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Forbidden_Darkness' Stand-Outs of 2009: Best Stories

While there have been a lot of great PS3 games this year, from Killzone 2 to Assassin's Creed 2, not every game had a great story that I cared to remember or that sparked my interest. So, in this blog I will go through a few games that indeed caught my attention and stick in my mind still.

Infamous- While the game looked to be amazing since it was first unveiled; I wasn’t sure how the story would be. I hadn’t heard much from the story aspect (I didn’t want to spoil it), so I was mainly hoping for some awesome game play to make up for it. When the demo came around, I completely fell in love with it (almost even thought about buying it flowers once) and knew that I had made the right choice to preorder it. On launch day, I picked the game up and headed straight home. It took me a couple days to actually beat it, but after doing so I was completely blown away. I loved the comic book like story telling they used and how it was all put together. I loved every minute of that game and I can’t wait for Sucker Punch to make Infamous 2!

Uncharted 2- After beating the first Uncharted countless times, I couldn’t wait to play the second one. The first Uncharted was my true first glimpse into what next generation story telling would bring. After beating Uncharted 2, I can defiantly say this is one of my most favorite stories I’ve ever experienced from a game, not because it was original, but because of how well it was put together. The characters made the story even more enjoyable and I can’t wait to get my hands on Uncharted 3!

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time- Tools of Destruction was a great game, don’t get me wrong, but the story wasn’t something I remember to well, but I enjoyed it a lot as my first Ratchet and Clank game. Than Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty came out on the PSN store and I knew I had to play it. Upon beating it, I read the words: To Be Continued… and I jumped up out of joy (not really), knowing I would only have to wait a year to play the next. That year came slow, but the wait was worth it, for it was one of the best games I’ve played. I enjoyed the story way more than the first two Ratchet and Clank games I played. I can’t wait to see where Insomniac takes the series next.

Dragon Age: Origins- While I didn’t follow the game much until it was close to its release, I find myself amazed at how much I enjoyed Dragon Ages story. I love how not only each character has their own story, but that what you say can change the story and how things play out differently. Even though the graphics aren’t the best, I still enjoyed it for what it was. It took me over 50 hours on my first play through and I’m just starting my second play through, but I can’t wait for Bioware to make another Dragon Age.

Those are my four favorite game stories this year and I can’t wait until next year, because a lot of games are coming out that look like they have awesome stories, like Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy 13 and more.

Reader Questions: What games had your most favorite stories this year? What games coming out in 2010 look like they will have good stories to you? What game that I choose is your most favorite game this year?

kwicksandz4911d ago

cant say i agree about infamous. toward the later half of the game i wanted desperately to punch both trish and zeke in the throat.

i havent played dragon age yet but i have high hopes for its story. its been sitting on my steam games list for a few weeks now, just need some free time to devote to it

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