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What Went Wrong?

OK, so I've been gone a little while and all seems to have changed here. Hello N4G. I'm GlossGreen. I've been here and there as of late, well, maybe not much here after all. Anyway, so what happened? You can tell your Uncle Gloss. I won't judge you. So, why did N4G change? Why did the forums change? And most importantly, why aren't all of you posting in the forums.

See, back in my day...I can say that see. I've been a member of this site for about 94 internet years. 1 month in real life is approximately 3.1 internet years. Don't check my math on that. Respect your internet elders. Anyway, back to the point.

I know what you are saying: "What point? He hasn't said anything of value yet." I did make a point, but you are just too ADHD to get it. OK, for the slow people in the back. My point is this: This site and it's forums used to be alive with people. Randomicity used to be constantly rolling, never having to wait long for a new update. Things just aren't the same as they used to be, and I am saddened for that. I do realize that I was part of the problem. I left. I left for a very long time and things changed with out me. From what I understand a lot of the people I talked to back then left too, and that is unfortunate.

Here is what I propose: Post in the forums and you will be rewarded. No, you will not receive a prize or some useless bauble. You will gain something much more valuable. You will gain friendship, camaraderie, maybe even an intellectual foil to test you wits against. Give it a shot. Post in the forums. Bring back the sense of community to N4G again. I will try if you will.

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TheColbertinator4152d ago

I appreciate your efforts to bring up the issue of low activity on the N4G forums.I blame Randomi...whatever its called now.The quality posters need to return or we need new people who are willing to make 10,000 quality posts,not 10,000 pointless posts.Its a hard job but I'm thinking we could find the individuals we need for the job again.

I miss Jack007 btw.Where is that guy?

GlossGreen4152d ago

I remember him. I'm remembering a lot of the old names that I don't see here anymore and am saddened by it.

LordMarius4152d ago

Most of the Front Page dont know about the Forums, question is Do we want them to?

CoxMulder4152d ago

You forum-elitists seem to think you are so much more intelligent & knowledgeable, bringing in some 'blue collar main site peasants' wouldn't work..

They're all idiots, right?

We need more smart forum-folk like MariusElijah, Socomnick, Dchalfont etc.

They really make the forum-community shine..

from Tazz1992 below:

I wouldn't see a problem from people on the mainpage posting here unless they start trolling like you do in most of the articles"

Ain't that the truth..

Terarmzar4152d ago

I check the forum and blogs whenever i see something new but never post anything, in fact this is my first post coming off the mainpage.

I wouldn't see a problem from people on the mainpage posting here unless they start trolling like you do in most of the articles

Nihilism4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

I don't think there are any LESS people posting in the forums now, it's just the select few forum post spammers do not come here any more. It's always been the way that half threads created get no responses, those that do, get very few, and maybe 1 out of 20 forum threads gets more than 20...

There are probably less than 50 regular forum posters. With threads like randomocity creating an exclusive little club of post spammers it discourages others from posting in the forums. But it wouldn't be any better without it, there is just little incentive to post in the forums, all gaming news gets posted on the front page ( every time I think I've found a new article...I see that it was posted 2 days prior...and never made it to the front page ). Because only a select few want to be involved, they submit all the articles, and approve the others...anything that is not flamebait gets buried and 'normal' conversation has no place on n4g even in the forums; because everyone hates one and other. Even non gaming threads turn to fanboy B.S. There is just no point.

Breakfast4152d ago

These days, people only sign up on n4g to fight and argue. Seeing that the forums are not a place to fight and argue, they just avoid it all together. Old members moved on, new members dont care - posting void.

But who cares about the forums...all the bull on the mainsite is stronger than ever! And thats all that matters to our dwindling mods.

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The story is too old to be commented.