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Mediocre games and Gabe Newell.

I enjoy video games, and I like to write.  What I don't like is reading the same old news in the blog section.  My goal here is to write articles, in my own words, instead of doing the standard cut and paste of news stories that seems to be an epidemic on this site.  If I want to read about the news I'll go to the news section.  If I want to see an opinion of the news, I come to the blog section.  Well, enough ranting for the day, on to the point. 

I'm a little worried about the state of games for the Playstation 3.  We keep hearing about how games coming out look or play worse on the PS3 versus the 360.  The current game to go under scrutiny is The Orange Box.  I have seen conflicting stories about how it's "unplayable" and about how it's "not that bad".  My problem is with the fact that if this is a port and not a new game, why are we hearing "not that bad" instead of it being comparable to the other console.   The technology behind the game uses an established engine, nothing new, so what's the problem?  Is it the software itself, the hardware, or could it be an ineptitude or indifference with the developer that's causing an inferior product?  Granted, the hardware is a completely new design, but after seeing a couple of outstanding games that look and play very well, I am less inclined to believe that is the problem.  I know Valve passed on doing the port of The Orange Box and gave it to EA to do instead.  Was it because Valve just did not have the personnel or time to make it happen, or was it something else?  Gabe Newell's attitude toward the PS3 is disturbing and leans in the direction of being extremely unproductive.  I know he doesn't like the hardware, and that Sony made some mistakes with the developers in the first year that they are trying to correct now, but should he punish the gamers for that.  If its about profitability, I know the installed base of the PS3 is not close to the 360 yet, but it does have the possibility for a good game to be profitable.  How is this going to endear him to the console owners when less than stellar games are given to the fans?  I only mention Gabe and Valve because he is definitely one of the most visible and vocal (but by no means only) opponents of the current Sony console.  For the sake of the fans, I hope they change their minds.  Since a majority of developers are multi-platform these days, having quality games for all the systems will increase competition and be good for the games industry.  I'd rather have a choice to spend my money on a couple of good games, then a couple of mediocre ones because a developer just didn't like my console.

I focused on the PS3 for this article, not because I'm a fan of the system, but because this seems to be more prevalent on that system, although this problem can effect all consoles if attitudes like this continue.  As gamers we have to demand that the developers take the time to make a game right the first time.  If it takes a little while longer to program for one system or another I'd rather see a game delayed and good, then on time and mediocre.  If it does take longer, it doesn't have to be perfect but it had better be good.

Tell me what you think about this topic.  I'd like to hear your opinion whether you believe the same thing as me or not.

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ruibing5105d ago

I agree with what you have said, but I never really thought much about it. Instead of petitions or sending hate mails to these developers, I've simply skip out on purchasing games that doesn't seem to be worth the money. For example, recently I wanted to buy a football game, but instead of EA's NFL 08 for the PS3 for $60 I got 2K's All-Pro Football 2k8 for $15. I didn't do this as a boycott or protest; I simply didn't quite feel EA produced a game for the PS3 that was worth so much.

Jinxstar5105d ago

I agree as well. I changed my Orange box preorder for the PS3 to Burnout. Gabe is a joke and I wont support valve on any system due to his ignorance. My 360 or PC wont be seeing TF2 or HL2 anytime soon at all.

I fear that the time you spent writing a well done article will be picked apart and thrown aside by many a fan boy. You did hit on the many points I have had on my mind for a long time now. it is about the gamers but Devs and Producers have become so full of themselves along with the console companies themselves that we the gamers are suffering due to them all being either a. lazy b. greedy or c. unproductive and rehashing old crap for our next gen consoles i.e. Halo 3 and NG sigma come to mind. Great games both but I hoped for more being as we are next gen now...

Laziness will not be tolerated by gamers much longer. Its getting old.

socomnick5073d ago

you guys are missing out on one of the best games ever I beg you to reconsider.

ISA_Scum5073d ago

Gabe is fat and lazy, but Orange Box for PS3 still turned out to be very good. Framerate inconsistancies only occur in remote, non-combat oriented areas. They're not even bad.

Still, screw lazy fat Gabe. His attitude towards more challenging (though more rewarding) development is pathetic. The more and more I listed to him try and insult the PS3 with burger chunks flying out of his mouth at the same time, the more I realized how fitting it was that greedy EA was publishing the Orange Box.

Stupid Gabe.