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Why are you complaining over more games?

The topic of how many Mario and Assassins Creed games is constantly coming up within gaming forums, and every time I see them I shake my head. People seem to constantly pass by the simple solution to having an issue with these franchises.


I stopped playing Final Fantasy a LONG time ago, but every time I see a new installment, I watch the trailer, I see if it's up my alley, and decide whether or not to get it.

As you can imagine, I am not a fan of what the franchise has been doing.

HOWEVER, I have met people who love the franchise. And thus, enjoy the milking of the franchise. It may not be up my alley, but it's up other peoples alleys, and I can spend my money on another game while they buy FF instead. So naturally. I love Assassins Creed. Even enjoyed 3. And they're not being rushed out each year for a quick cash grab either. Unity in particular has been in development since Brotherhood. And going further into Unitys defense, It's one of the few next gen only games coming out this year. And what did we hype up?

Destiny. The game being held back by the Xbox 360.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Destiny. Or Watch Dogs and TItanfall for that matter. I LOVED those 2. But the subject of overhyped games is a blog for another day. What I want to know is why people feel compelled to hate on games that clearly aren't made for them. Assassins Creed is based off history. Last I checked, history was infinite, and the series has over thousands of years worth of material. It's no surprise that the series has so many installments. And yes, I realize the longer a game is in development the better it will be, but as I pointed out before, even though it's popular to internet belief, Assassins Creed games are NOT being made in 2 days. (Especially with the amount of content in them.) Neither does Mario, neither does Final Fantasy, and yes, neither does COD.

All right, yes, I'm defending COD. Put down the pitchforks and here me out here.

You CANNOT look at Advanced Warfare, or even GHOSTS for that matter, and tell me that no effort goes into these games. You CANNOT look at the amount of players it has and tell me that NOBODY Enjoys it. Heck, a NeoGAFer told me that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the Wii U has more players than Killzone Shadowfall on the PS4. Even posted a picture to prove it.

A 3 year old game on a struggling console having more players than an exclusive on a console that has yet to decrease in sales.

So obviously even a game as hated as COD has it's fans. So if someone never liked or no longer likes COD, myself as an example, then all I have to do is IGNORE IT. You have NO IDEA how easy it is to ignore COD, because I have no interest in it! And if you have a problem with a game being milked, stop acting like fans of that franchise are breaking some sort of oath by liking them. And I know exactly what the comments will say.

"Thing is, there are better games out there."

Yes. But how often do TRUE triple AAA games like you state come out? It's been years since we had a new Uncharted, Metroid, Batman, et cetera, and during the times they come out, it's a GOOD thing we have triple AAA games like Assassins Creed coming out every year.

"They're doing 2 Assassins Creeds this year. The franchise needs to die."

Yes, SHAME ON YOU, UBISOFT! How dare you make an Assassins creed game for last gen people and fans of Naval Combat! How DARE you release an entirely new Assassins Creed game with an interesting plot instead of just downgrading Unity and putting it on last gen, expanding your horizons! Go sit in the corner!

So next time you see a yearly release, keep in mind, you have these options

1) Ignore it

2) Not buy it

3) Respect the fanbase of those games

And then the FANS will be content, YOU will be content, and I will be content.

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thorstein2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

You make a great point about them not buying them.

It is similar to those people who hate hip/hop or rock n' roll and want it censored from the radio or television: because there are illicit lyrics. Those people never listen to the music, but if they find it offensive, why don't they just change the channel.

And that is the beauty of gaming. You can just change the disc (or game.) If someone didn't know what Watch Dogs was about, or Destiny, or Titanfall, or Infamous Second Son or Killzone SF...well, rent the game, play a demo and determine if you like it.

Do you know what I do with games I don't like? I don't play them. Simple as that.

The hateboys that do this (I had previously assumed were hipsters) just hate gaming. I think I know where they originated. Remember all of those whiny little brats screaming the "n" word and saying they had sex with your momma on Call of Duty?

Well, now they are old enough to be out of the house and on their own. And they think that their "opinion" means something... that it has weight because they put it forth for the whole world to hear.

Who knew they were too feeble minded to understand simple narration. Sure, they can claim that they don't like Destiny's story, but to say there isn't one, or that they can't understand it, well, that is on them, not the developers.

I have no problem understanding the story.

Anyway, Destiny (and those other games they love to hate) are being enjoyed by millions for millions of hours. Hate on, hateboys, hate on. Your collective opinions mean absolutely nothing.

starchild2389d ago

I completely agree with you and the author of the blog. If I have time later I will add a little more to this discussion.

rambi802392d ago

I think a lot of the hate stems from fear. Some who like less popular genres live in fear that their favorite games will no longer be made.

Now this may sound ridiculous, but how many 3d platformers are being made? Even nintendo wants to stay away from them. Its plain old fear and as a platformer fan, i empathize. Tons of games no longer get localized due to poor audience.

But even if COD dies, there is no guarantee that that crowd will come anywhere near your favorite game types.

thorstein2391d ago

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." -Yoda

Software_Lover2392d ago

"The game being held back by 360??????????"

Where the hell did that come from? If the 360 (and ps3) didn't exist, Destiny would've been the same game it is now.

Geekman2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Do you realize that if it wasnt cross gen the game would have better graphics and more content? Though I guess more content depends on whether or not Bungie wants to milk DLC.

But as I said, we are not talking about Destiny.

And as for Dark Ocelot, Watch Dogs budget was MUCH smaller than GTAVs

Software_Lover2392d ago

.......Again, more content like what? Better graphics? No one is complaining about the graphics of Destiny.

You brought up Destiny so we are talking about it. Destiny is, and always was, a DLC game like all true PC MMO's.

I get your point, but that game was a bad example.

garrettbobbyferguson2392d ago

"A DLC game like all true PC MMOs"

Except MMOs don't charge you for storyline content, they only charge you for skins/items/access(if it's not f2p).

CerealKiller2391d ago

If Destiny or any other game was next gen only it would have the same graphics and the same amount of content, don't kid yourself. Everyone would have bought the game whether there was more content or not. Why would they make a greater investment when it would not equal a greater return. However investing to make the game available on more consoles creates a greater return, that is why they are also putting out games for last gen. And they will continue to also develop for last gen until it no longer makes financial sense to.

DarkOcelet2392d ago

While i do agree with your point , but all i ask is for more variety , i dont want to feel like i am playing the same thing again and again and that is the problem with Ubisoft , they get a good idea and the stick with it which is not a good thing . Because doing the same thing over and over again will make a game feels stale , i mean why dont they ever have the amazing variety of a game like GTA , seriously Watch Dogs was in development for a long time and didnt have half the content nor the fun GTAV had . And it suffered from the Ubisoft formula . Hopefully they can improve their gamed this gen .

Chard2392d ago

In COD's case, I wish they hadn't done annual releases, but rather put more emphasis on just developing the online community for COD4. Maybe MW2 could have come out 3 years later, during which time Treyarch could have done extensive map packs for COD4 etc

Now it's just like "buy our amazing new game that we want you to forget about in a years time". Suddenly that game you liked playing online has barely anyone left to play against.

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