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How the enjoyment of waiting for a game is destroyed

Oddly enough, it isn't the companies that's lower my enjoyment of waiting for a game; it's you people. How do you do it?

1)Endlessly complain about it not being on your console, which is understandable in some cases, but not when the reason has been stated numerous times, like in the case of Bayonetta 2 or Titanfall.

2)This actually connects back to number 1. Since the game is not on your console, you search over the games news looking for something to bash about on it. It could be something stupid like if the graphics aren't good enough, or if the character looks gay, or some other ridiculous reason.

3) Get upset over the slightest bad news. I.E "OH MA GAWD, WATCH DOGS HAS NO GORE! THIS IS GAME WILL FAIL!"

4) Endlessly complain about the slightest GOOD news I.E: TITANFAIL HAS BOTS? OH MA GAWD, FAIL! I WANNA KILL PEOPLE! *Police burst down door and start shooting.*

5) The classic "It's not for 'real' gamers" statement.

Now here's how it IS diminished by a company.

1)Price. 60 bucks is already too high, but if you count the cost of online play, that brings it up a notch. I usually play offline because I don't like paying for online. (Especially if the servers crash every week.)

2) A downgrade. It actually depends here. If it's downgraded a graphically like Watch Dogs, but still looks nice, then I'll buy it. If it's downgraded to the point where it looks ok, then I'll buy it. If it's to the point where it looks like complete garbage.... yeah, no.

4)TOO MUCH INFO! There comes a point where you've decided you already want the game and wish to find everything else it has to offer on its own. I.E Super Smash Bros for the Wii U.

5)Delays. Must I explain?

Let me know if I missed something.

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Crazyglues2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

This is in no way any offense to you personally, but--->

What? What is this even about, the "the enjoyment of waiting for a game" --> there is no enjoyment of waiting for a game...

Maybe in your world, but in mine, I like to play my games, not wait for them.

But what is this about, you just listed a bunch of stuff that sounds like your complaining about people complaining.. --Hold it right there-- (is someone forcing you to read these complaints)

I don't get it. --and maybe it's because I've made some of these comments and I find them more then justified..

For- Example- WatchDogs being downgraded -Yes this sucks and maybe it is still a really good game, but if you show me a trailer of the game playing on my current system PS4 and tell me this is what it will look like ---- And then I go and pre-order your game because I'm now excited --- And you then downgrade the graphics for no reason, with no explanation, how is that not something to be upset about.

I bought your game because of what you showed me it would be like, if you showed me the trailer they got out now, I would not have touched your game with a 10 foot pole.

--Now let me give you another example - you go and buy a Honda accord but when you get there, the dealer says, "oh we don't have those anymore so I gave you this pink two door go-kart instead..." (you would be like ok that's fine I'll take it thanks)

IN WHAT WORLD? Come on' player seriously? How can you not see these complaints are very valid... (you ever heard of the saying, "Bait and Switch") well that's what Ubisoft seems to be doing these days, I'll show you a PC tech demo even though your system won't look nothing like his..

Now when it comes out it looks like a PS3 title on your PS4

oh wow thanks, glad I wasted 65 bucks on your game when I could have spent that on a real next gen title -yeah gee thanks :)

||.........___||............ ||

Geekman2596d ago

Ok dude.... What? How on EARTH did the PS4 get into this conversation? How did Next-gen (Which is now current gen) get into this conversation? Did either of those titles come up ONCE in this blog? DID THEY!? The point of this blog was to talk about how controversy over a game diminishes the enjoyment me finding out more info about it. Was that hard to understand? And again, WHERE DID THE PS4 CRAP COME FROM?!! I love the PS4, but can I walk two steps without running into someone obsessed with it? #Goaway

Crazyglues2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

LMAO... I was making an example of why its a valid complaint about people being upset about the downgrading...

Ok maybe I didn't have enough coffee before I wrote this, but my point was it's not clear in the blog-- you said, "The point of this blog was to talk about how controversy over a game diminishes the enjoyment me finding out more info about it."

-that should be at the top, right above the reasons...

-But ok I have approved you, good luck with your blog post.. (no offense player was just trying to understand what you meant) -because at first I thought you were saying you were upset about people complaining..

But ok, I got what you mean now.. :) /and again good luck with your post

mydyingparadiselost2591d ago

I wish game would be released like a month after they were announced, waiting is what kills the hype for me more than anything else. This would also help with the downgraded visuals since a month from release I would hope visuals would be set.