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Can games be Inspiring?

I constantly look for things that inspire me. As human beings we all need that extra push from time to time that will change our mindset and motivate us to keep on going towards our goals in life. We have the ability to get inspired by many things. And some of those inspirational moments we live can create a whole new version of ourselves that we did not know was there. A new love for a hobby, appreciation for a medium or art that you did not know you could ever have among other things. Maybe you even get to discover new outlets of self-expression that are part of who you are right now as a person.

I know I have been inspired by many things. Movies, speeches and people above all. And although watching a great sports movie may not have pushed me to run out to become a football player after watching a pre-game speech, it can get me in the mindset to become a better person. Watch al pacino’s pre-game speech in any given Sunday, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I have no doubt whatsoever that movies and music among other forms of art can motivate people, but could videogames ever achieve that?

We have a huge industry of such talented individuals who have wanted nothing more than to create the absolute best gaming experiences available. Of course videogames have inspired other people to become involved with the industry there is no question about that, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.

I’m talking about the ability to motivate and inspire people to do whatever it is that they do better. To feel good about themselves, to be hopeful. Just like when you watch that great movie who’s message was to never give up on your dream.

We discuss all the time whether videogames are art or not, everyone reasons that games have to be art because there is art in it. There are drawings, images, music and writing.... isn't that enough? Well here is the thing, I really don’t know.

We have all these amazing systems with great and powerful technology yet even as we get closer and closer to life-like visuals, creators seem to be pushing towards dazzling you rather than inciting any sort of emotional response from you.

Fear, pride, laughter and hope are things that movies can surely make a person feel. Now videogames have shown slight hints of being able to achieve the same thing, I think it’s time for creators to finally step up to the plate and aim for that instead of just aiming for insane graphic details alone.

When this becomes videogame creators goals and they achieve them, only then will videogames have a shot at being inspiring. What do you guys think? Have you ever been inspired by a videogame?

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Nicaragua3010d ago

Wipeout inspired me to take lots of drugs and drive at dangerously high speeds while listening to a banging techno soundtrack - does that count ?

PopRocks3593010d ago

Wow, and I just submitted a blog talking about how the game Shantae inspired and influenced me quite a bit. Small world lol.

Garrison3010d ago

Yes it is. I love finding about rare gems like Shantae. It's great to see games and franchises we feel strongly about being taken care of rather than just disappearing.

thebudgetgamer3009d ago

Playing Matt Hoffman inspired me to get back into freestyle BMX.

DestinyHeroDoomlord3008d ago

Cod inspired me to kill an airport full of people... then I died