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Ridiculous Things N4G Members Do And Say

You like N4G, don't you? Of course you do! That's why you come here every day. You come here to fight against someone that annoyed you the day before, argue with people that don't share the same opinion as you, blindly defend companies, and laugh at the overused, predictable memes and GIFs with the other N4G members.

But the average N4G member can be unpredictable at times, too. Today's friend could be tomorrow's enemy, especially if you aren't 'loyal' to a company or franchise and just like gaming in general. You really need to watch what you say around here at times. It's best to just think about what you say to someone who has a person that works for Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo in their profile pictures. Things could turn ugly fast.

Anyway, I'm going to make a list of certain situations that the average N4G member may find himself or herself in often but just don't take any notice of. I've experienced a lot of these myself, but i'm sure most of you have too, and maybe you'll say "Yeah, I do that!" at the end.

Anyway, let's begin:

(#1) Getting angry that you got a disagree.

Yeah, it happens to the best of us. We write up a comment that we think is awesome and then BAM! Someone just disagreed with it! You didn't want that disagree. You didn't deserve that disagree. But you got it. Damn him or her! Damn him or her to hell!

(#2) Disagreeing with other peoples' comments to get revenge.

Something we all do. Whether you're new to N4G, or have been here for years, there's nothing quite like disagreeing with people that you don't like. It gets even better if the person responds to the disagree by saying something like "What?! I get a disagree for this!" Ahh, it's simply orgasmic. Okay, maybe i'm blowing it out of proportion, but still....

(#3) Stealth Trolling.

Something that's probably not as common as disagreeing with others for silly reasons, Stealth Trolling does take some degree of skill. You can't just say "Hey! Console A is awesome! Console B? Utter trash! I wouldn't let my dead turtle buy Console B!." Say something like that and the mods will float down from the sky and behead you, or at least de-bubble you. You have to say something like "Console A is what i'm getting! I'll probably get Console B someday, when it has games that interest me, because right now it's looking bleak. Good luck to the people who want it, though." That was probably a more subtle attempt at Stealth Trolling, but you get the message, right? Of course you do!

(#4) Ignoring people that annoy you.

Personally, I don't ignore or block people, so I can only speculate on this one. Now here's what I think happens: You see an N4G user who is talking trash about your favourite franchise, you feel the rage building up inside you, then you pounce on that ignore button without thinking twice about it. You've successfully erased that person from your life -only, you haven't! I think that every time you see that person's name in the comments, you click on their name to see what they're saying, and instead of just unignoring that person, you click on their comments every time to see what they've wrote. Like I said though, i'm unsure about this one.

(#5) Getting annoyed when a console you don't like sees a bit of success.

You see a sales boost of Console C, and you're not having any of it! It's time to bring up any and all past failures that the company who manufacture Console C has made over the years. You do it without thinking about it, don't you? Yeah, you do. I know because I do it too, sometimes.

(#6) You give a submission a report that it already has.

I've seen this a lot. Somebody submits a story to N4G. It's sitting in the pending section for a while, and the reports start flowing in. It wouldn't be a bad thing if users didn't give it reports it has multiple times. It could probably be emotionally devastating for the person that submitted the story, especially if it was their own work. "Honey, I've been called LAME 37 times on N4G, I'm never going to write again for the rest of my life!" Lay off the unnecessary reports, people!

(#7) Temporarily holding grudges against people who report your submission.

What?! Someone has reported my submission?! That son of a... I've never been so angry in my life! I'll show him who's boss around here! Raaaarrr!! What?! I didn't put the score for a review? Pfft, i'm doing it now...... Oh, the person who reported me has now approved my submission? Oh, okay. I'll go and uh...get more stuff to submit now.....

(#8) Thinking everyone you disagree with is a shill.

Yeah, that's right! Everyone that is pro-Console B is a shill. They have to be! After all, that person wasn't here a week ago....

(#10) Getting angry at people who mix up 'You're' and 'Your'.

Yep, you see it all the time. People mix up those words and the grammar nazis come running.

(#11) Getting angry at people getting angry at people who mix up 'You're' and 'Your'.

You see someone make a harmless mistake, and the grammar nazis who have descended on them are annoying you. You argue that mixing up 'You're' and 'Your' doesn't matter on the internet.

(#12) Getting angry at people getting angry at people getting angry at people who mix up 'You're' and 'Your'.

You've seen the mistakes. You've seen the people who came to helpfully correct those mistakes. You've seen the people who came to say that correct grammar isn't necessary on the internet. You beg to differ. Your argument is that proper grammar should be used at all times. Insults ensue.

(#13) You get annoyed at people who say they aren't frightened by survival horror games.

Not something that I get annoyed with, personally, since I don't get frightened by them either. A person who says this, though, usually get a string of replies calling out his toughness. It's both funny and ridiculous to watch.

(#14) Your joke goes way over peoples' heads.

You write a comment that you think is hilarious and not only do people not get it; they take offence to it. In a matter of minutes you have gone from someone who just wanted to get a laugh out of people to being N4G enemy #1. Your harmless comment then gets hidden for trolling and you lose a bubble.

(#15) You notice that your submission is a duplicate and you submit it anyway.

Maybe if I stay quite, nobody will notice that it's a duplicate. Shh! Time to tip-toe out of the pending section....

(#16) You say you're going to quit N4G.

You say it every day, every week and in every comment section that is discussing a console that you don't like. "This place has turned into a hellhole", "I'm getting sick of the trolls on this site", and "Okay, that's it. I'm done. to hell with this website" are things we all say regularly to ourselves, but we're not going to quit. We're not going to quit because we don't wan't to. And if we do force ourselves to quit, we'll still be here reading the comments and will rejoin when somebody annoys us enough to want to lash out at that person.

Well, that's it! A list of things N4G members do and say. Some of you will say that you don't do or say any of the things i've listed, but that's okay. Maybe you don't do any of it. Maybe some of you will find one or two things that you do? The list could probably be twice as long but that's all I can think of.

If you know one that isn't here, tell everyone in the comments.

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BiggCMan2665d ago

I'm rather proud I don't fit into any of these really. I come here strictly for news, not to interact with the people here. I post news from here onto a Facebook group where we all know each other, i'd much rather do that than talk with strangers on a website. Usually when I comment, it's rarely a reply anyways. Not everyone is as you believe.

BillytheBarbarian2665d ago

I do that too. Since shut down we've migrated to Facebook. Many like me were members for 10 years or more. It's not fun trying to fit into a new format. I can't stand the bubble system either. I read and comment on blogs primarily because people put time into them. Lately I only talk about games and refrain from mentioning consoles. People on game sites know what games are from who. I do disagree with things that are fully onesided that belittle the other if it's false info.

fsfsxii2665d ago

Awesome blog ranger.
What breaks my heart is when i try to submit news and find it already been submitted.
Long story short. Most people on N4G are immature.
Oh, also, this blog is getting angry

SilentNegotiator2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

6 isn't ridiculous. Getting multiple reports seems to be the only way that some mods take any reports seriously. That trend happened out of necessity.

And frankly, I don't care if I hurt the feelings of a guy writing an article like "Only Haters Dislike Xbox One" or "PS4 s**ts on Xbox again" with another "lame" report.

btw, you seem to have forgotten "Getting angry at people getting angry at people getting angry at people getting angry at people who mix up 'You're' and 'Your'"

GreenRanger2665d ago

"And frankly, I don't care if I hurt the feelings of a guy writing an article like "Only Haters Dislike Xbox One" or "PS4 s**ts on Xbox again" with another "lame" report."

Yeah, i completely agree with you. The crap submissions should be reported.

But sometimes in the pending section, you come across a submission that is fairly innocent, and it's been showered in 'LAME' reports.

I think the 'LAME' report is sometimes used by trolls who don't want certain submissions to get approved because they don't like it. Not because there's anything wrong with it.

Parapraxis2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

"Lame" should not be a report option.

Mods SHOULD act quicker to remove submissions with false information or ones which are simply flamebait.
It often seems that standards are set aside for generating traffic on the N4G side, this shouldn't be the case.

Donnieboi2665d ago

Ha! Good blog! Someone had to eventually address the rampant influx of crybabies and complainers.

HammadTheBeast2665d ago

Wow. Eye-opening piece.

I love it when people cry over disagrees though, it's hilarious.

ZodTheRipper2663d ago

When that happens I suddenly feel the need to disagree as a matter of principle lol

Fireseed2665d ago


I love this too much. Should probably be stickied permanently as a welcome guide to N4G. Nice job :)

Gazondaily2664d ago

Lol great idea.

I vote this BOTY. Blog of the year

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The story is too old to be commented.