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Will there be a 9th generation of consoles?

Yes, I realize this is a touchy subject, and I will likely be accused of making a "click bait" blog. But just hear me out here. I'm actually against there NOT being a 9th generation of consoles.

Microsoft and Nintendo have both stated that they have plans for a 9th generation console, the Nintendo Fusion, and, I don't know, the Xbox Two. *Loud Booing.* Ok, corny joke, but lets get into the topic.

About a month ago an article popped up showing Specs for a possible 9th generation console. It came from a reliable source, and seemed realistic enough to believe. It was vaguely confirmed during a investor meeting that took place fairly recently. While Iwata basically confirmed nothing about the rumors other than that handheld and home consoles will be integrated, he clearly stated that they have SOMETHING planned.

The Xbox executive himself has stated (Or rather Tweeted.) that he thinks home console hardware will be important for a long time, and he does not think the Xbox One will be the last home console Microsoft makes. Of course, this is just a tweet, and we're not sure if Microsoft actually has another Xbox planned.

Let's look at the positives:

Many favor console gaming over PC, and even I personally do not want PC gaming to take over despite me liking it. With many claiming that this will be the last generation of consoles, it's nice to see the companies at least talking about their future hardware. Furthermore, when you think about it, console gaming is cheaper. You pay 400 bucks for a PS4, 50 bucks for PS Plus if you want to, and buy one or two games a month for 60 bucks like I do. With the PC, you have to find a GOOD gaming Pc, and those aren't cheap, then cross your fingers that you don't have to buy a processor every time you boot a game up to an old one. I have always favored console gaming, and I am sure many do. I'm not sure whether I would stop gaming all-together should next-gen be PC dominated, but I wouldn't game as much.

Now let's looks at the negatives:

When exactly are these consoles coming out, if they even are? Could something happen this generation that makes the companies decide against another console? And what about Sony? The PS4 is doing great, so I doubt they're focused on another console right now, but it couldn't hurt to be prepared for it. And there are analysis claiming Sony has a chance of going bankrupt in two years due to nothing besides Playstations selling well. I'm pretty sure they would sell the brand to another company, but to who, and would they even want to make a Playstation 5?

All of this is mainly rumors and speculation, but I suggest that you look further into each companies claims about 9th gen. It is a little early to worry about this, but only PC Master Race gamers want a PC-Only-Generation.

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DonDon2616d ago

Of course. We're still having issues getting every game to be 1080p. There will be another generation.

s45gr322614d ago

I don't see it (console gamer vet) not because I hate consoles but what new can be done on new consoles without becoming a PC plus it set it apart from the previous console or smart tv/phone. If the only thing you can come up is new games then a 9th generation console is unlikely.

Zichu2614d ago

Technology is always advancing. They will increase power, performance, etc., just as the PC tech does.

It would be like saying, what new can be done on new PC tech?

Someone, somewhere will come out with something and it could change everything. Who thought that we would go from crappy, massive cellphones, to really small phones and suddenly back to big, due to screen size and power. Who thought a smartphone could be used as an everyday device or a portable PC.

dedicatedtogamers2616d ago

All platforms are going to struggle this gen, PC included, smartphones included, everything included. But that's simply due to the economic conditions.

There will certainly be a 9th gen and I anticipate that after we see the game industry crater during this gen, publishers and devs will be re-examining what made the Wii a success and made the PS2 a success, etc. Profitability is going to be the most important thing this gen since it will put companies in the best position to "try again" next gen.

Roccetarius2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

This generation we've seen the Rise of the Machines (AAA), but later on we'll see the Rise of Man(Indie). It's a terrible cycle that can't be broken, and many developers will be harvested. The consumers will be given 3 choices, which all have different continuations for the industry. I just hope that it's the right one.

s45gr322614d ago

I love your blogs and comments you are a smart guy but I truly don't see a 9th generation. Is a 10 core processor really necessary for gaming no. What I see is Virtual Reality replacing consoles and the PC becoming the only hardware available this doesn't mean the big three are gone it only means that Sony Microsoft and Nintendo will offer cloud based services through your quad core smart tv. Yes there are duo core smart tvs I saw them on Sam's Club. Basically you will only buy a game pad and pay a monthly fee to access say service like Amazon Prime. That's a more realistic scenario.

dedicatedtogamers2614d ago

Consoles, PCs, handhelds, what are they?

They're just boxes you buy to get the games you want.

As long as many of the world's most talented developers reside on consoles, then consoles will continue to exist. The convenience, speed, and peace of mind of gaming on a handheld/console, not to mention the inherent quality control is something that will always find a market.

mixelon2615d ago

It really depends on how quickly the infrastructure improves and how quickly things like PS Now take off..

A device the size of Vita TV, or a TV itself could stream in 1080p nicely in many places already.. If this gen managed to last 10 years it's really difficult to know where things will be by the end.

I suspect there will always be more generations though, even if they become more niche.

Conzul2615d ago

Minimum of one more, but I'd put money on two more as the sweet spot.

caseh2615d ago

Think there will be one more but it will barely be recognisable as a console. Since the Megadrive/SNES days each gen has added some level of functionality on top of the previous generation:

Megadrive/SNES - Just games
PSX/Saturn - Music playback, VCD playback
PS2/Xbox - DVD playback, Internet ready
PS3/Xbox360 - Blu-Ray, web browser, mouse/keyboard support, media server
PS4/XB1 - too much to list

The shift towards a streamlined PC type of experience is evident, right down to the latest consoles being PCs in disguise with a custom OS sat on top of the hardware.

newflesh2615d ago

Microsoft Office on Xbox one maybe?

caseh2615d ago

Hah you read my mind! I was going to edit my original comment and suggest that. :)

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