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Your Cousin's Stepmother Needs To Shut The Hell Up

I'm sure you've all noticed the influx of SPAM in the N4G comment sections lately, and I'm sure they annoy you as much as they annoy me.
It's gotten so bad that the comment sections play out like this: N4G User, SPAM, N4G User, SPAM, N4G User, SPAM.....
I have no doubt in my mind that certain N4G users have become suicidal, or worse, have already downed the pills and are now in Hell being Spammed for all eternity.

It wasn't really that bad until a few days ago. You could even have little jokes with the SPAM before it eventually got taken down by the Mods. But now, it's become a nightmare in the comment sections.
The SPAM has almost completely taken over N4G. If drastic measures aren't taken soon, N4G will become too annoying to visit, which is sad because this is my favourite gaming website.

Reporting the SPAM to the Mods when you see them can help get rid of them faster, but people should realise that the Mods don't live on N4G, waiting for someone to complain about something.
They have other stuff to do, like looking for troll accounts and looking at porn when they should be banning those troll accounts.

My suggestion? FREEZE THOSE B*****S!

The SPAM I mean, not the Mods.

When HAVAmedia (or whatever the hell they're called) finally get around to releasing the 'New N4G', they should give each member an option to lock SPAM accounts on sight. Yes, that's right, every user!

The locked/frozen account could then be sent straight to the Mods to be killed, and if it was a legitimate user being frozen (by someone who didn't like the same console as him/her, most likely), the person who froze his/her account would face a restriction or be banned, and the 'good guy' could then be released back into the wild.

Now here's how you guarantee that this system works: COLD HARD CASH!

It doesn't have to be as high as the Contributor contest prizes, but it should be enough to get peoples' attention. Everyone loves to have the chance to win some money, right? I know people who won't even get out of bed in the morning unless they're handed a lottery ticket first.
Money makes the world go round, and I'm sure N4G is no exception to that rule.

Enter everyone who freezes SPAM into a monthly draw, like the Comment Lottery, and N4G users will jump on the SPAM the second it appears.
N4G would be clean as a whistle, and users could get more involved in maintaining the website because they have a chance to earn money.

Just a thought.....

Anyway, I'm sure the 'Freeze' feature I mentioned has it's flaws that I can't see.
Point them out in the comment section.

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zerocrossing2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I have a suggestion of my own that should help deal with most of, if not all of the SPAM. Just make the sign up process a little more complicated, not too complex mind you, just enough so as to put off spammers but still easy enough so that new users don't feel like they are being subjected to personal interrogation.

It might still put some people off of joining N4G but it would be a fair trade if we were to have our articles and blogs SPAM free again.

iamnsuperman2669d ago

The question remains how can that be done. What exactly are you suggesting to make it more complicated yet easy for users? Just out of curiosity.

I say spamming is inevitable until you employ actually people to monitor it. These people would obviously need to be trusted.

I guess a way to get the community involved would be good. You could send every spam report into some sort page on N4G that users vote if they are spam or not (to avoid abuse by users). The people who do more managing on this website get more votes and this goes towards a competition of some sorts to get people involved (could be as simple as more votes next round to a bubble). People who abuse the system get banned for the service.

The spam reports could be instantly blacked out/hidden when reported(but similar to trolling you can choose to see them but instead able to reply back to avoid innocent people getting spam reported) and then the community decides if it is okay or not. The issue with this is getting people to use the system (incentive)

zerocrossing2669d ago

To be honest with you I haven't been able to think up such a way that wouldn't put new users off all together.

I do think the suggestion regarding freezing accounts that submit SPAM is a smart idea, but then we'd only be able to stop those accounts from posting more spam instead of stopping it all together, but I guess that's better than the current system so long as nobody abuses it.

zeal0us2669d ago

Well a comment system where the comments have to be approved before being posted could work. But the downside mods and admin would have a workload on their hands.

Gawker used that Kinja comment system and it seem to be working well for them. I haven't seen any spam on those sites for a long time.

HammadTheBeast2668d ago

Please no. Comments sections that require approval are incredibly dull, you have 0 trolls/fanboys which are the lifeblood of N4G.

SaffronCurse2667d ago

That would be a start. Maybe new accounts for 30 days will have to wait for approval for each comment made.

SeraphimBlade2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I agree, some incentive for reporting and cleaning up spam could be a huge help. We need to do something about this so that we can all focus on helping that Nigerian prince.

On the topic of making a more complex sign-up, i really wish I could offer some insight. I know quite a bit about programming but not with web stuff. I always figured captcha was enough.

Christopher2668d ago

Captcha is easy to get around now.

- IP bans
- MAC address bans
- Dynamic user-entry requirements upon registration (not image-based)
- Require all new accounts be validated by a mod
- Stricter e-mail address requirements
- Better spam detection (key words, duplicate posting detection, etc.) for new accounts.

HammadTheBeast2668d ago

Instead of Captcha, why not use that other program which asks you a simple maths question?

Christopher2667d ago

@Hammad: There are a lot of better solutions. but, the best solution? Develop a unique one instead of a canned option.

If I did it, I'd combine Captcha and questions in one.

For example: Have a captcha that shows a small sentence. Something like "Princess in another castle". Then a form field that asks: What game is this from? Have an ongoing growing list of similar concepts. Something that can't be auto-bypassed through scripts that others have developed to bypass them (something standard captchas have had done for years now).

fsfsxii2669d ago

My cousin's step sister's mother was surprised she could make 20$ on the computer. Go here >>>spam.url.whatever

Obvious silly joke.
We need more mods. The fanboys who live here can make one helluva mod. Since they have their war going on

MidnytRain2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

When I see those first few words I usually and impulsively hit the report->spam button. You got lucky. ;)

Btw, catchy title GreenRanger. The spam is annoying, but I think you're making out worse than it really is.

fsfsxii2668d ago

If a mod instantly did what the ranger said i would've been long gone

Christopher2668d ago

More mods isn't the answer. The answer is to prevent, not have more people on hand to increase human errors and the like.

GreenRanger2669d ago

I've noticed that a lot of Spam comments get agrees.

That's just lame.

Godmars2902669d ago

Or it could be the spammers w/phantom accounts thinking they can legitimize their own spam.

DragonKnight2669d ago

I saw a spam account with 5 bubbles about a week ago.

zerocrossing2669d ago

Wow! That suggests there's either a lot of phantom accounts or that's one popular spammer.

BillytheBarbarian2669d ago

That was because n4g gave everyone 5 bubbles for awhile during e3. It was something to do with the new site and eventually doing away with the bubble system.

DragonKnight2669d ago

@Billy: That suggests that this spam account had been around for months and got away with it though.

Christopher2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

All accounts were reset back to 5 bubbles a few weeks ago, including new accounts.

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Kevlar0092669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I would think you could create a program that matches up words in a post to compare to blacklisted spam posts. Like if a post has 90% of the same words in the exact same spot as a spam one it would be closed to spam. Most of these spam posts just switch names and figures around, but have similar word counts and phrases for a majority of the post

In the mean time if a post has been flagged for Spam the account should be either removed or given a week ban instantly. How many legitimate accounts make a spam post then proceed to make tons of legit posts? Once a spammer always a spammer imo. While some may be unintentionaly flagged for spam (like duplicate posts back to back), most are just ghost accounts

Spammers and hackers go where the security is weakest. They would rather hit a site with no security than a site where everyone is in solidarity over keeping these people out. We have a duty to flag these as spam (which we do) but the site needs to do their part as well

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