last Of Us 2: My Prologue

If Naughty Dog do decide to make a sequel to The Last Of Us (and I believe they will) then there are myriad possibilities. The world they created is vast and complex with factions and personalities ripe for the taking, but what I present here is my own personal synopsis of a possible prologue:

Scene 1:

The camera is zoomed in on a TV. A reporter is speaking hurriedly and nervously into a mike, describing as best he can the mayhem that is taking place around him. The TV flickers and turns off. The camera slowly moves back from the TV revealing three people huddled around it, lit only by a a flickering log fire: A young boy (12 with long black hair), and his two young parents. The mother comforts the young boy but is clearly fearful herself.

The father stands and paces the room, contemplating the next move. The mother and son are now clinging desperately onto each other, racked with fear. Angry at the sight of this, the father rushes over and grabbing both by their arm, pulls them up from their seats. He barks orders at them to gather necessary belongings and tells them they must leave. The mother protests, suggesting the whole thing might blow over. This angers the father more and he slaps her hard. The son looks on with empty eyes (he's seen this before)

Pulling herself together, the mother tells the son that the father is right and they all begin to gather what they need. The father rushes to the kitchen to grab food, the mother and son run up stairs to gather clothing and bedding. They come down just in time to see the father putting a kitchen knife into his backpack. This drives it home just how serious the situation is and how much more serious it could get. As they leave we see a log roll off the fire and onto a newspaper with the headlines we saw in Joel's bathroom.

Scene 2:

They leave, and hit the road. Their car is in for repair, revealed in a conversation as they make the journey along the road. The father didn't think it was necessary to put it in for repair but the mother insisted because she felt the breaks were faulty and she worried every time the father drove her son to school.

They carry on down the road towards the freeway still looking up and down the road in the hope of catching a lift. All feels lost as they walk along the darkened road until suddenly they see headlights and then a car speeding their way. The father urges them all to make as much noise as possible, standing into the road himself and waving frantically. The car appears to slow a little and for a brief moment it looks as if they have their lift, but just at the last minute it increases speed and zooms on by.

The Father curses and the mother takes the son by the hand. The boy looks after the car, his eyes piercing the darkness. There on the back seat and looking back at them is a young girl ...

Scene 3:

Finally they reach the freeway but it's clear there's something wrong. The traffic jam stretches on ahead for miles. As they near they see the scene unfold: People running in all directions, pursued by the infected. Some are trying to make a stand but are outnumbered and buried beneath waves of crazed humans. Others are just running for their lives and shouting into the darkness for help that will never come.

To the right is a hospital. Infected patience are streaming from it's open doors and heading straight for the noise thrown up by the panic. The family move into the undergrowth on the right hand side of the road and creep ever closer, the sounds of pain growing louder as they near the hospital. The father sees an ambulance, the driver pulled from the drivers seat and ripped to shreds. This was their only chance. They cautiously approach the ambulance hoping against all hope that the keys would be in the ambulance or in the drivers pockets. But they were in his right hand, or what was left of it.

The father orders the mother and son to climb into the ambulance and quickly taking the drivers seat, inserts the key to see if it starts. It does and for the first time since the beginning of the scene we see relief in the mothers eyes. They head back the way they came, passing their home, The son looks at where he once lived, the building now ablaze and wonders where their next home would be.

I'm sure you can see why I think this prologue would work well. ;)

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armogangsta2691d ago

O_O Oh man, the family that Ellie wanted to stop by and help, but Joel said no. Oh god, that would actually be pretty interesting!

GribbleGrunger2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

... That fled the house they drove passed that was on fire. :)

And the hospital is the hospital they had to stop at where the occupant of a car got attacked, forcing them to back up. There are two ambulances parked there.

PeaSFor2689d ago

to be honest, i want to see more of the story between joel and Tommy, the part where they say

Tommy: "Took care? Thats what you call it? I got nothing but nightmares from those years.
Joel: "You survived because of me!
Tommy: "It wasnt worth it."

this dialogue made me VERY curious about their past in Boston.

ZoyosJD2691d ago

*Sarah* not Ellie

Still, I don't care what the setting for their next game is. I have full faith in them to make something that will be worth every penny, regardless.

armogangsta2691d ago

Wow, *facepalm* Shows how well Ellie and Sarah are alike. I completely forgot it was Sarah, not Ellie in the back of the car.

DigitalRaptor2690d ago

Haha. the parallels are meant to be drawn, so it's forgivable.

Shows how affecting this game really is.

McScroggz2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I'm of the mindset that I don't want a sequel (as I love the story exactly as is), but I'd pre-order the sequel at the drop of a hat.

MightyNoX2691d ago

I know how you feel. You and are like Schrodinger's Customer. We don't want a sequel but we'll buy it. So many conflicting emotions.

McScroggz2690d ago

That is a scary concept o.0

DigitalRaptor2690d ago

Nice write-up Gribble.

But I feel that his kind of tie-in is best kept to the imagination, not introduced as canon.

GribbleGrunger2689d ago

I know what you mean, but imagine the emotion you'd feel as a gamer when that car passes and you see the girl looking from the back window. I bet a huge amount of people actually DID look out the back window to see the people they passed. I know I did. The only thing I'm not sure about is the newspaper. Now I've had time to think about it, I reckon it could give the game away a little too early and lessen the revelation of realising it was Joel that just drove passed.

Pillsbury12689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

There are so many stories to tell in this universe, I believe that what comes next won't be a direct sequel but of other survivors. Whatever comes next I can't wait to see it in HD on ps4.

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