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Have gamers become.....perverted?

Forgive me, moderators, if this is too short, but I want to bring it to everyone attention.

Has anyone noticed that women in gaming seem to be 10 times hotter than they would normally look? Do we have developers spending 40 hours working on Bayonettas design? There's even a list of the 11 girls in gaming with the best butts. I mean, what? When on Earth did this happen?

I mean, look at Lightning! (Or whatever her name is. I've only played FF once.) Doesn't she seem abnormally hot? (Never thought I'd ever say that.)

And it's US too! Goig back to the 11 best butts video, we seem to notice these things right off the bat. Catwoman appears in Arkham City, we go "Oh! Nice ass!" Long forums discussing how big Bayonetta booty is. Wait a second, WHAT'S WITH ALL THE BUTT RELATED EXAMPLES! And to top that, I even caught a friend of mine looking up Peaches dress in 3D World as she was going up the clear pipes. (Though he saw nothing. It's rated "E.") EVEN IN KID ICARUS. (Though Palutena is supposed to be a goddess.)

Even I got the idea for this article after replaying the first Bayonetta recently. Looking at my DQ9 cover, I noticed the girl on THAT isn't exactly wearing something that'd make me focus on the game at hand. It seems developers put a lot of effort into making women hot, and we notice it right off the bat. (And after playing Theif, I think it continues into Current Gen.)

Odd article, I know, but I just wanted to point it out. By the way, has anyone noticed Bayonettas booty is abnormally big?

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Stringerbell2596d ago

I'm not going to ask what search term you had to put into Google to render that pic lol

Geekman2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

I just found it while searching for a Nintendo picture I saw on Shokios channel. That's when the idea for this blog came up.

dedicatedtogamers2596d ago

Men in games are abnormally good-looking, and usually very muscular.

When playing games, it's nice to fantasize about being someone that you are not. My wife is a big fan of the Dragon Age (has replayed both titles about 4 times each) games, and she always spends about an hour prior to starting the game customizing every detail about her sexy whoever main character.

Men like playing as the ideal man, and believe it or not, women like playing "sexy dress up" with their characters, too. MMOs are widely played by women and - guess what? - MMOs are one of the main "offenders" for over-sexy women.

Bimkoblerutso2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I don't think gamers are perverts. I don't think it is perverted to get...aroused, and I don't think it's perverted to WANT to get aroused.

I DO think that, as with almost every form of media, it is completely and utterly overused to the point that it has become a generic trope, but I don't think liking to look at boobies is inherently perverted. We all like to ogle.

mydyingparadiselost2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Have you seen the amount of make up, photo shop, surgical work and clothing with fake 'accessories' people use for photo shoots and TV/movies so they can look as sexy as possible in everything they do? The problem here is human culture, not game culture. That being said I'm looking very forward to Bayo 2 with increased 'ass'ets.... Sorry, I'll leave now....

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The story is too old to be commented.