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Why am I getting dejavu from 6th gen?

Everything that's been happening seems VERY familiar, and I'm surprised nobody else has noticed.

The PS4 is the best choice. It's cheap, powerful, has great multiplats, a few great exclusives, and offers innovation aside from the console at a different price. The PS4 is selling extremely well, and is dominating the other 2.

Didn't the EXACT same thing happen with the PS2? The PS2 is the best selling console in history, and offered extra features to go with it with a price if you wanted it.

The Xbox One is a decent console, and launched with an awesome game: Dead Rising 3. It also has Halo coming, and other shooters that make it a valuable console to own. Yet it can't compete with the PS4, and sells sluggishly.

Again, the same thing happened last gen. The Xbox launched with Halo, and had Halo 2 coming. (Bad example, I know.) This console ALSO sold sluggishly, and could not compete with the PS2.

Lastly, we have the Wii U. It's not selling as well as it's older brother, but the Wii U has some great games now, and great games coming, which is why it's still alive. It will never copy the Wiis success, but has enough games and is cheap enough to be a secondary console or possibly even a main if you're really casual.

Again, an EXACT repeat of the Gamecube, which could not copy the success of the N64, sold sluggishly, yet had many great games that people put time into. The ultimate secondary console, and again, even a main console if you're really casual. Furthermore, the GBA was doing well while the Gamcube was selling sluggishly, now the 3DS is selling well while the Wii U is selling sluggishly.

Have we passed through some sort of time void? Not that I'm complaining. The sixth generation of consoles was personally my favorite generation of consoles, and there are SOME differences considering the PS2 was not that powerful, but my points still stand.

What do you think? Am I a crazy old man, or are we going back in time?

6th gen....

8th gen.....

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BitbyDeath2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Got to agree.
The PS2 was a pure gaming machine, everything it did, it did just right and devs continued to throw endless support its way.

PS3 honestly feels like a Vista. Sure it had some really awesome games but everything OS related was extremely clunky as multitasking was absent and coding for games was hard removing/slowing down game support. Everything was incredibly slow from load times to uploading trophies and even firmware required your full attention which could take 15-30mins.

PS4 is like the jump to Windows 7. Everything just works and now with easier hardware the games are getting a much larger focus. While downloads are still required it all now occurs in the background so no longer interrupting your gaming sessions, trophies still need uploading but you do not have to sit and watch. Even firmware is automated up to the point of installation which only takes seconds to complete.

PS4 OS while not perfect (missing media functionality, pausing downloads etc) is a dream in comparison to PS3.

Derekvinyard132610d ago

True, but with that jump we lost some good devs.

theshonen88992610d ago

Differences with 6th gen:
- PS2 launched a year early like Wii U
- PS2 is the weakest console of the three
- Xbox sales were more comparable to Gamecube whereas Xbox One sales are more comparable to PS4

However, if you compare the Wii U to the Dreamcast then everything makes sense.
- Wii U launched a year earlier than PS4, just like Dreamcast launched a little over a year earlier than PS2
- Wii U is significantly weaker than PS4, just like Dreamcast was significantly weaker then PS2
- Wii U fails to gain strong 3rd party support like Dreamcast
- Both consoles had sales far below other competitors
- Oddly enough, both consoles have monitors in their controllers
- Lastly (my own opinion), both will be remembered for their great exclusives

dotwithshoes2609d ago

The dreamcast didn't have a monitor in it's controller, it had a LCD screen on it's memory card. BIG difference.

cyber_daemonx2613d ago

History repeating itself, like a glitch in The Matrix.

It's funny how the PS4 could end up being 'The One' lol.

No FanS Land2612d ago

Really loving the PS4, sometimes I just look at think about the improvement over the PS3 era, everything has been thought thorough.

The PS3 had a rough life, from awkward engineering decisions to bad support on the xmb.
Ken Kutaragi apparently insisted to keep the blu-Ray drive in the PS3, meaning it maybe was a matter of priorities, I guess investors were afraid of the costs, but somehow the MS/SD/compact flash reader got through. I don't understand.

back on topic I hope this is about the last gen this way:

the 6th gen had overhauled 3D gameplay from the 5th gen, some multimedia capabilities, first consoles with accessibles OS's (count the PS1 if you want) but were all still gaming machines.

on the 7th gen things went way too spread out. the PS3 was a BD that happened to play games (if you owned a PS3 with firmware 1.53 you'd understand, back then some xmb settings could interfere with games and drop the framerate). the 360 was no better, but it was better marketed as a gaming machine and much more to offer, while nintendo still played 1st party card all the way.

Now MS's confidence and experimentation with the 360 has cost them much on the Xbox1, it's in fact reminding of the early days of the PS3 where having a single piece of hardware to replace everything else is more important than the sole gaming machine.
And Nintendo thought they could get away with the Wii u, their plan backfired.

I hope the 9th gen will feature an Xbox that is on par with the current Playstation philosophy, 2 true gaming machines with multimedia as a bonus, not a focus. I also hope Nintendo will bounce back and think of what made them awesome with the Snes and edgy with the 64.

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gamejediben2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

There are lots of holes in this comparison:

1. Where's Sega? There is no Sega Console as an analogue to the Dreamcast

2. Release date. PS2 and Xbox released a year apart. PS4 and XB1 launched one week apart. GameCube released along side Xbox but Wii U released a year before PS4 and XB1.

3. Price. PS2 was the same price as the Xbox. PS4 is $100 cheaper than XB1.

4. Killer apps. Dreamcast had SoulCalibur. Xbox had Halo: CE. GameCube had Rogue Leader. PS2 didn't really have a killer app (lots of good games though). None of the new consoles had killer apps at launch.

5. Backward compatibility. PS2 could play PS1 games. PS4 can only play PS4 games. Only the Wii U is BC this gen.

6. Handheld consoles. GBA was unchallenged by the NGPC or the N-Gage and completely dominated the market from day one. 3DS had a very rough start and only last year started to dominate. PS Vita is lagging badly but isn't doing as badly as the NGPC or N-Gage in the 6th gen.

7. Lack of JRPGs. PS2 and to some degree GameCube were loaded with JRPGs, but most of the current JRPGs announced (Dark Souls II, Persona 5, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles/Xilla 2/Zesteria, FFX HD, and lots of others) are coming to PS3. Aside from FFXV, Xenoblade 2 and eventually KH3 I'm not seeing a whole lot of JRPGs for next gen consoles.

I agree that Sony will likely win this gen and MS will take 2nd place followed by Nintendo in 3rd. But this generation is a LONG way from the the glory days of the 6th gen.

Granted, its still early but the 6th gen was amazing right from the beginning. I poured dozens of hours into SoulCalibur, Halo and Rogue Leader. I can't say the same for any launch title this gen...

fonger082612d ago

I agree with your list. The PS2 came just as I was going into college and the #1 reason we (roomates and I) got it was because yes it played PS1 games but it was DVD player! DVD players were going for $150 plus at the time and that was a sure deal to us a long with many of us in the dorms. Plus Madden...

Geekman2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I was pointing out similarities, not listing every single thing that happened that gen and this gen. I have a life.

gamejediben2612d ago

Well, if you wanted to show similarity to a generation you should have chosen the 4th gen. Here's why:

SNES (PS4) and Genesis (XB1) were very close at first but SNES ended up winning by selling 1/5 more consoles. Genesis was dragged down by terrible add-ons (Kinect). The Turbografx-16 (Wii U) was way in last place. Gameboy (3DS) was way ahead of GameGear (PS Vita).

Just sayin...

LKHGFDSA2611d ago

the Xbone was never "very close", it's always had awful disadvantages and marketing. There hasn't been a point where the general public have thought the X1 was a decent competitor to the PS4, it's only been bad PR and poor performance.
and FYI the Megadrive/Genesis only got outsold by the SNES in Japan.

LKHGFDSA2611d ago

obviously it's not exactly the same in every single way.
do you have autism or something?

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