None of you have learned one fucking thing.


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The biggest BS in gaming history.

I'm surprised nobody else has bought this up, but if I have to be the one to do it, so be it.

So, what IS the biggest BS in gaming history? Underpowered consoles? Too big a focus on graphics? The prices being too high?

None of those. Memorize this line: "You speak of innovation when any attempt at it is dismissed as a gimmick."

Do me a favor. Pass that saying on, because it NEEDS to be brought to peoples attention. Now, what does it mean? Well, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a company named Ubisoft. Ubisoft created a game called "Assassins Creed," which was a brilliant game that was soon made into a franchise. Yet, after too many games, people complained that Ubisoft did nothing new, and demanded that they did. They wanted innovation.

So then came Watch Dogs, a game where "everything is connected" and you could drive across the open world of Chicago thwarting criminals and hacking as you please. Sounds like an interesting concept that's innovative, right?


People said the hacking thing was a gimmick, and began listing reasons Watch Dogs will fail. Despite having never played it, the game is was dismissed as "GTA with hacking" or "a modern Assassins Creed" and this nonsense was only elevated when the game was graphically downgraded. (Even though it looks fine.) This created a huge controversy, which only gave people who claimed to be seeking innovation a reason to think they had a brain.

Now let's go over to a game called Call of Duty. People call COD EXTREMELY un-innovative because they claim it's the same game every time. (Even though it's a BETTER version of a GOOD game every time. That's the point of a sequel. The same goes for Super Mario.) So a game called "Titanfall" comes out which basically improved the shooting franchise, which was beginning to become repetitive.

Was it well received by the "innovation seekers?" *Laughs* Of course not, little Billy. Such young ideas.

Titanfall features soldiers flying through the air, running on walls while shooting someone down, operating a mega robot that allowed you to kill everyone in your path until someone shot you down, in which case you ejected and fled.

All dismissed as gimmicks. All of them.

The game is classified as "COD with Mecs." People have proceeded to call it "Titanfail" and create the incredibly unclever pun "Titanfall falls" every time bad news for it appears.

These are only the recent examples. This has happened before. I ask just one question.


Come on? Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Again, you speak of innovation when any attempt at it is dismissed as a gimmick. You complain every time a sequel to a game comes out, regardless if it looks awesome or not, and dismiss any attempt at a NEW idea as a gimmick! So yes, we can't have the same ideas all the time, but if every new game were a new idea, we would've run out of ideas by now! And all those new ideas are somehow gimmicks!

And not only that, you don't know what "gimmick" means. A gimmick is something used to keep something old fresh, like a free drinks night at a bar that's been around for a while. A gimmick isn't something that occurs in anything new. So if it isn't a gimmick, then what is it?


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DragonKnight2594d ago

This really sounds more like a Titanfall defense blog than anything else.

The people who called Watch Dogs "GTA with hacking" are complete morons. Calling Titanfall "Call of Duty with Mechs" is pretty accurate.

I know, I know "But you don't like Titanfall, you're always in Titanfall articles blah blah blahing about blah blah.."

I know. But Respawn is made up of Infinity Ward's founders and vets, and everyone can see that Titanfall is just a reskinned Call of Duty. You don't even have to believe me on that one when you can look for yourself to see the truth.

As for your other examples, you're talking about franchises here. People have been asking Ubisoft to make an AC game set in Japan and to make the combat mechanic less predictable and easy, so what does Ubisoft do? They tell us all that we wouldn't like an AC game set in Japan, and they make the combat even easier by adding chain killing. AC was innovative with the first game because quite frankly the first game has the best story, and IMO the best character. After that, all Ubisoft have been doing is making it look prettier, making the story more convoluted, and making it more accessible with tons of UPlay crap thrown into the mix.

And I'm sorry, but if you think that Super Mario sequels are the same as CoD sequels, you haven't played many Super Mario games. CoD is rehashed maps and a minor graphical upgrade every year, Super Mario is a completely new game with each sequel, with only the gameplay mechanics remaining similar, along with themes and characters.

Geekman2594d ago

A)I have no reason to defend Titanfall because I do not own an Xbox One. But if you insist it's COD with Mecs despite never playing it, ok

B)Assassins Creed 1 is described as boring compared to the other games, and the story has actually improved.

C)I've been playing Mario my whole life. There's not a single game (Besides Super Princess Peach) that I haven't played in that franchise. But yes, it is a completely different game each time I'll give you that.

You missed the point here. I'm tired of people saying they want something new when they CALL everything new a gimmick.

DragonKnight2594d ago

You don't have an Xbox One yet feel qualified to talk about Titanfall, and then criticize others that do the same. Ok.

Assassin's Creed 1 is described by whom to be boring, you? So you're the authority on it now? The story hasn't improved, it's gotten far more convoluted and involved. AC1's only flaw was the repetitive and easy combat, a problem with the entire series. AC1 introduced the Assassin's vs. Templars story and was the best at telling it, the rest of the games are getting lost in the First Civilization garbage so there's no way the story has improved.

The fact of the matter is is that everything has been done already, so while I agree with you that people need to curb their expectations and just have fun, people also have the right to call things out as well.

randomass1712593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )


"But Respawn is made up of Infinity Ward's founders and vets, and everyone can see that Titanfall is just a reskinned Call of Duty. You don't even have to believe me on that one when you can look for yourself to see the truth." Titanfall might have CoD's speedy gunplay, but anyone who has actually played it will tell you that saying it is a CoD reskin is a dishonest, ignorant and bold faced lie.

What you're suggesting is like trying to say that Doom III and Quake IV are the exact same game. Or Dead Rising and Resident Evil 4. They share a couple similarities but by no means do they remotely feel the same. I don't remember being able to wall-double jump onto the back of a mech and bring down its health while two of my buddies raise hell on it with their own mechs.

Edit: Also CoD doesn't have anti-mech lasers and giant quad-round rocket cannons. so there.

DragonKnight2593d ago

The difference between my examples and yours is that CoD and Titanfall were made with the same idea in mind. That being a casual multiplayer game designed for everyone. Doom and Quake, Dead Rising and RE, only have genre similarities and that's it.

Given that the main aspect of the gameplay between CoD and Titanfall is the same, that being run and gun, and given that the devs are literally the same it isn't dishonest or ignorant to call Titanfall Mech of Duty. Titanfall is what Call of Duty would be with Mechs and a jetpack. In fact you can count on Call of Duty incorporating those aspects with the next installment and you won't be able to tell the difference.

"Also CoD doesn't have anti-mech lasers and giant quad-round rocket cannons. so there."

It also doesn't have mechs that would necessitate needing such equipment... yet.

randomass1712593d ago

That's a strange thing to say. You're saying that if CoD copied Titanfall's ideas then Titanfall would be the clone? Just because Titanfall appeals to the same crowd doesn't mean it's cloning CoD. That's like saying Rayman Legends is ripping off New Super Mario Bros. because it's a coop platformer.

"Titanfall is what Call of Duty would be with Mechs and a jetpack."

You forgot parkour, and no it wouldn't be. If they did all that then CoD would cease to be CoD (actually not a bad thing at this point). I've played the game and I've played almost every Call of Duty. I think I know what the two franchises feel like and I'm laying it out like this: outside of its infantry gunplay (aka genre similarities as you yourself put it) Titanfall feels nothing like Call of Duty.

Have you even played the game? And I really hope the answer is a yes.

DragonKnight2593d ago

No, it's not like saying Rayman is a clone of Super Mario. That your mind can even come up with such a comparison is disturbing.

And it's not parkour. It's jumping around with jetpacks, that's not parkour.

Tell me if any of this is present in Titanfall.

Bottomline, Respawn wanted to make a game that could compete, or overcome, a game they are already responsible for as Infinity Ward. Enter Titanfall. Titanfall, like Call of Duty, is a casual multiplayer game based in twitch/run and gun gameplay. It's made for anyone to feel like a god at and is already having similar complaints made about it that CoD has had its entire lifetime.

If you want to remain ignorant about it just because you like it, that's your prerogative. No one is saying you can't like it, I didn't even say that. All I'm saying is recognize Titanfall for what it is, an attempt to compete or 1up Call of Duty by being nearly exactly the same as it, with some changes that are, admittedly, significant enough for some to believe it's a completely different experience.

Ducky2590d ago

^ Yup, this plays just like CoD.

The joys of people commenting on games they haven't played and calling others ignorant.

Godmars2902593d ago

"Tell me if any of this is present in Titanfall."

May as well ask why they have knives which lets them hack computer terminals, but not Titans to cripple in one fashion or another if not control.

Of course there are tons of technical/world building issues I have with the game's setting. Which, as they're only allowed and accepted, will only lead to devs add-hocking whatever they want into game stories as well as mechanics.

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Godmars2902594d ago

To me "innovation" was suppose to be the Wiimote and Kinect. The problem those however instead of either Nintendo or MS saying, "this what it can you" and provide examples and benchmarks it was more like they just dumped them on a stage and siad, "Do something with this".

True innovation pretty much was the PS1 and CDs when the gaming industry to grow up and out from the limitations of cartridges. Sony got their own in-house studios as well as 2nd and 3rd parties all in line with what the system could do. And nothing since, the step up to DVDs or MS bring online gaming from PCs to consoles, doesn't come close.

What you're talking about with franchises being run into the ground after introducing some new mechanic isn't even on the innovation radar.

devitton2593d ago

No mention of new Dungeon Keeper? - I'm disappointed

randomass1712593d ago

The thing is "gimmick" isn't even inherently a bad thing. It's just a label for something that is used as a selling point for game. A cool new innovation can also serve as a gimmick for a game and help it sell which isn't even bad.

When people describe something as "gimmicky" they even mean to use the phrase "tacked on," like the motion controls for a number of shovelware Wii/PS Move games.

Titanfall's Titans are the game's big gimmick; but it's not tacked on. It's a very fluent and fun game (been playing it on a relative's Xbox One and it's actually a lot of fun, absolutely nothing like CoD like DragonKnight seems to think).

Just to elaborate a bit, Titanfall is a lot more vertical than Call of Duty. Not only are soldiers around you, they're up in the sky, down below and riding around in giant mechs that you can take on even as just a lowly infantry unit. CoD is a military shooter that replays itself over and over. Titanfall is a a sci-fi multiplayer shooter that uses CoD's speed but applies new ideas to the mix.

Clown_Syndr0me2590d ago

This is so true. It shows people will never be happy!

Slade232589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

As that saying goes "you can't please everyone" lol

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