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PSN Premium Service is a Smart Move for Sony

While I’ve seen a lot of hate towards the idea of paying for PSN, but after seeing what the new Premium service might add, I see it as a very amazing deal if it becomes available. ( ) Free PSOne classics, free minis, free themes, extended 3 years warranty on my console, and ect. What’s no to like, even if it would cost 70 dollars?

PSOne Classics- PSN has PS1 games such as, Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Castlevania: SotN, Crash Bandicoot 1-3, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Metal Gear Solid, Oddworld 1-2, Resident Evil 1-3, Spyro 1-3, and many more. There are a total of 83 PS1 games available on the US PSN store right now, that’s a total of over 500 dollars worth of PS1 games. That alone is worth the 70 dollars.

PS Themes- There’s about 250 themes you have to pay for on PSN, over a 350 dollar value.

PS Minis- There’s already 25 Minis available on PSN as of now, totaling over the 70 dollars you would pay, again another great deal.

3 Year Extended Warranty- I’m not sure how much it would cost you to get a three year warranty, but its defiantly a plus, even if the PS3 has a way better failure rate than the 360.

Access to Betas- While people do get into betas now, if this gave us access to all betas without having to sign-up or anything and maybe even lead to more betas, it’s something that could be grand.

Cross Game Chat- While I’m sure every PS3 owner would like this free, Microsoft also makes you pay for it, so it’s not really anything you lose, at least you can play online for free, unlike the 360.

Full Title Trial (First Hour Free)- This would probably be like renting a game from like blockbuster, but you get the first hour free, so if you don’t like it within that hour, you don’t have to pay anything, which would give us a good feel on the game anyways.

Discount on Store Content- While this could range from PSN games to DLC, even at only 10% off or so, it would defiantly be a deal, especially if you buy a lot of games and DLC.

Member Only In Game Content- While this could give us an exclusive gun or free DLC, a lot of people fear it would ruin free content and leave them missing out on awesome content, it could be so or not, but ether way it would be a bonus for members.

Cloud Storage Space for Games- We've heard of this cloud thing for a while, but wasn't sure what it was. This indeed would be something I would love, because I always find myself deleting content so I have room for other content.

Those are just a few of the things the PSN Premium service could offer, which would put it above and beyond XBLs service. While Sony might lose some costumers along the way, I think a lot of people would find this an amazing offer and find some way of paying the 70 bucks a year, if not, at least you could still play online for free( Which is something 360 owners can’t even do).

I for one hope this becomes available, because if it does, sign me up.

Reader Questions- Would you pay 70 bucks a year for all that? (If so, whats the top reason you would? If not, whats the reason for not paying?) What else should Sony add to this to sweeten the deal even more? What are some of the things that shouldn't be on the Premium service?

(Heres a good idea from, that would help sony get more people to pay: )

Saaking4908d ago

Great blog. I completely agree. If Sony does things right, their premium service will far surpass that offered by XBL and maybe even push MS to offer better stuff and/or lower the price.

Forbidden_Darkness4908d ago

Exactly, but people still cant get it through there heads about Cross-Game Chat... Microsoft makes you pay for it too, but atleast the PS3 lets its fan base have the ability to play online still, not forcing them to pay, if they dont want to.

Pixel_Addict4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

if I have to pay for cross-game chat I am going to be pissed. I'm still going to use my PS3, but oooooooh I'm gonna be mad.

Forbidden_Darkness4907d ago

@1.2: Wow, your not just paying for CGC, your getting a ton of other stuff with it. Is that the only thing that goes through your head? That CGC is included with the Premium PSN? It only makes sense that you have to pay, microsoft does that too, but atleast PSN will let you play online for free. This is from a bussiness stand point, a very good thing for sony and for its fan base, it gives existing and new owners a choice, but still allowing for people to enjoy playing online no matter what. It makes sony money, which in turn, will help them beef up their 1st party games even more and purhaps even secure exclusives.

Raf1k14907d ago

I think it would be great if they allowed you to purchase only the features you were interested in (though if you wanted to purchase just to be able to get into betas it might be fairer on Sony to have a minimum contract period or something).

There are some really great features in that list that I didn't know about. I might actually consider paying for it now as I wasn't bothered before.

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Sangria4908d ago

Some of those points actually are what Microsoft should have done with Gold members. I'm especially talking about discounts and free stuff. Being gold on Xbox 360 only allows you to play online. XBLA games, NXE themes, gamerpics, games on demand,.... still cost the same. So what services compensates the 50-60$ you pay for your Gold subscription?

Here in France, some big retailers make you pay a yearly fee in order to be considered like a gold consumer, and in exchange the consumer have a discount on everything he buys and can access to special offers.

Sony has at least the idea to pay something worth it, betas access (useless for me as I'm a Sony beta-tester but still great for other people), discounts on the Store, one hour trial (considering unlike Microsoft, Sony doesn't force PSN games developers to have a demo, it's a good thing), warranty extend (repairing a console not under warranty costs somewhere like 100-150$), etc...

Like I said in a previous comment, I am ready to pay for a yearly fee on PSN, especially considering the numbers of advantages you have for this. I already pay for Xbox Live, even though it's not worth it, and Sony gave me much things free (many PSP games, some PS3 games, from a snooker game to LittleBigPlanet, access to betas, etc...) so I can pay in exchange of what they've done for me, it wont be a problem. I just believe 70$ a year is not consumer-friendly, Sony should put it at a same price as Xbox Live or under.

Forbidden_Darkness4908d ago

If Sony goes through with this, than i dont see how microsoft would still stick with what it has, and who would honestly still pay that much for XBL, when the PS3 had all of that for only 20 bucks more.

Digitaldude4907d ago

One thing I fear the most is, Services like Cross game chat will be only able to use if you are on the premium, if they werent there everyone would get them.
I.E all additional updates to PSN will only be available for those who pay.
But Ill see if its worth it and its good we got a choice.

Forbidden_Darkness4907d ago

Where did you hear that from? Sonys not going to cut off their fan base, you'll still get plenty of updates, just not everything.

Digitaldude4907d ago

Like cross game chat, Of course they not going to cut off support but its wont be as great without the service.
Just a prediction I have no idea but you may be right. Well I hope you are.

divideby04907d ago

that would be a nice bundle depending upon price..

the 3 yr warranty I doubt will be in it and really is a non issue, since Sony hardware failure rate is BELOW industry standards...(lol, I keep thinking about MS openly lie about that)

x game chat for only prems. would be stupid...I dont use mine on Live that much so its a non issue.

playing games for an hr..that rocks

Forbidden_Darkness4907d ago

Yeah, but still theres still that possibilty that it can happen, its happened to me, so an extra three years is nice.

Raf1k14907d ago

Yeh that extra 3 years peace of mind is a good thing.

DarkBlood4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

the free ps1 games n stuff peaked my interest as well betas. im going to assume this is linked to your account so man assuming some number of ps1 games i want to get i may need to buy my self a ps3 slim to go along with my 80 gig ps3 and slap on the biggest hardrive it can handle.

it'll be interesting to see how well sony will handle this definitly sign me up if the suppose rumours are true

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