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Franchises that don't seem to die

This one has been in my head for a while. Lets do this countdown style.

6)Assassins Creed.
This game originated last gen. Now, the latest title is Assassins Creed 4, so you'd think there are only 4 games, right?

There are over 12.

AC1, AC2, AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations, AC3, heck there's even a DS version that I forget the name to. This series seems old, yet it's only been around for one gen, and Ubisoft doesn't seem to have any plans to end it anytime soon. (Especially since no ending is planned.)

5) Final Fantasy
I'm surprised hardly anybody has noticed that a game called Final Fantasy has so many entries. I myself have only played Mystic Quest, so I can't say anything other than that it's been around since before the bit wars.

4)Call Of Duty
This is one of the most liked, and most hated franchises of all time. It's still a great franchise, but many say that it's gone downhill with time. It excelled in campaign in MW2/3, and Multiplayer in Black Ops1/2. Both seemed to fall with Ghosts (which was still a decent game, but one of the worst of the franchise.)

It's football. Enough said.

2) Super Mario
You all saw this one coming. It's been accused of being the same rehashed game several time. I believe the "New Super Mario Bros series" led people tp believe this, because the 3D games are different from the last (unless its a sequel.) the Paper games are different from the last, the RPGs are different from the last, and even the "New" games are based off returning characters such as the koopalings and a new graphically powered version of the NES/SNES games. I agree, we could do with a year without Mario since the man has like 5 games each year, but It's anything but rehashed.

1) Minecraft
When you beat a game, you do the side missions, replay it two or three times, then just kind of throw it in the corner to never be touched again unless you get bored. With Minecraft, there is NOTHING to do but search for this portal that takes you to fight a dragon, a dragon that takes a lot of preparation to defeat. Therefore, you could either spend you time trying to find and kill this dragon, or just do whatever the heck you want. There is a survival mode in which you try and survive in a land full of strange monsters by building a house, gather supplies for weapons, armor, and food, and finding new areas. You don't even have to build house. On the PC, it's infinite blocks, so you could just keep moving forward if you want. Or there is creative mode, where you could build whole cities, houses, mansions, structures, etc. There is also a buttload of mods that you can play. Not to mention the game is multiplayer. This is one of the most fun games of all time. It's been around for a long time, and doesn't seem to be going anywhere for a long time.

None of these franchises NEED to die, I'm just saying that these are games that have been around for a while, and don't seem to be leaving anytime soon.

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caseh2610d ago

Should rename number 3 to EA Sports.

Every year you get tweaked graphics, gameplay and updated rosters in NHL, Madden, FIFA and NBA yet it is essentially the same game from 2006. They need to lose their licensing rights to open things up a bit.

Geekman2610d ago

To be fair, all those franchises are based off sports. There's really nothing new you can do with those franchises except what you listed.