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I want an Xbox One, but I'm not getting one.

So I've been reading up on the comments for Microsofts E3 press conference, I can't exactly agree or disagree for any of them. I liked just about every game I saw. Each and every one of them looked exciting. Yet with every good game comes a buttload of ridiculous controversy. Just look at Watch Dogs.

Here's a couple of post I saw. Keep in mind that they are NOT word for word. My memory isn't picture perfect:

"Master Chief collection made you want an Xbox One? You like playing the same games again, huh?"

Oh what utter nonsense. If this dude owned a PS4. then he can't admit he wants or has already played Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, or want The Last of Us Remastered. If this guy owns a Wii U, then he can't pretend he didn't enjoy the Windwaker HD. Collections are good ways for people to play games they didn't play before, and considering YOUR company makes remakes, you've got no room to talk whatsoever.

"If you didn't want an Xbox One after this press conference, you're not a true gamer."

SHUT UP! Sorry, had to let that out.

First of all, ENOUGH with this "true gamer" nonsense! If you play a type of game and play it regularly THEN you are A "true gamer." Not wanting a console or playing a genre of games people don't think is "hardcore" changes that.

But regardless, again this press conference made me want an Xbox One, but I'm not getting it for understandable reasons. I have a PS4. I have a Wii U. I play them both regularly. I play my 3DS from time to time. And I also have a life filled with friends, family, girls, etc. Owning more consoles and games than I already do will not only empty my wallet, but damage my social life.

On the OTHER hand, I want the people pretending like this wasn't a good press conference to, excuse my language, shut their mouths. Not wanting an Xbox One after this doesn't make you a untrue gamer, but you can't pretend like what was shown won't fit other peoples tastes and convince THEM to buy an Xbox One. So stop bashing this press conference.

You never know. Sonys and Nintendos footage might beat this one to a pulp.

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randomass1712509d ago

Maybe it's the inner fanboy in me talking, but as awesome as Microsoft's conference was, I expect Sony to kick*** and take names. Nintendo I'm totally unsure about, and maybe in that way I can expect them to blow me away somehow. Who knows? Either way, Microsoft did a dang fine job and now I want to save up for a One, but only after I get a PS4 still.

thorstein2508d ago

That press conference was spot on. MS was definitely better than last year, but SONY's was fantastic.

Titles we never even heard of! And LBP3 was fantastic!

randomass1712508d ago

DUDE!! That Uncharted 4 trailer! :'DDD

DonDon2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I can afford to buy an Xbox one, and I still won't do it. Even if I was given one for free, I'd sell it or give it away (maybe to the guy who wrote this blog). I didn't like any of the games (except The Division--which was 3rd party).

So far, I'm a little dissapointed with how this new gen has started off: I seriously am bored. I'm on my PS3 more than on my PS4. Need more variety and higher quality in games, pronto. Hope Sony doesn't drop the ball this e3 like MS just did.


On Topic:

When the blog writer said that PS4 fans would be excited about TLOU remastered and Tomb Raider Definitive editions, I must say that that isn't necessarily true either. I am a HUGE TLOU fan, yet I am not excited about yet another remake. I will only buy it if it's $10 for those of us who already own the PS3 digital version--and only because the PS3 version's online servers will eventually be shut down before the newer PS4 remakes version. I could care less about graphics. And I wouldn't pay a dime more either.

Just because people complained about the Halo remake collection, doesn't mean that they hate Xbox One. In fact, some of them may be owners of the system, and feel disappointed about the collection anyway. Especially since the only way to get in halo 5's beta is to buy a collection of old Halo games you already own.

Necro_5592508d ago

Dude shut up. A bunch of games they already own? You need 2 systems to even play them all. 4 disc. Plus, the best part is the Halo 2 anni. People have been waiting years for this remake. I would pay $60 alone for this game. This is the greatest, greatest hits collection ever created. 4 games in one. All with one menu. And put together with all the original multiplayer all for $60. HAHAHHA. Writing that just makes me realize how large the bangwagon hate for MS is. Because that collection is AMAZING. LOL

insomnium22508d ago

That collection is amazing but MS is poisonous to the gaming industry. Them making all those 180 due to low sales changes nothing about their true intentions.

Raf1k12507d ago

That Halo collection is very tempting. The best part of MS's conference IMO. If only others did their collections the same way.

Makes me want to get an Xbox One and maybe I will someday.

ravinash2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

"That collection is amazing but MS is poisonous to the gaming industry".
True they did try to pull a lot of s***.
But without everything they did with the 360, we wouldn't be with the PS4 we have today.
How would PSN or PSN+ be if Xbox live was never around?

MS do some daft things, but without them it would only be Nintendo pushing Sony, and Nintendo always seem to go off and do their own thing anyway.

Necro_5592508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

The master chef collection is WAY different. The Halo games changed shooters. Especially Halo 2, and it is its 10 year anni. The Last of US was released last year. Plus, they are throwing ALL Halo games in one disc for $60. They are doing this so that people who didnt know the halo games on the X1 get a chance to catch up. Its great. And for fans of Halo 2. And there ARE TONS OF THEM.. Halo 2 anni alone is worth the $60. People have been waiting for that for a long long time. THis isnt the same old remake. This is something special. And what do you mean people were saying you arent a true gamer if you want an X1? Have people been that thoroughly brainwashed? LOL. The bandwagon hate is strong. The X1 so far and for all of 2014 is going to have better games. Thats just pathetic. Hey i am glad i have both. BUT if i could have only one. It would be the X1.

insomnium22508d ago

DRM and used game fee is no bandwagon. Nice try though....

Kavorklestein2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

SO what's the right answer for you then?

If they kept those policies, you would be mad.
And when they remove them, you are mad that they "180'd" not only to respect gamers, but also to sell consoles. Which is in no way a bad thing.
Who wants a company to fail even tho they have products that millions of people love, just to watch them burn? A Fanboy does.

So tell me, what could possibly be done by Microsoft to satisfy you? Nothing.
You don't want an XB1, and XB1 gamers don't want to play with you anyway. (You'd probably betray team-mates in Halo just to be a prick) so shut up, and quit moving goalposts to deflect accountability for your inner fanboy motives.

Neither thing you mentioned is relevant anymore, and that stuff was changed months ago, making it OLD OLD OLD news.
If you couldn't read the writing on the wall THEN when it was removed, and are still griping about the "Notion" or the idea of those policies (which DON'T exist in any way shape or form anymore) then any intelligence (when it comes to gaming) you may claim to have, is automatically non-existent.

insomnium22507d ago


It takes 5 full years worth of new exclusive ips from MS to get me to change my opinion and accept their "apology".

The only thing MS has done right imo is the original xbox. They had the games back then and they didn't change that message either. The support for xbox was cut short but since they had a good reason for it I let them off the hook just like that.

The x360 started out strong. The way their executives and PR people talked smack about Sony really put me off from ever purchasing one though. I had one for a while but then it RROD'd on me and I sold it and never looked back. Lucky for me after 2009 that console was full of Kinect and same 3 franchises anyway so having played Geow and Halo3 got me thinking that I never missed out on pretty much anything. I had way too many games on PS3 to worry about other platforms.

You see it's not about what these companies do per se. It's more about WHY they do it. If my child punches someone in the face I want to know why he did it. If my wife cheats on me it's the same thing. Before I judge I want to know why things have happened. Life is not all black and white.

And since things are not all black and white let's see some facts.

MS announces DRM --> people cry. MS shows off DRM on E3 --> people cry some more. Only after the pre-orders come in MS starts to "listen". MS cared nothing about the entire internet that went apesh*t about DRM and if the sales were satisfactory we would still have DRM on Xbone along with every other BS move they tried to pull. Changing them now won't make any sane person to just forgive and forget. They should've changed these things before E3 right after the initial reveal.

You see Kav imo everyone who support MS right now is feeding the snake that will eventually swallow the entire industry if we lay our guard down. It might be forced to lay dormant right now but since we know all it wants is to eat us it makes it really difficult to try and justify supporting them. However if MS supports Xbone with games like Sony does and keeps it up for 5 whole years then I will change my tune about them. That's a promise.

gamer11382507d ago

And don't forget Halo 5 Beta...THIS YEAR. Dec 27th. 2 days after christmas. Perfect gift.

mydyingparadiselost2508d ago

All honesty MS showed some stuff that really makes me interested. The Platinum game, Crackdown, D4 (not shown but still coming) and Phantom Dust interest me quite a bit. The problem is that it's just not enough, both Sony and Nintendo just have more than that to hold my interests. If I pick up a Xone it will be towards the end of the life cycle so I can play the games I've missed for cheap.

howiewowwee2508d ago

The only reason I still have my XBOX ONE is because of FORZA 5. I am serious. I think if it was not for that exclusive game, I would have sold mine.

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