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I am n00b, and he is me.

I can't believe it.  I've been banned!  And it's all because I'm a n00b (please don't hold it against me, I'm really a nice person deep down inside).  I don't have much experience with multiplayer, LAN or on-line, so I was a little nervous trying it out on Warhawk for the first time.  I just got the Warhawk bundle with the headset yesterday and today was the first chance I had to try it out.  I had a little trouble setting up the headset, through no fault of the headset or the PS3, I'm just clumsy with technology sometimes.  Well, I get the headset recognized, heard my voice in the ear piece as I'm setting it up, and think all is good to go.  I don't want to look like a complete loser (not that it actually helped) so when I started the game I set up a LAN game first to practice.  I played for about 20 minutes (far too short a time but far too long when I was the only one on the map) and got the basics down ok.  I then decided to brave going ON-LINE.  I am justifiably nervous at this, there are 10 year olds on there that can fly rings around me.  All I can say is thank god for anonymity.  I don't think I could handle being whipped and then having them really know who I was.  Me being a 33 year old gamer that grew up with a controller in his hand.  I come from a time when multiplayer meant it was a 2 player game.  Ikari Warriors and Operation: Wolf are perfect examples of this (and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, point proven).  Anyway, so I get the game started, customize my character and aircraft (my daughter wanted me to use the underwear as my icon, I said no), and join the first server I see.  I accidently joined a CTF map with a few people on it.  Since I'm not a member of a clan I usually only play DM and usually that helps me avoid all n00bish taunts.  When I started the game there was someone near my avatar obviously trying to talk to me, but for some reason my headset isn't working.  So there I am, me fiddling with my headset in the real world, while some complete stranger (getting more irate by the second) is yelling at me.  I could hear something through my TV, but not enough to make it out.  All I understood was this.  "GlossGreen....(mumble mumble).  GlossGreen (mumble mumble)".  I knew he was getting irate because I went a little ways away and he followed me.  "GlossGreen....(mumble mumble). GlossGreen (mumble mumble)"!  Then he hit me!  I think he got me with the knife, must have had friendly fire on 0 because I didn't die, I just got irritated myself.  I ran away from him again.  You know what he did next?  The little bastard threw a grenade at me!  So, I got a lot irritated and decided to test out the Warhawk.  I jumped into the first one I could find.  After hearing   "GlossGreen....(mumble mumble). GlossGreen (mumble mumble)!", for a couple more minutes, then I quit the game.  Upon leaving I get this message "You have been banned from this server."  I should have paid attention more in the lobby.  The name of the server was "Obey me or else."  Whatever.

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GlossGreen5102d ago

1. I have to pay attention to what I'm doing (those people are ruthless).
2. XMB in-game. I just hadn't set up the audio input correctly. I had to quit the game in order to set it up. Thanks for reading, and hopefully, laughing at my misery.

LinuxGuru5102d ago

Hey, dude, don't be discouraged.

If you can't dodge missiles, use the right thumsbtick in combo with holding down both triggers (L2 R2).

Play on blue (dedicated) servers. You'll run into far fewer problems there.

Make sure to always collect all weapon and item pickups that you are near...who knows when you'll need them.

If you crouch when you use the automatic makes your shots travel pretty much on a straight line.

Don't stay in a turret for too long....someone will airstrike you.

Make sure to always have your rocket launcher equipped when running never know when a pesky tank or warhawk will show up.

It always helps to have a full supply of grenades.

When running towards a conflict, don't run in a straight line....snipers love people who run in straight lines.

Need any more tips....PM me.

killer_trap5102d ago

don't worry about it. as they say practice makes perfect. just be sure to stay away from any team I'm in until you get better ok. thank you very much.

ohh and i always get those mummble mummble things is it my headset or does it happen to a lot of you?

Jack T5102d ago

Get rid of your PS3 and get a 360. You don't get crap like that on Xbox Live.

killer_trap5102d ago

you are a very annoying person.

LinuxGuru5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

Haha I have never experienced more juvenility than when I had a 360.

Xbox Live players are youthful, angst-ridden, swear-word using, immature little brats with squeaky voices and mic volumes that are way too loud.

Don't even try to pull an argument like that.

It is widely recognized that Xbox Live is rampant with people like I just mentioned.

pswi605102d ago

playing Halo 3 on XBL is like being a kindergarten teacher to emotionally starved children

GlossGreen5102d ago (Edited 5102d ago )

crap like that on every system. I haven't been discouraged yet. After all that happened I went back on and played 2 hours of DM and had a good time. I made a good target for all the experienced players, but it was fun. And thanks for the tips, I'll use them wisely.

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gamesR4fun5097d ago

Online with Warhawk the worst i get now is kicked off the private servers for being too good lol
Just stick to the blue sony servers and stick to the low ranked rooms and you'll be fine.
If you got the time join a clan make sure its an active one and get in some practice with them you'll learn a lot faster that way...
Been playing since launch myself and just found a good clan Id say my skills are improving a lot faster now with their support.