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Gaming franchises that DESPERATELY need to return.

So I got to thinking the other day about how some people are saying global game sales are down, the causes of it and what game franchises I would pay GOOD money to see return. These could be just simple re-releases/remakes or full sequels to a beloved series. And I very quickly had a big list so I thought I'd share with you guys and see what you think. Maybe we could even send this to certain publishers... Now in order to qualify for this blog, a franchise must have had at least 2 releases so single game franchises like Lost Odyssey, Skies of Arcadia and Legend of Dragoon don't count even though I would very much like a re-release or follow-up to them. In general, I'll try to stick to franchises that haven't seen a release in over 6 years.

Here we go! In no particular order...

Last Release: 2006
I won't include the Japan only Grandia Online that was shut down in 2012. Considered by many RPG fans to have one of the best battle systems in the genre, this series rose to prominence in the late 90s only so slide into obscurity and disappear completely before the dawn of the HD gaming era. A PC port of Grandia II recently released bringing hope that this series might soon return.

Phantasy Star
Last Release: 1995
I'm not talking about the MMO series but the mainline RPG series. Several spin-offs have since released in Japan and even PS2 remakes of the originals but sadly, western gamers haven't seen anything out of the series in decades. If Sega were to announce Phantasy Star V coming to modern consoles or even a compilation of the originals there would be much happiness for RPG fans.

Shining Force
Last Release: 1998
There have been several spin-offs but the last game in the main strategy series that western gamers received was Shining Force III on the Sega Saturn which, while critically acclaimed, was only the 1st disk of 4. We never got the other disks. There are now fan translations available but a complete HD remake for modern consoles would be greatly appreciated. But an announcement of Shining Force IV would be even better.

Last Release: 2009
This series rose to be the height of stealth action during the late 90s but since 2005, the series has seen some very disappointing releases and now the franchise appears to be dead. I spent lots of time making my own levels in Tenchu 2 and I imagine that the level editor would be a welcome addition in this online gaming era. Also, the bloody assassinations were just too cool. Hitman had nothing on this series.

Front Mission
Last Release: 2005
Oh what a sad tale this is. Western gamers only ever got Part 1, 3 and 4 of this five-part epic saga of strategy games. A compilation for modern console would be most appreciated. Square Enix has absolutely no excuse for not releasing these in the west. Take my money, Squeenix!

Breath of Fire
Last Release: 2016
I'm not even going to mention the terrible BoF5 or the Japan exclusive BoF6 since they are almost universally panned but the original quadrilogy was deeply loved by RPG fans - especially BoF3 and 4 on PS1. Capcom should have made proper sequels to those games instead of these half assed jokes BoF5 and 6.

Tear Ring Saga
Last Release: 2005
Fans of Fire Emblem know Shouzou Kaga is the series creator who left Nintendo in the late 90s and created his own company and SRPG series known as Tear Ring Saga on the PS1. Sadly, after the 2nd game was released on the PS2, the company went out of business and now the series is dead. But SRPG fans who have tried these games know that they are EVERY BIT as good as Fire Emblem and deserve to be released outside Japan.

Mega Man Legends
Last Release: 2000
This might be scratching at an old wound for some but Mega Man Legends is one of the highlights of the Mega Man series and a shining star among the PlayStation library. The best way to describe this game is essentially Mega Man + Zelda = Mega Man Legends. The reason this subject is a sore point among Mega Man fans is that Capcom's endless stupidity led to the cancellation of a "nearly complete" Mega Man Legends 3. Capcom is STILL getting hate mail about this 5 years later. An HD compilation of MML 1 & 2 with the Misadventures of Tron Bonne would go a long way to easing the fan hate but knowing Capcom, it will never happen...

Last Release: 2000
Those that experienced Lunar 1 and 2 know that charming fun RPGs like these only come around every so often. Lunar fans have been waiting for more than a decade for Lunar 3 but after almost 16 years, fans have lost hope. Even a simple digital re-release on PSN would be greatly appreciated.

Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre
Last Release: 2002
Yasumi Matsuno is probably the greatest strategy RPG designer in gaming history and while most gamers know him from Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII, his magnum opus is indisputably Ogre Battle. But unfortunately, his work on the Final Fantasy games has ended the Ogre Battle series - leaving fans hanging. He is currently working on Unsung Story which has become quite infamous on kickstarter for its broken promises to fans. Though most don't blame Matsuno for the debacle, I would argue that his time would be better used returning to the franchise that made him famous.

Last Release: 2009
Konami has become something of 4 letter word among gamers these days for their shift to mobile phone games and away from the franchises that gamers loved as well as the mistreatment of their star developer Hideo Kojima. Konami claims that it will win back the hearts of gamers and I know of sure fire way for them to do just that: Suikoden VI on modern consoles with classic Suikoden turn based gameplay, 108 characters to recruit and a fully upgradable HQ to put them in. Add in a powerful story of betrayal and lost friendship and RPG fans would open their wallets en masse. Even an HD compilation of the previous games would earn SIGNIFICANT good will among the gaming community.

Valkyrie Profile
Last Release: 2009
I know that Exist Archive is releasing soon and its basically Valkyrie Profile 3 in all but name. But I'm still putting this series on here. Bring it back, Tri-Ace!

Wild Arms
Last Release 2007
This franchise was wildly popular during its first 3 games but the last couple divided fans. Still fans would greatly appreciate a Wild Arms 6 or HD remastering of the first 5 games.

Panzer Dragoon
Last Release: 2003
What happened to this franchise? It was essentially Sega's answer to Star Fox and the epic Panzer Dragoon Saga was THE killer app of the Sega Saturn. We then got the excellent PD Orta in 2003 on the original Xbox and then nothing for 13 years. The creator of the series created a spiritual successor called Crimson Dragon for the Xbox One but it was a disaster of terrible graphics, sluggish controls and microtransactions that was a complete disgrace to Panzer Dragoon fans.

Prince of Persia
Last Release 2010
Assassin's Creed assassinated Prince of Persia. Apparently Ubisoft sees no reason to make another PoP now. As if I needed another reason to hate AC after its cheap yearly released (and buggy) games.

Earthworm Jim
Last Release: 1999
One of the bright stars of the SNES and Genesis era. As funny as it was bizarre, EWJ was killed off by the disastrous 3rd game that tried to turn Jim into a 3D platformer. There was hope that a 4th game would emerge about 6 years ago but legal issues killed the project. Maybe someday flying cows will return...

Last Release 2012
Originally released as Warsong on the Genesis, we wouldn't see another game from either series until 2004's Growlanser Generations on PS2. Very sporadic releases after that. These strategy games deserve a re-release on modern consoles.

Valkyria Chronicles
Last release 2011
The first game has seen re-releases on the PC and PS4 but the 2nd and 3rd games were only released on PSP and the 3rd game was never localized at all. The next game in the series is an action RPG instead of a strategy RPG. Fans are very interested in an HD remaster of the sequels.

Command & Conquer/Red Alert
Last Release 2010
C&C4 was a disaster and both series have since gone quiet. I believe EA just doesn't know what to do with this property as they announce new games like Tiberium, Generals 2 and Renegade 2 and then cancel them shortly afterwards.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Last Release 2003
Seen by many as the OTHER great Nintendo aerial combat series (besides Star Fox), the franchise suddenly disappeared over a decade ago. HD re-releases of the original trilogy (and maybe Battle for Naboo) would be greatly appreciated by Nintendo fans!

Star Wars Dark Forces/Jedi Knight/Outcast
Last Release 2003
Another great Star Wars series that suddenly disappeared in 2003. The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games were cutting edge and some of them featured the best lightsaber combat in gaming history. Why did this series go away? This is easy money for Disney if they want it.

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance
Last Release 2004
Some of the best action RPGs of the 6th generation. This series has not been seen in over a decade. The mainline Baldur's Gate games have since seen re-release but Dark Alliance 1 & 2 are still stuck on PS2.

Dark Cloud
Last Release 2003
Level 5 is well known by RPG fans today and the Ni no Kuni sequel is highly anticipated. But Dark Cloud is where they got their start as a company and many fans would greatly appreciate an HD remaster or even better, Dark Cloud 3.

Last Release 2007
The Contra series is known for its brutal difficulty and excellent 2 player run n gun action. But we havent seen a mainline Contra game since Contra 4 on the DS. Sure we got Hard Corps Uprising but where is Contra 5? A Contra Anthology would also be greatly appreciated as well.

Last Release 2001
We got a remake of the 1st game on the Wii but it's been 15 years since Klonoa 2. Where is Klonoa 3? Namco needs to return to this series...

Last Release 2002
World of WarCraft has been bringing money by the truckloads to Blizzard HQ but the mainline WarCraft series hasn't seen an entry since 2002's Reign of Chaos. Now that StarCraft II is finally finished, hows about a WarCraft IV?

Advance Wars
Last Release 2008
One of Nintendo's most beloved franchises during the GBA and DS eras. Nintendo has pretty much abandoned the series now that Fire Emblem is selling well. Can't complain about FE doing well, but a new AW game is sorely wanted. If nothing else, a re-release of the 4 mainline games would be nice.

Last Release 2000
Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest RPGs of all time and continues to see re-release on new platforms but the sequel has only ever been seen on the PS1. An HD remastering of Cross would be greatly appreciated but most fans would prefer Chrono 3. Its been 16 years since Cross graced our PlayStations. Where the hell is Chrono 3? Instead of giving us more whimsical time traveling goodness, Squeenix is too busy releasing unwanted Final Fantasy sequels and unnecessary Kingdom Hearts spin-offs.

I could keep going on about franchises like Half-Life, Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark but I think I'll stop there.

So what do you think? Why aren't these franchises seeing new releases? Did I mention some of the franchises that you would open your wallet for? Any I missed? Lemme know in the comments below.

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Hoffmann1495d ago

Aww no mention of Actraiser and Bust A Groove.

Retroman1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Gradius-R-type had series they should been on the list. new games on ps4 with frostbyte engine graphics.

Retroman1492d ago

I would pay good money for those 30 game long as it's not open world boring she-it. 2006 came and gone with open world titles. time to bring back REAL games. bring back Hack an Slash, shoot em'ups, beat em ups