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Gotta Go With The flOw

I love flOw.  It's amazing how such a simple game, with a unique control scheme, can completely enthrall me.  I'm usually a fan of deep RPG adventures or FPS.  Hell, I'll even take on the odd turn-based strategy game every once in a while.  Having a game like flOw in my collection is a little out of the norm for me, but I don't give a damn.

I took my PS3 to a friends house last night.  He doesn't have one yet and wanted a taste to see if it was worth it.  I also took over my collection of games.  We started with a small sampling of flOw, then proceeded to Uncharted, The Darkness, Resistance, Folklore, and Motorstorm.  He had a good time testing all the games out, but ended up playing a couple more than others.  We traded off the controller for some good and dirty racing action with Motorstorm, with me schooling him on how to hit the turns to practically lap the AI drivers.  But, most suprisingly was the fact that flOw stole the show for him.  It took him a couple of minutes to get into the game, and once he did, he was hooked.  He later told me something that I had experienced myself, flOw feels great to control.  He even went further to agree with me that the controller just seems to disappear when you play it.  It just doesn't feel like you control the Six-axis, it just feels.  Now the Six-axis has gotten a lot of flak lately, but one thing is certain.  This game could be played no other way.

Occasionally, I do pick up a game that's a little bit different.  I bought Incredible Crisis and Personna for the PSOne.  I loved Giants: Citizen Kabuto for the PS2.  Now I've added a couple of PSN titles to my PS3 collection.  flOw and Everyday Shooter don't fit in the typical game genres that we see these days.  Sure, Everyday Shooter is a shooter, we all know that.  But how would we characterize it's music integration?  Without the musical influence, it just wouldn't be the same.  Take the Six-axis from flOw and you kill the game.  No doubt about that.  The feeling just wouldn't be right.

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LinuxGuru5083d ago

Spot on.

I couldn't agree more.

BrotherNick5019d ago (Edited 5019d ago )

I would disagree, the flash original version is fun too, although it may not as thoroughly fleshed out. I play it at work all the time, and people always stop and ask what it is. I want to try out the sixaxis with it, I'll be getting a PS3 before December. :)