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You never cancel a pre-order early.... especially over something as stupid as graphics.

Gamers have made me angry ALOT over the years. Here's a small list of the stuff I've dealt with.

PS4 haters.
Xbox One haters.
Wii U haters.
Cheaters in online multiplayer.
People who try to "expose" you.
People who want Ridley in Super Smash Bros 4.
But THIS topic takes the cake.

Some of you actually CANCELLED your Watch Dogs pre-orders because the graphics were "downgraded" from what was shown at E3 2012 There are many things wrong with this.
It's been pointed out (And frankly quite obvious) that the trailer shown a E3 was run on a High end PC. Compare that Watch Dogs trailer to inFamous Second Son. The PS4 is powerful, but would a game that's being held back by last gen platforms really look that good on the PS4? It would not. What you see is how it looks on the PS4. And it looks decent, people. You make it out to look horrible, when it doesn't look horrible at all. It looks nice. Not breathtaking, but nice.

Even if it really was downgraded, why would you even care? When this game was introduced, people gawked at it because its concept, which was an open world hacking game. The innovation we've been seeking. Yet The SECOND something doesn't look pretty anymore, you forget ALL ABOUT innovation, and become a graphic obsessed bot. Again, what sense does it make? You'll miss out on a fun game simply because it doesn't look good? Hell, I've played games that look horrible, and I loved them! I don't care HOW they look as long as they don't look as bad as Superman 64! When you saw Watch Dogs, you didn't pre-order it because of graphics, you pre-ordered it because of the concept! Yet you CANCELLED your pre-oreder because of graphics!

There are some people who are actually better than this, and cancelled their pre-order because Ubisoft won't admit it's been downgraded. That's a better reason that "HISS! IT DOESN'T LOOK AS GOD AS BEFORE!", but with all the BS all these companies have pulled over the years, THIS is where you draw the line? There are a number of PS4 features that were shown at E3 that didn't launch with the platform, and there were features for the original Wii that NEVER came to the console. Very few people complained about that. There is MUCH bigger BS than refusing to admit to a downgrade when it really hasn't BEEN downgraded. Like I said, they showed the PC version at E3 2012. No company is stupid enough to work on a game for years, with delays, and somehow make it look worse. THINK. And even if that IS the case, that is no reason to boycott the game! And why are you cancelling a pre-order? You NEVER cancel a pre-order months before launch! What sense does it make! If you're thinking about cancelling a pre-oreder, you wait for a review! You don't do it after watching some comparison of the E3 (PC) Watch Dogs to the new Watch Dogs trailer. You DON'T! If you're THAT skeptical, wait for a review! If after a couple reviews it doesn't seem good, THEN you cancel it. You NEVER do it months before its launch based on some guys comparison. I.... I can't let this go. This is incredibly ridiculous. I've never seen such ridiculous things, not from the Ridley supporters, not from BlackB0nd, Not from Arbitort365, not from lazy developers, not from EA, not from Sony, not from Microsoft, not from Nintendo, not from ANYBODY! I take back what I said a few blogs ago, THIS.... THIS IS THE BIGGEST BS IN GAMING HISTORY!

By the way, here's a GTA V pic.....

Now compare that pic to this. Tell me, which one looks better? This doesn't look as good as the E3 presentation, but it look NICE, people. Downgraded or not, this is not a game to miss out on.

Now here's an inFamous pic. Compare that to the picture above AND below.

Now here's a pic the E3 demo. Compare inFamous to this, and tell me if the PS4 would be capable of running the E3 Watch Dogs trailer.... it was on the PC people.

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Longshot282577d ago

What's funny is the footage in question over Watch dogs, was at night.......and everything was wet... ummmmm Infamous pulled that off really damn good, I don't think WD will have a problem either.

VaporCell2575d ago

Infamous looks much better to me lol

DoctorJones2575d ago

There's a lot less going on though.

isarai2577d ago

People focus too much on graphics cause it's the only way morons can undisputedly 1up their platform of choice against other platforms. The only problem there is graphics mean very little in a game, Crysis 2 and 3 are proof enough of that, best looking games to date on PC yet the gameplay is trash. you never hear about how amazing Crysis 3's story is or how superb the gameplay mechanics or level design is. No game has ever been remembered solely for it's graphics, they are forgotten as soon as their visuals become obsolete cause they lack any other redeeming quality.

I for one enjoy a good graphical presentation, but it's never much of a selling point, I'd take creative design over bleeding edge tech any day. I find it sad that people can't look past pixels, frames, and textures when evaluating a game, glad i'm no graphics whore

Vegamyster2576d ago

I wouldn't say the gameplay in Crysis 2 was bad, it got lots of hate because it was very linear compared to the first game but otherwise was still solid, can't say anything about Crysis 3 since i don't own it.

I do agree that gameplay over graphics is always first, DKC:TF doesn't push any graphical boundaries but still manages to look good and play awesome.

BitbyDeath2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I think you underestimate the importance of graphics.
Graphics is not about realism (which is a common misconception) but clarity of picture.

If Ubisoft cannot pull off clean graphics at the scale they are going for then they should not have aimed that high. Especially considering they are trying to also target lastgen consoles.

Some simple looking games have fantastic graphics. The Walking Dead, Journey, Pixel Junk Monsters, Flower are all great looking games. Graphics are important.

Anyways i'll reserve my full judgement of how it looks until until I see it for myself.

2577d ago
Shadowsteal2576d ago

Man don't judge me for the what reasons I decide to cancel a game pre-order. As a consumer I reserve the right to cancel my pre-order for any means necessary. So you can get Watchdogs and enjoy the crap out of it. And everyone else can do whatever the hell they want, don't get mad because other gamers don't want the game you're hyped for.

supes_242575d ago

THank you! I get the authors point but why is he/she so mad about what other people choose to do? I for one love graphics, I'm a graphics whore. If it looks like crap I don't want to play it and I definitely don't like the game. The days of sega and NES are way behind us. I expect great graphics and a great story to go along with it. It's friggen 2014! I'll still get this game but don't come here crying because gamers don't do exactly what you do Geekman. If you want 8 bit graphics, by all means play those games. I won't. I want inFamous SS graphics at least and expect better as the consoles life goes on.

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