None of you have learned one fucking thing.


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The PS4 is selling well.... WHO KNEW? (Part 2)

I got 6 comments last time.

Not exactly popular, or worth writing a response to, but hey, I was bored.

Anyway, the primary responses I got were people saying "I got tears in my eyes." because the Xbox One isn't winning.

Yeah, that's right. I'M an Xbot.

I've gone from hating the Xbox One to having a like-hate relationship with the Xbox One, to pretty much disliking the Xbox One. Not full on hating, disliking, which is hating to a lower degree. Despite my lack of care about resolution, I do not approve of paying more for a product that offers less, and even though I like the exclusives the consoles have, I do not condone Microsofts idiotic actions.

So when I told you guys to shut up, I was speaking as ONE OF YOU!

So let me imitate one of you guys:
"Hm. 'PS4 is selling well.... who knew?' Ha! Must be written by an Xbot! Ima troll him in the comments section. Durrrrrr!'"

Did I get that right?

Look, I SAID this in the article. I LOVE the PS4. I EXPECTED it to do well, because it is a phenomenal piece of hardware. I was not speaking as an Xbox fanboy whining because I think the Xbox One should be winning, because I can not justify wanting the Xbox One to win. What I was telling you is that after 3 months, we already KNOW that the PS4 is selling well, we already KNOW that developers are praising it, and we already KNOW how much you like it. Nobody needs to hear you people go ON and ON about how much you like the console for more than 3 months! Every day I come on this site and look for PS4 news and find one of these fanboyish articles. I'm sick of it.

I know I should just ignore them, but they're everywhere! I'm willing to bet cash that actual news ABOUT the PS4 is low priority, and news praising the PS4 is high priority. Don't believe me? Find an article talking about a PS4 game. Then find an article praising the PS4. Compare the number of comments and level of intensity. Then get back to me. Like I said last time, you could be playing the PS4, reporting on updates to PS4 games, reporting on news Sony announces, going outside, watching TV, playing another platform... (PS4 forbid.) You could do a THOUSAND other things than waste your time praising a console just because it's winning, and again, I am speaking as a PS4 fan. And if you're just skimming the article, let me repeat that in all caps:


I'll take my 6 comments now.


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