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Get it through your skulls;Graphics. Don't. MATTER! (To an extent.)

So news recently came out that Watch Dogs was apparently downgraded graphicswise after its delay. I don't understand HOW they made it look worse. I usually respect the game creators, but I don't know what made them think it looked better than before. I could've had this back in November for the PS4 or Wii U or Xbox 360, yet it was delayed to "polish."

Now, is the downgrade worthy of CANCELLING pre-orders?


Not I, or anyone else was excited over this game because of its graphics. We were excited over it because of its CONCEPT. Doing whatever you want, hacking whatever you want, etc. And TONS of news about the game such as collectible cars, costumes, minigames, etc have been announced after the downgrade. Yet nobody CARES, because it doesn't look as good as you want it to.

And on top of that, it looks FINE!

I won't go as far as to call it visually stunning, but I don't understand WHAT makes you idiots think that the game looking worse than it was intended to somehow makes it less fun. You are the same people who will go back and replay a PS2 or Gamecube or Xbox game, or even NES, or even Atari. If you'll go back and replay those games, then you shouldn't give a flying goomba about how well it looks unless it looks absolutely HORRIBLE.

And like I said, It looks FINE!

On top of all this, now people are worried about the Division. Seriously? Not ONCE before all of this was I hyped about the Division because of its graphics; It was because of its multiplayer, gameplay, and CONCEPT.

You speak of innovation, yet the only thing you ever appear to care about is graphics. Are GRAPHICS the new innovation? If you think so, then screw innovation! It doesn't exist! Any attempt at innovation is dismissed as a gimmick! Innovation doesn't matter! It never mattered! All we care about is graphic. Resolution. How pretty it looks. And despite all the talk about graphics, you'll forget about how pretty the game looks after a couple of days. Not ONE game is stilled being praised today because of graphics.

Get it through your skulls; GRAPHICS. DON'T. MATTER!

Ok, one thing I said was wrong. THIS game is still praised over its graphics. Oddly enough, not only is this game sub HD, but if people are still gawking over this, and the Watch Dogs now looks BETTER than this, then what's the problem? Tell me.

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thorstein2601d ago

What I believe happened was that a twitter user who had played the PC and then the PS4 version stated that the PS4 version was on par (or slightly less) with the PC version.

This was supported by compressed video from Youtube and some anonymous (not capital A) poster who created a gif of some of the gameplay. Others countered with amazing looking gifs of gameplay.

That suddenly came to mean that all the versions were down graded. Note that Ubisoft have not made a statement about this. Unfortunately, this opened a can of horrible journalism stupid. Articles and claims started being posted here on N4G as if they were gospel and were labeled as News instead of Rumors.

One of these actually claimed there was no blood in the game. The author fabricated the claim, stated they would change the headline, then didn't.

It has been a strange few days regarding Watch Dogs. I have read enough about it to know that it is the kind of game I like to play and I will be getting it.

If only it would come with a cell phone that I could hack with...

TomRL2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

I believe the Ubisoft team when they said that the trailer was a massive mistake with all settings set on low. No way is a possible downgrade going to be that bad.

But if it was true, then I applaud those who cancel their pre orders. We wouldn't want to support the game if it was grossly misrepresented in pre-launch marketing. I don't care how important you think graphics are, misleading the consumers in such a grossly obvious way is both wrong and an insult.

I probably wouldn't cancel my my own preorder. I don't have the willpower to give up on the games cool concept. But I commend those who would have had the willpower to do so. Those that are strongly principled. But, as I said, it probably isn't going to be downgraded on release. So no worries right?

Sorry, I would have approved of this blog but I haven't got the qualifications yet :/

Edit: Graphics do matter, very much so. To quantify their importance to zero in the title was a wrong statement. And also misleading, I don't believe that you think that graphics have zero importance.

GamingTruth2598d ago

they matter but pc nerds take it completely out of context to make it as a superiority banner they get to carry around or something for their favorite platform when to me pc graphics never have and never be all that they make them seem at all

KwietStorm_BLM2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

The people who say graphics don't matter are just as wrong as the people who judge a game solely on it's graphics. If graphics don't matter, then neither does sound design, controls, and the whole vision of the game.

slivery2598d ago

I could not agree more, if that was the case everyone would still be playing on the Magnavox Odyssey. If improvements in games didn't matter then what would be the sense of a new console period.

There would be none, so graphics do matter, they just should not be the only thing you want out of a good game.

goldwyncq2597d ago

It does matter to a certain extent. Why would I buy a new console if it doesn't?

Lukejrl2597d ago

The improved graphics really should bring improved physics and more options. New consoles should bring new ways to play.

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