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The PS4 is selling well..... WHO KNEW!?

Everyday I go on the internet, I see articles talking about how much the PS4 is crushing the Xbox One and how it's close to outselling the Wii U. I expected it to sell this well..... and so did Son Ponies, Xbots, and even Nintendrones alike. We get it. The PS4 is winning. Be quiet and actually play your PS4 instead of gloating.

We ALL knew the PS4 would sell well. It is an excellent console. It's the most powerful console, it left all of the Gimmicks/Innovation (Take your pick.) to buy separate from the console, it has an extremely comfortable controller. PS Plus could be better, but it's still an improvement.

During the holidays, the PS4 sold 4.2 million copies in 48 hours. An incredibly impressive feat. Recent charts claim the sales have died down a bit, (Which is expected after the holidays) but the PS4 is still at the top of the charts. Having now sold 5.3 million units, it is now expected to recch 6 or 7 million units by March, outselling the Wii U and crushing the Xbox One.

Who cares?

Everyone who has been posting these articles are fanboys gloating, and you have a right to gloat, but we get the point. The Ps4 is a good console. It sells well. It will continue to sell well unless some disaster happens. I am a Sony fan, and as a Sony fan, I'm asking you to keep your mouth shut. We KNOW the PS4 is selling well. We EXPECTED the PS4 to sell well. All we need is ONE article reporting on the sales, not a hundred different articles gloating about it, predicting doom for the Xbox One and Wii U because of it, and wasting valuable gaming time. If you like the console so much, why are you wasting your time talking about it on the internet when you could be PLAYING it? I understand it's new and there's not that many interesting games to play on it, but you could still be playing it. AC4 and Arkham Origins, for example, is a long single player experience with a lot of things to do. Battlefeild 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts offer online multiplayer that you can spend your time in.

What's that? You're bored with those games? You know, there's this magical place called "Outside." It's full of sports, women, people, activities, all sorts of stuff to do. Or if you insist on staying inside, then there's TV. "Arrow" comes back on TV in a few days. Old and funny episodes of "The Simpsons" come on My13 everyday. ALL games consoles offer Hulu Plus and other services you could use. OR, if you insist on going on the internet, then you could talk about inFamous, or Destiny, or The Witcher 3, or Shadow of Mordor. (Even as the rip-off it is.) There are a million things you could be doing instead of praising the PS4 every chance you get. It leaves me to question how often you've even picked up the controller rather than logging on to N4G or some other site and start praising the PS4 like it's a deity.

Again, I love Sony. They make the best gaming hardware. They learned from their mistakes last year, and I see no flaws with the way they are running things now. Very few people do not share this opinion, and if they do, then they are in denial. But the point still stands that there are few who do not realize that the PS4 is an excellent choice, and it is winning this gen.

So no more articles stating how "It's not a competition" or "PS4 is crushing Xbox One." or any of that stuff. Not only does everyone ALREADY KNOW, but nobody cares anymore, and furthermore, it's too early into this gen to even declare a winner anyway. Crazy things have happened in console wars, and just because the PS4 is selling well doesn't mean momentum will keep up forever, God forbid. (Oh, sorry Fanboys.) PS4 forbid.

It's true.

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Derekvinyard132615d ago

I've owned only sony consoles my whole life, when I come to this site I'm actually embarrassed at some of the stuff these people say just because they own a certain console. Every product has its advantages and disadvantages especially in a competitive market. Good read man, I enjoyed seeing someone that actually has some common sense around here.

TruthInsider 2612d ago

Awww, do you want it to stop now its not Xbone winning?

7 years of crap we put up with and you're crying after 3 months!

It's going to be a long, long generation for you isn't it:-)

Geekman2612d ago

I have almost no love for the Xbox One. Like I said, I am speaking as a Sony fan who has played and bought Sony consoles. I WANT the PS4 to win the gen. Get over yourself and read the article before you comment.

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Gwiz2612d ago

That PS3 launch seems ages ago.